2:16pm: Weekend is now working — I will do a test post


11:27am: Weird . . . Digital Media is now showing up under Weekends.


10:30am: Let me remind you to CLEAR YOUR CACHE


10:00am: Weekend posts are showing on the main page. I want to get that to show only under the weekend tab.


9:15am Macro Notes are not updating — need to get the coders to fix that.


8:30am OK, we are set with the new site –a few glitches remain



If you see the site name in giant letters, but no graphics — You need to clear your cache.


6:51am Individual posts restored



Ack !

As we roll out the upgrade, some of the individual posts have disappeared. And as you see, the front end has become a disaster.

This is (hopefully) temporary.

All should be restored later this morning . . .

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14 Responses to “Upgrade Glitch!”

  1. Dennis says:

    Shit happens . . .

  2. One Step Beyond says:

    Thank god for RSS

  3. Bruce in Tn says:

    Well, off to the salt mine..the big news is that O wants another 100 billion to the IMF to bail out Europe, after the Germans said they didn’t want the EU to do it….

    I think this is madness, the Europeans won’t pony up the money, so Obama agrees we will do much of the heavy lifting….again…


  4. John from Concord says:

    Lookin’ good, Barry. Well done to your team.

    Bruce: What’s the old phrase about Europe? They’re great allies… always there when they need us.

  5. ben22 says:


    This looks pretty sweet.

    I had no problems with the site since I jumped on about 20 minutes ago.

  6. the Euro-thru-IMF ‘bailout’ does, at least, a couple of things: 1. provides add’l monies to cover the FinCos E. Europe losses–think ecoImagination, for starters, 2. keeps “Banker Bailout”, by using the IMF as a cut-out, out of the Headlines, again, 3. gives the ‘cained peep, and their MSM enablers, add’l exposure to the ‘good guys’ at the IMF..4. allows the peep to buy-into the “American Superiority”-archetype, yet again, while getting hosed by the same clique of Fascists that deluded them into believing: “They hate us for our Freedoms”..

    It’s a beautiful play, if you’re into that kind of thing..

  7. tranchefoot says:


  8. karen says:

    the site is a total mess for me… tiny print, columns misaligned…

  9. karen says:

    nevermind, cleared my cache… amazing difference!

  10. WaveCatcher says:

    Running Safari here,

    Cleared cache, all is well!

  11. Mich@TBP says:

    Hi Barry,
    Looks a lot cleaner and stylish. I like the light yellow in the logo and all.

    Two things though:
    Vertical header takes 25% of my vertical screen space, can’t you narrow it down a inch or so? It seems there is some space under “macro perspectives….” statement. If only, you make the logo just a little smaller, they will all fit nice and tight.

    Second, the heading “Macro Perspective on the capital markets, economy, and technology & digital media”
    I can’t put my finger on it but there is something bothering me in this phrase, some inconsistency. Maybe, it is the plurals vs singulars. I mean, since you list many items you have perspectives on (mkts, econ, etc.), shouldn’t it read “Macro Perspectives”? Do you have to specify that it is “capital” markets, or it is “digital” media. these days all media is digital. That will make it fit to one line vs. two, which will translate to an even thinner header.

    “Macro Perspectives on the Economy, Markets, Media, and Technology”

  12. jacobsk says:

    The header still looks big. cut 40% of it. When the browser is maximized the header takes 25% of the screen.

  13. “Macro Perspective on the capital markets, economy, and technology & digital media”
    “Macro Perspective on the capital markets, economy, technology & digital media”

  14. patient renter says:

    The header and the logo are still massive. I thought one of the points of the revamp was to tidy up that area?