Here’s some news: TBP will be hosting a conference in NY in June, discussing a variety very fascinating topics with a terrific line up of speakers. The conference’s working title is Capitalism After Crisis & Crash.

There are some big name guests already lined up — including Dylan Ratigan, Nassim Taleb, Doug Kass, Chris Whalen, and others.

The discussions will focus on the state of the banking and credit system, the cause of the financial crisis, the role of the media, the future of hedge funds, and opportunities for building a new, stronger financial system.

Prices have not yet been set, but the space is limited to 300 attendees.

There will be several keynote speeches, and at least 3 panels


• Financial Media and the Crisis: How’d they do?

• Hedge Funds: Performance & Regulation in the Post Crisis Era

• The Banking System After TARP & PPIP


One of the cool things about having a blog sponsor a conference is the interactive nature of the format. For the panels and Q&A, blog readers can submit queries. And some of the video will be posted here, too. I am very jazzed about it.

Save the date: June 3rd, 2009
New York Athletic Club (Sixth Ave. and 59th St

Full details to follow next week.

Any ideas or suggestions, please use comments.

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42 Responses to “The Big Picture Conference June 3 2009”

  1. im in
    you had me at Doug Kass

  2. wally says:

    I’ll bet that with all the falling rents in NYC, you are getting a great rate at the Athletic Club.


  3. KJ Foehr says:

    No femme fatales?

    How about Liz Ann Sonders, or Betty Liu or at least Meredith Whitney?

  4. call me ahab says:

    great job Barry- get the truth out

  5. Moss says:

    Book signing as well?

  6. Chief Tomahawk says:

    FANTASTIC IDEA BR! Sign me up for the pay-per-view. Who’s going to interrupt/cut off Doug Kass though??? Seriously, might I recommend use of an overhead/powerpoint for Kass to get out his complicated points? He does his homework admirably, but can have too much detail for most folks to catch in a strictly verbal presentation.

    And that Ratigan guy: good of you to get him some work away from his new convenience store gig. (I’m kidding, of course: Dylan’s the closest thing we’ve had to a Walter Cronkite on the business channels, and of course, he’s no longer at CNBC because of it.)

  7. Chief Tomahawk says:

    I second Meredith Whitney. (Amazing though she married pro wrestler turned financial guru John Bradshaw Layfield … guess we know who wears the pants in that relationship (and how long until Layfield becomes anchor talent at CNBC???))

  8. Mannwich says:

    On another note, looks like a change of heart on revealing the results of the “stress tests”. Here we go again. The soap opera continues……

  9. Wes Schott says:

    very nice idea. good luck pulling it off. look forward to seeing what you post. btw, an invite to Merideth Whitney would be cool.

  10. Wes Schott says:

    MannW – “The purpose of this program is to prevent panics, not cause them,” said one senior official

  11. ginger says:

    Oh Barry, puh-leeze – how can you possibly mention some wanna-be late-night talk show host Dylan Ratigan in the same sentence as Nassim Taleb and Doug Kass?? Let alone have him as one of your “big name guests”!

  12. franklin411 says:

    If you really want to have an informed conversation, get Alan Brinkley from Columbia to speak on the New Deal. =)

  13. Mannwich says:

    @Wes: Perhaps this is a rather novel and naive idea, but is it too much to ask for the “purpose of the program” to be to tell the truth and stop the obfuscations and manipulations?

  14. plantseeds says:

    sounds like alotta fun…i wonder where the equity markets will be on June 3rd?

    Mannwich – i’m with you on that one. when i saw that i article i laughed …again.
    I don’t have all of the facts on this but i think it’s safe to say – if you needed TARP you already failed the stress test. maybe their going to show “results” as a favor to those who allegedly accepted TARP but really didn’t need it.

  15. W T F says:

    Sounds like a great conference!

    Suggested invitees:
    Mohamed El-Erian
    Joe Battipaglia
    Joe LaVorgna
    Mark Zandi

    Gonna have PPV or streaming video option?

  16. KJ Foehr says:

    Re NYTimes article on stress tests

    “While all of the banks are expected to pass the tests, some are expected to be graded more highly than others. Officials have deliberately left murky just how much they intend to reveal — or to encourage the banks to reveal — about how well they would weather difficult economic conditions over the next two years.”

    I’ll be they never disclose anything about it other than “they all passed the test”. Just as the FDIC watch list of risky banks is kept secret, it will be deemed potentially too damaging to the banks to reveal which are at the bottom of the spectrum. At most they will divide them into two broad categories such as “stress tolerant” and “potentially impacted by extreme conditions in the economy” or some such BS.

    With mark-to-myth on their side now, they can kick this can down the road indefinitely – all we need to do is pretend everything is OK and then wait 10 more years until it is OK.

    It’s looking more like Japan redux all the time

  17. Transor Z says:

    Barry, I think you should try to bring in Business Card Guy as a panelist:

  18. Scott F says:

    Nice idea — do us working stiffs a favor and keep the price under $1000 — I keep seeing these one day conferences for $1895 and thats a bit rich for these days . . .

  19. Barry:
    Will there be any student discounts? And what will it cost to attend?

  20. JD says:

    I’d suggest a fourth panel:

    The Federal Reserve. Should the members be tried for treason?

    The Fed is of course completely illegal according to the Constitution of the United States but who really gives a f*ck about that anymore. We’re all just playing games with monopoly money. “Change” that, Obama.

  21. JD Says: April 15th, 2009 at 12:50 am

    JD’s idea should, to my mind, be heeded.

    also, this type of thing, TBP Conference, sounds like feed fodder for BRIPTV..

    as an aside, Mark Zandi is a compromised hack.

