For you Rat Pack fans: Check out this great looking print from Drew Friedman of Dean Martin:



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4 Responses to “Deano !”

  1. quiddity says:

    I like it. But it raises a question I have about navigating this website. This post is in

    But not in, which is where you go after clicking on the Big Picture (big “B”) button.

    I only see the link to Dino! via the Recent Posts list on the right, but that’s a limited set and such posts can drop off the list pretty fast, making it hard to know where to re-find them.

    Am I missing something?

  2. deanscamaro says:

    I get and have consistently gotten a similar situation in the past. I get your RSS Feed on my Yahoo home page. I also have a “favorite” saved for your website on my MSN page. When I look at the RSS feed, I see the headline of the “Deano” topic. If I come in through the “favorite” to your blog website, I don’t see the “Deano” topic. Similar problem.

  3. When you are at the site (rather than the RSS feed) you will see 4 tabs. They are:

    THINK TANK (other writers I think are worth reading)
    VIDEO (Gets the slow loading flash off the main page)
    BOOK CLUB (Puts all of the book related reviews and discussions in their own area)
    WEEKEND (Anything that interests me but is not Market/Economics related — more fun comsumer/entertainment stufdf )

  4. quiddity says:

    Thanks Barry. I thought that WEEKEND meant only posted on Saturday or Sunday. Also, sometimes you’d have a post that had a video, but also a substantial amount of transcript or commentary, which led me to (incorrectly) think that is was in THINK TANK and not VIDEO.