I am no fan of Mr Summers, but this is an unbelievably embarrassing clip — for the protestors:

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10 Responses to “Larry Summers Protest”

  1. tz says:

    It is the administration who should be embarrassed as they’ve seem to only appoint or nominate the corrupt crony insiders and tax-cheats and the only way anyone can point out the corruption is with grandstanding.

    The system has failed. It cannot correct itself when it won’t even see much less admit the conflicts of interest.

  2. Simon says:

    Is it at all like the Long Term Capital Bail Out? If only we had paid a bit more attention back then.

    Lets hope we don’t reflect and think gosh if only that was as far as it went.

  3. super_trooper says:

    If I would rate this protest I would rate it at the bottom of the scale (although no violence involved). At the same time I’ll give them credit for daring to do something. People should be very upset with how the government has been dealing with the collapse of the financial system. Barry, when did you last use your right to stand up and scream, in public, “I’m mad as hell. I’m not going to take this anymore”. Have you ever taken to the streets and protested against anything? Did you take to the streets, fighting the lies that were spread during the build up to the war in Iraq? It can be comfortable sitting in a nice chair and whine and complain about this and that on a blog or in a tv studio. You’re fortunate to have access to these instruments. Most Americans don’t. I rather see them doing something rather than passively working the remote control. You would impress me if you arranged a “Let’s replace Timothy Geithner and Lawrence Summers” or “Let’s put citibank in receivership” protest.

  4. ronin says:

    Barry, you’re comment is weak! Come on, man, when was the last time you grab your balls and stepped out of line? Oh wait, that might stop CNBC from inviting you to join “Fast Money” (or is it “Mad Money” LOL!).

    These folks deserve credit where credit is due. If it smells and rots like a dead fish, then guess what??? Larry Summers is the disease not the cure and deserves far worse!!!

  5. jb says:

    Summers, along with many others deserve this type of attention.
    I with the protesters!

  6. Thatguy says:

    At least they’re doing something rather than whining on a blog about it! We need more of it. Summers is a crook and shouldn’t be able to go out in public without receiving this kind of attention. I wish more people would follow him around.
    I found the sycophants in the crowd to be rather disgusting. Just proves there’s still too much deference to power. I would imagine every in the crowd is aware of the utter failure of Summers actions as Treas Sec. and how he is central to the meltdown, yet they still gather to hear this crook blather. What is there to learn from him???? Are they there to learn how to sell out to Wall Street too? My guess is Yes, which is so depressing.

  7. Big E says:

    Is it just me or was it an uncomfortably long period of time the protesters were allowed to stand there before security got there? I’m sure Summer was like, “WTF man – how long do I gotta sit here before security does something?”

  8. The Corruption of Larry Summers…

    The Article: Obama’s Top Economic Adviser Is Greedy and Highly Compromised by Matt Taibbi.
    The Text:
    But Summers, a leading architect of the administration’s economic policies and response to the global recession, appears to have collected …

  9. phawk says:

    That’s not embarassing that’s democracy!!! Kudos to them…..that’s a real ‘glimmer of hope’.

  10. dunnage says:

    I wouldn’t want to get that close to Summers.