  22. bigbrownbear says:

    what about those of us that don’t live in the NYC area and would like to hear the keynote speakers?? got quite a heavy hitter lineup there. would be a shame not to be able to catch it.

  23. jgalt650 says:

    It would be great if you could webcast the whole thing. Even if it’s after the fact, it would still be great to watch

  24. Outlier says:

    @bigbrownbear, forget about geography, I’m born and raised in NYC and I’m getting a feeling this is going to be out of my price bracket…

    That said, I’d really like to see a conference that pulls some of more astute outside observers of this financial system into the same room with some of the sharper insiders you have lined up. Philip Mirowski, Manuel Delanda and Donald MacKenzie all come to mind for writing very serious and innovative academic interrogations of the markets that stand in sharp contrast to mainstream economics, but have never really be reconciled with real live interactions with the markets and key participants.

    on a more straight forward tip, Paul Volcker and Joe Stiglitz both should have some pretty interesting things to say…

  25. Mark,

    This Flat Earth site —– is a riot. Let me know if you would like to actually learn some atmospheric and geologic physics. These are the “human footprints next to dinosaur footprints” folks. The Cato Institute sidebar ad was a giveaway. Also, the complete scientific illiteracy.

  26. Douglas,

    you link to story speaking of ‘slowing Broadband uptake’, what is your point?

    which ‘scientific illiteracy’ are you referring to?

  27. JustinTheSkeptic says:

    Mark, I second your Zandi comment. A true tied to the hip of Washington slacker!

  28. @Ginger, Ratigan, while obviosuly not a heavyweight economist, is much more serious of a journalist than you suspect.

    blame the forum, if anything

  29. batmando says:

    I’ll second
    “webcast the whole thing. Even if it’s after the fact”
    at the very least.

  30. batmando says:

    BTW – anyone catch Dick Bove on NPR Morning Edition this a.m.?
    “Everything’s peachy keen with the banks and the people running around screaming with their hair on fire don’t know what they’re talking about.”
    Didn’t have time to break it down and fire off an indignant email to NPR-ME, but someone (Barry?) should.

  31. BR,

    these guys, @ The Deal, may be interested in your conference..

    actually, I’d be surprised if you weren’t acquainted w/ Teitleman, the EIC, his ownself.

    a page:

  32. leftback says:

    Scott F Says: Nice idea — do us working stiffs a favor and keep the price under $1000

    Agreed, even if Scott does run a hedge fund, some of our funds are smaller in size.

    Still looking forward to the Readers Panel:

    Mark E Hoffer: Mr. Jefferson’s views, on The Banks, Creditte, and “Hamilton’s Dodge”.
    Bruce in Tennessee: The View from The Salt Mine and Barbecue Grill.
    Steve Barry: The Put/Call Ratio and the End of Civilization as We Know It.

    Andy Tabbo: How to do Elliott Wave theory better than Bob Prechter.
    Leftback: Me and My Bottom – How I Beat Dougie Kass to The Call.
    Karen: Gold is Money and Silver is for Utensils.

    CNBC sucks: The role of cleavage in the recent financial crisis.

  33. batmando says:

    @ LB
    Wouldn’t that be
    “CNBC sucks: The role of leveraged cleavage (except for Becky Quick) in the recent financial crisis.

  34. Becky says:

    Sounds GREAT!!! What about Karl Denninger? He just won an “accuracy in media” award or something like that. He’s at and he saw this mess coming and saved me a lot of money.

    Did you mention Louise Yamada?

    I would LOVE to see this as a youtube video or as a special on CNBC!

  35. tawm says:

    Would I get shouted down if I suggested Peter Schiff as a panelist? He has an interesting video blog yesterday on Inflationary risks:

  36. tawm says:

    Ooops, password to above is INFLATION

  37. clerical error, here: “w/ Teitleman, the EIC”

    Robert Teitelman is EIC of The Deal.

    Good thing I’m not in PR..

    also, Max Keiser could be worthwhile
    “Every nation is liable to be under whatever bubble, design, or delusion may puff up in moments when off their guard.” –Thomas Jefferson to Charles Yancey, 1816. ME 14:381

    “The spirit of 1776 is not dead. It has only been slumbering. The body of the American people is substantially republican. But their virtuous feelings have been played on by some fact with more fiction; they have been the dupes of artful maneuvers, and made for a moment to be willing instruments in forging chains for themselves. But times and truth dissipated the delusion, and opened their eyes.” –Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Lomax, 1799. ME 10:123

    “The unquestionable republicanism of the American mind will break through the mist under which it has been clouded, and will oblige its agents to reform the principles and practices of their administration.” –Thomas Jefferson to Elbridge Gerry, 1799. ME 10:83

    “I fear nothing for our liberty from the assaults of force; but I have seen and felt much, and fear more from English books, English prejudices, English manners, and the apes, the dupes, and designs among our professional crafts. When I look around me for security against these seductions, I find it in the wide spread of our agricultural citizens, in their unsophisticated minds, their independence and their power, if called on, to crush the Humists of our cities, and to maintain the principles which severed us from England.” –Thomas Jefferson to Horatio G. Spafford, 1814. ME 14:120

  38. usphoenix says:

    @leftback: tres cool. One of the best ever. Perhaps you need to know the personalities to really appreciate it. Let’s see if Karen responds.

    But you made my day.


  39. ben22 says:

    wow I wish I could go to this. what a great event.

  40. BG says:

    Great News. I hope you will dump as much of the conference here as possible. Great names. There are only a few that I respect any more and you’ve got some of them right here.

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