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At long last, the date is finally here: The book officially publishes today, May 26, 2009.

Some pretty encouraging news so far on sales.  As of lunch today, we hit # 278 in Amazon sales rank (all books).  And, we were #50 in the Business & Investing category.

That’s a great start, but I’d like to bust into the top 100 of all books, and the top 10 of biz books.

I have been discussing to Wiley about doing some special promos for blog readers, and we came up with a few ideas. A new promotion will roll out each week.

For starters, its a free book plate — order from any of the sources on the site (Amazon, B&N, Borders) and the first few 100 get a signature plate for their book. Yes, I am manually signing 500 of these.  Go to this link to register for the signed plate insert.


Amazon.com Sales Rank: #278 in Books (See Bestsellers in Books)

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#3 in Books > Business & Investing > Investing
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22 Responses to “Finally! Bailout Nation Publishes Today”

  1. Becky says:

    I ordered 2 copies from Amazon already, one for me and one for my father. How would I get the book plates? Are they coming from you and not from Amazon?

  2. JJDamonte says:

    Don’t understand about today being teh publication date. I put in a pre-order with Amazon months ago, and received my copy of the book last week. I’ve already read Chapter 1. How do we get a bookplate?

  3. Becky says:

    Barry, I forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! It must feel like the birth of a child! I’m so proud of you and I even “knew” you before you were famous! You rock!

  4. VennData says:


  5. tranchefoot says:

    Many congrats, Barry. Looking forward to spending some beach time with it this summer.

  6. ericholtman says:




    Yeah, I know. You said 90 days. I dunno if I can wait that long (which is what your publisher is counting on, I’m sure). :)

    Besides, in 90 days, we’ll need a whole new edition . . . .

  7. MexicaliBlues says:

    Congrats Barry, have a copy already and gave one to a friend

  8. JohnDoe says:

    Awesome! I can’t wait to read it. Don’t worry you will jump to the top 10 once you appear on The Daily Show. BTW, have you scheduled an appearance there yet, if so when is it?

  9. markd says:

    Congrats & all 7 I hope you do The Daily Show but I’d like to see you get your message out on 60 Minutes, some of the Sunday morn. shows right now it’s too much preaching to the choir

  10. vanderal says:

    I bought two copies, sent one to a friend and read the other from cover to cover over the three day weekend. Congratulations on a great job!

  11. super_trooper says:

    @JohnDoe and @markd
    How easy do you think it is to get in on TheDailyShow? It’s not like you just schedule an appearance there. Every author/actor etc want to be on it. The show guarantees a boost in sales, almost like the Oprah show. (Although Richard Chaynes’ upcoming biography may be the exception). Remember you got all the blockbusters coming up this summer and if the choice is between Brad Pitt and BR, I for one would pick BP, he’s HOT!

  12. super_,

    excuse me, but FBM!~


    Way to go! And, seriously, Keep on Keepin’ on..

    As if one Needs TDS to promote anything. LSS: if one believes that their audience is that F.. Vapid, they deserve what they get..

    There are, beyond, hundreds of Avenues, through which, one can channel their “Sales” efforts. If you’d care for any more, as always, feel free..

  13. NewBob88 says:

    May we please have a Kindle version.

  14. I received my copy today. The book looks great – professional but striking and colorful which should hopefully appeal to financial experts and your average book buyer as well. If it’s as good as I expect it to be I will buy a few more copies for friends and family.

  15. Mikey says:

    Congratulations, but CNBC Fast Money appearance was lame (sorry).

    Hey, you didn’t even mention the pay-option ARM reset/default wave that will crest in summer 2011/2012!

    Advice: If you really want to sell books (and be taken authoritatively) you might want to talk about regulatory capture of Geithner, Bernanke & Summers by what Simon Johnson called the “Wall Street Oligarchs” on PBS’s Bill Moyers Journal.

  16. Whammer says:

    Done, ordered.

