This should be the last of it! The upgrade to WP2.7 seems to have caused a few problems, and they are now (mostly) resolved.

The following glitches have been repaired:

MacroNotes –  is working!  Look for automatic updates throughout the day.

Email This — has returned.

« Older Entries — is functioning again

Anything else not working right? Please let me know.

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5 Responses to “Glitch Repairs”

  1. I did notice that “Email This” always leads to this blog post


    I’ll give the site a thorough going over later today — see what else needs tweaking

  2. ZachA says:

    I had problems with RSS feed on Google Reader as posts came in all crazy looking last night, but no problems this morning.

  3. Greg0658 says:

    wow – I guess I have not a complaint – wow again. I’m on my 98se 166Gz laptop & getting to post for the 1st time from this oldie* in weeks. Its been a slow process of not allowed access to being allowed to read but crash’g on a post attempts.

    Kinda like shaping this America (World) we live in .. and why I’m slowing down on all of it. On the last thread (up) I almost was gonna relate another state park story of Buffalo Rock where the indians herded and drove the needed buffalo off the cliff face so to capture meat and clothing from the river below. IMO (heard and agree w/GregV yesterday, furious with your/his industry) people are just not going for the train wreck and rebuild plan / to much invested .. so wait it out until absolutely need whatever the spigot has to give. Maybe I’ll go see & feed the open string.

    * still love that phrase JoJo … thing is .. waste drives these enterprises doesn’t it

  4. Greg0658 says:

    back with update – as I Back buttoned out of this thread – crash

    and then crashes even after delete cookies/files/history – I had to reboot this oldie – I will conclude that this stuff is not sitting well with me … inside/outside/frontdoor/backdoor

  5. drollere says:

    “this will be the last of it” … really, barry, there is no such thing with digital media. it’s like shorting the current market.