Pau Bryant writes:

Thought you would be interested to know Bailout Nation is on the shelves here in Singapore, and on the “highlights” shelf – photo evidence from Page One store attached (price SGD43.82).

Notice the company it is keeping on the right?



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21 Responses to “Bailout Nation in Singapore Bookstores”

  1. That Book Store Mgr. is paying attention.

    Right under “Financial Armageddon” is “Front Desk Safety & Security” -Sharp-

  2. billy says:

    Maybe it’s just me, and no offence, but is the blog becoming a bit of an afterthought these days, Barry? There’s more and more marketing and less and less, you know, actual news and analysis. Links and one-liners do not a blog make! (Unless you’re Andrew Sullivan, who somehow seems to get away with it. )


    BR: Yes, and no.

    Spend every waking moment for a year writing and rewritung a book, and on the month before (and after) its release you would promote it too.

    On the other hand, all the book related stuff will be migrating to next week . . .

  3. karen says:

    This blog is fantastic. Barry Ritholtz does have a day job, Fusion IQ; a private life; and, he’s just published a book! Might I mention, this is a free web site and forum. Complainers can go elsewhere. The sense of entitlement I witness in the american public knows no bounds and is disheartening to the extreme.

  4. call me ahab says:

    nothing wrong with a little self promotion-

    Singapore is a pretty cool town- been awhile since I’ve been there- but I’m sure they still have Tiger beer to wash down the excellent cuisine-

    If you can find me a snap shot of your book in UlaanBaatar- then that would indeed be impressive

  5. call me ahab says:

    this is America Karen- it’s always about more for less- or- more for free- there are billy’s all over the place-

    you are quite the firecracker- that’s a good thing

  6. ericholtman says:

    Will it be available on Kindle?


    BR: Yes — but for some reason, 90 days later — thats a publisher issue, not mine.

  7. philipat says:


    I’m living in Bali and just got back from Singapore. Indeed the Tiger is still good and cold and the perfect way to wash down the local Chilli crabs!
    Regarding Ulaan Baatar, I suggest we send Billy there to do the research. On a one way visa.

  8. call me ahab says:

    hahahahaaha- too funny philipat

  9. Very cool. My copy of Bailout Nation is being shipped by Amazon right now – I look forward to reading it. Most longtime readers understand that Barry has been busy with the book for the last 6+ months so naturally The Big Picture has fallen by the wayside a tad. Once this important book promotion period is over I’m sure Barry will have more time to devote to lengthy posts. So yeah, quit yer bitchin’.

  10. cvienne says:

    That’s great BR…Congrats!

    For your next book, the cover is going to have to be a crazed picture of you with your hair on fire, your eyeballs popping out, & screaming at the top of your lungs…

    That ought to scare the hell out of ‘em! :-)

  11. VennData says:

    Hopefully nothing in there to get you caned.

    I have not noticed even a nano-iota of a drop in the high standards and first-rate quality of the Big Picture. In fact, lately, I’ve enjoyed it so much I even started reading the comments.

  12. moneyneversleepsblog says:

    that is frickin cool, go barry, you are so global man.

    Gotta do the kindle…

    the blog is still top notch in my humble opinion.

  13. BR,

    speaking of Globo, when can I order my Copy in Portuguese?

  14. Ramstone says:

    Actually the book on the left is pretty damn good.

  15. holulu says:

    I got my copy yesterday from
    I will be in Vegas next week for a few days, it will be a good time to relax and read.

  16. holulu says:

    Just curious.
    On the cover, Is that a depication of a bull who is running fast and all of the sudden puts on breaks to stop? Is that what the cover is trying to show?

  17. Outsider says:

    I have to agree with billy. The content has been lacking over the past couple of months. TBP is seeming more and more like the Barry Ritholtz fan club with Karen, leftback, call me ahab, Mark E Hoffer etc. as the main members, commenting on their social lives, what kind of wine they like, and how much money they’ve made. Even the Thinktank is getting a little watered down. If TBP was meant to generate pub for Bailout Nation, then job-well-done. But iff you meant for it to continue on after getting your book published – you’re slipping.

    I don’t blog and I don’t usually comment on blogs. But TBP was really good when all this stuff started happening, but lately has been less worth reading.

    I’ll probably get slammed by the club. But I do miss the quality and quantity of past postings on this blog.

    I do have to say thank you though, to those who recommended zerohedge and calculated risk.

  18. Chief Tomahawk says:

    “I don’t blog and I don’t usually comment on blogs. But TBP was really good when all this stuff started happening, but lately has been less worth reading.”

    HA! Contrary indicator found!!!! Time to short now and wait for the site traffic to spike….

    P.S. Anyone know of a good voodoo priestess? I’m very annoyed someone apparently confiscated my copy of BN.

  19. ThierryParihala says:

    How does a guy combine a family, a company, a book, a blog and occasional lectures and media performances? It’s almost impossible!

    I’m starting to think there are more than one BRs ;-) (compliment to Barry)

    And about macroeconomic analyses, I’m sure they will increase after the bookpromotion. And untill that time, if you want some lenghty reading material, read the book!!! hahahaaa….

  20. Mark Wolfinger says:

    Nice to see book everywhere.

    How can I get my: The Rookie’s Guide to Options equally distributed?

  21. aperian says:

    i saw it on pirate bay the other day………………