    Picked up a golf book while I was at it, to get the free shipping ;-). Those Amazon boys are on to something.

  17. kckid816 says:

    Wow, I ordered from Amazon a little over a week ago and have already received the book. Longtime reader here and just wanted to say Congrats on getting it officially out there.

  18. Greg0658 says:

    Congrats Barry …… whats next for sales?

    BN2.0 … how the anti-matter capitalist world moved on

    General (USA Government) Motors pieced off to foreign lands for dimes* on the dollar …
    pieces now compete with the homeland nationalized (haha) now stripped down to debt load

    great for international commodity players .. bad for the home manufacturing team

    the present WallStreet system is anti-America
    or is it
    one world currency wouldn’t destroy itself
    or would it
    destruction / construction is flow

    *ps – Americas WWII outcome savings now foreign invested

  19. WDS says:


    Congratulations on a great book! You did a fantastic job in providing the context for the current mess we are in. Your no holds barred, call them how you see them is a refreshing change and is in stark contrast to the majority of books out there. It’s very easy to read and impossible to miss some of the profound insights and truths about the way the markets, economy and political system works in reality.

    You can’t read this book and not have a much better understanding on how much we’ve distorted our “free market” system. Its becomes quite clear that this is a just the largest of a long line bailouts – not THE anomaly. Also great illustrations – funny and descriptive. Ill enjoy reading this book many times more to come.

    Congrats and i hope you have another book in you….

  20. The Curmudgeon says:


    May 27 (Bloomberg) — Let’s pause for a minute and think about $15 trillion.

    That’s roughly how much money the U.S. has committed toward rescuing the economy from the credit meltdown, housing collapse and recession, according to the number-crunching of Barry Ritholtz, chief executive officer of research firm FusionIQ.

    Find that figure hard to grasp? Ritholtz has some handy comparisons: In inflation-adjusted terms, $15 trillion is more than the U.S. spent on the Louisiana Purchase, he says. It’s bigger than the Marshall Plan. More money than the government paid for the Race to the Moon, the savings-and-loan crisis, the Vietnam War — or all of the above combined, he says.

    “The only event in American history that even comes close to matching the cost of the credit crisis is World War II,” Ritholtz explains in “Bailout Nation,” a bracing look at how a country of self-reliant individualists became what he calls “a nanny state for well paid bankers.”

    Another book on the financial crisis, you ask? Hasn’t the subject been bludgeoned to death? Surprisingly, no. Ritholtz makes a valuable new contribution to our understanding of how we arrived at this sorry juncture….”

    >an all-around excellent review…well done, Mr. Ritholtz<

  21. Urkel says:

    Did Kudlow buy a copy yet?

  22. Scatterbrain says:

    Hey Barry,

    Great book! I received it on Thursday and proceeded to devour it over the weekend. I’m not so sure about a lot of the policy recommendations in the back, but they sure beat the ones we’ve seen so far. Your take on Greenspan was right on the mark. I consider myself a free-market advocate, but that doesn’t mean I abhor all regulation. On the contrary, I accept as a fact that there a large percentage of citizens who lack integrity and ethical groundings. This is the reason democracies still need a police force – to protect it’s citizens from the thugs. As we’ve learned all too well, the Wall Street C-level jobs seem to attract a far greater proportion of morally bankrupt folks than you’d be likely to find elsewhere. This is where the need for regulation comes in: not to direct our markets like the Maestro did, but to protect investors and taxpayers from outright fraud.

    Anyway, I loved the book and the charts were great. My only little niggle has to with the sources of the charts. For many of them, Calculated Risk is listed as the source. As a person who creates all manner of charts for published reports, I find the sourcing to be wholly inadequate. Calculated Risk may have performed analysis on raw data to create the chart, but the source of the raw data should always be listed. For example, the source for Figure 21.1 could read: Calculated Risk derived from BEA, 2008 and NAR, 2008. Or however you want to format it. I just like to always be aware of WHERE the data is coming from. That’s all.