Last minute tickets: I am off to see the Boss at Nassau Coliseum — so you are on your own!

Man, the Blackberry camera sucks:



May 4, 2009
Hempstead, New York
Nassau Veterans Mem. Col.

No Surrender
Outlaw Pete
She’s The One
Working On A Dream
Johnny 99
Ghost Of Tom Joad
Raise Your Hand
Expressway To Your Heart (by the Soul Survivors
For You
Waiting On A Sunny Day
Promised Land
The Wrestler
Kingdom Of Days
Radio Nowhere
Lonesome Day
The Rising
Born To Run

Hard Times
Land Of Hope And Dreams
American Land
Dancin’ In The Dark




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7 Responses to “Bruce Springsteen Open Thread”

  1. ben22 says:


    Have a great time, that should be a nice show.

    I’m having most fun right now watching the action in the long bonds.

  2. ben22 says:

    oh, also, looking for gold’s action if it gets close to 919.70 again, if it doesn’t break it looks like it’s correcting to 680.

  3. Mortimus says:

    Thinking about what an “awesome” economic recovery we’re going to have when the last remaining bruised and battered retiring retail investors jump into this rally and lose everything they’ve had for good.

  4. Tradebum says:

    Have great time. I’m stewing about the shenanigans in this market. But I will get over it over the next few weeks. Waiting for my pullback.

  5. Tradebum says:

    Glad I’m not the only one.

  6. bshaheen says:

    Go and enjoy old “botox Bruce”, but keep him away from your wife. Apparently the boss thinks he’s entitled to everything.

  7. Econo_Ms. says:

    How about the president of the Kansas Fed? Is anyone in Washington listening?

    “On contrast to this suggested approach, the current policy raises a host of issues :

    ● Certain companies have not been allowed to fail and, as a result, the moral hazard problem has substantially worsened. Capitalism is a process of failure and renewal, and a “too big to fail” policy undermines this renewal and makes the financial system and our economy less efficient.

    ● So-called “too big to fail” firms have been given a competitive advantage and, rather than being held accountable for their actions, they have actually been subsidised in becoming more economically and politically powerful.”