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The following is a chart of TARP/Bailout receivers recent lobbying activity:


Bailout Recipient Lobbied Spent on Lobbying 1Q Bailout Funds Received
American Express (PDF) Cramdown, Credit Card, Exec Comp $875,000 $3.4 billion
Bank of America (PDF) Cramdown, Credit Card, Exec Comp $750,000 $52.5 billion
4.5 billion
Bank of NY Mellon (PDF)* Credit Card, no response $497,000 $3 billion
Barclays PLC & US Affiliates (PDF)* Cramdown, Credit Card $1,435,916 $7.0 billion
Capital One Financial Corp (PDF) Cramdown, Credit Card, Exec Comp $469,000 $3.6 billion
Citigroup Credit Card, Exec Comp $1,680,000 $50 billion
Credit Suisse (PDF)* Cramdown $580,000 $.4 billion
Deutsche Bank* Cramdown $220,000 $6.4 billion
Discover Financial Services (PDF) Cramdown, Credit Card $257,500 $1.2 billion
Fifth Third Bancorp (PDF) Cramdown, Credit Card $31,000 $3.4 billion
GMAC (PDF) Cramdown $410,000 $5 billion
Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (PDF) Cramdown, Credit Card, Exec Comp $1,105,000 $10 billion
$12.9 billion
HSBC GR-Corp (PDF)* Cramdown, Credit Card $1,176,573 $3.3 billion
ING North America (PDF)* Cramdown $720,000 $1.5 billion
JP Morgan (PDF) Cramdown, Credit Card, Exec Comp $1,386,000 $25 billion
Morgan Stanley & Co (PDF) Cramdown, Exec Comp $645,000 $10 billion
$1 billion
PNC Bank (PDF) Cramdown, Credit Card $150,000 $7.6 billion
UBS Americas, Inc (PDF)* Cramdown $70,000 $1.7 bilion
U.S. Bancorp (PDF) Cramdown, Credit Card, Exec Comp $255,000 $6.6 billion
Wells Fargo & Company (PDF) Cramdown, Credit Card, Exec Comp $810,000 $25 billion
TOTAL $13,522,989 $220 billion


Bailout Recipients Spent $13 Million Lobbying Against Consumers in 1Q 2009
Jane Hamsher
Firedoglake, May 6, 2009 7:08 am


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  1. leftback says:

    Your tax dollars at work.

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  4. cmdansun says:

    What is the difference betwenn bribery and lobbying?

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