I have, over the years, exhorted Dow Jones to make the very best feature of the ILX service — the Dow Jones Market Talk feed — a blog.

They have done so, and now (huzzah!) its officially launched:




I am drunk with power! I demand something, and a mere a decade later, it happens.  Take THAT, King of All Media.


Make DJMT a Blog! (December 12th, 2005)

Dow Jones Market Talk

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3 Responses to “Dow Jones Market Talk is Now a Blog!”

  1. Dennis says:

    Never heard of DJMT.

    I’ll have to check it out if you are that jazzed about it

  2. Bob A says:

    woohoo.. YOU da King

  3. CNBC Sucks says:

    Arlen Specter is now a Democrat!

    As a registered Republican, I condemn you (you = Republican Ritholtz) for your neverending assault on financial lies, misrepresentation, and malfeasance and other monetarist policies. Now that Specter is out, you better get with the GOP program or you will be purged out at this weekend’s Book Burning & Barbecue Hoe Down in Hoboken. Don’t forget to pick up your brown shirt at Gaspy’s.