After having to get an advanced degree over the past year in political science to better understand the US Govt’s desire to encroach to an extraordinary extent in private business (they’ll own 50% of GM if bondholders agree, BoA is on the chopping block to convert govt
preferred stock to common and will join Citi in this special club and other banks may be forced to raise money based on unknown scenarios as we learn in the papers today that no one can keep a secret ahead of May 4th), yesterday was the first day of medical school to help us learn about swine flu, its treatment and impact.

The FOMC begins their two day meeting and with every piece of their playbook already committed, the question remains of sitting put for now or ramping up asset purchases, especially in treasuries. They will also likely acknowledge the slowing rate of economic decline based on recent data. S&P/Case-Shiller price index and consumer confidence are out today.

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  1. Moss says:

    With all due respect to Mr. Boockvar and others who categorize the government involvement as a ‘desire to encroach’ one must always be reminded that the private businesses failed and requested or required government involvement. I am continuity amazed at the depiction of these activities as some sort of ad-hoc event completely divorced from the contextual realities of the economic collapse.