Nice, clean revamping of the formerly way too busy Marketwatch site. And, they cleaned up their insufferably long URLs, also.

This change seems to bring them closer into the Dow Jones family’s look and feel. DJ had acquired MKWT years before Murdoch’s purchase.

I’ve been kicking around the enw site for the past week or so, and I have yet to come across any major user interface issue, or annoying design problems.




Nicely done . . .

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13 Responses to “MarketWatch Revamp”

  1. David Yaseen says:

    Can you please use your not-inconsiderable influence to get them to put the ten-year yield back on the front page? Many thanks.

  2. Elemental says:

    I notice that sometimes, on the front page, the Dow chart will just flatline for 2 or 3 hours into the future during the trading day.

  3. GlobalDow, on their ‘ticker’, but no 10-yr ?

    Yaseen makes a good point..

    That re-do was overdue, seems like a step, in general, in the right direction..

  4. snapshot says:

    Speaking of bonds….

    “Ambrose Evans-Pritchard “Asis will author its own destruction if it triggers a crisis over US bonds”

  5. Wes Schott says:

    snapshot – good one, Evans-Pritchard does some good reporting IMHO.

    Guess I better not go short the long bond, as previously planned.

  6. firewalker1111 says:

    I can’t seem to get to the options chain for SPY on their revamped site. I used to use it all the time- back to yahoo i guess…

  7. TripleB says:

    Pet Peeve on the revamp – they round the daily change in the indices. Give me back the values after the decimal point!

  8. usphoenix says:

    BR:Nice of you to lead with the gas price chart.

    Ah, it is that time of year. Again.

    So who really is turning the crank? I mean we’re all getting screwed. And why should who be such a

    Maybe Mongo’s new regs will sort it all out for us. NOT.

  9. zyzy says:

    Interesting… i don’t like the new design at all. It “weights” more.
    Too flashy, too much irrelevent information.
    Everything is cramped together.
    Especially i hate new charts. They removed the old functionality which i like a lot. New is – interesting, but i want a combination of old and new …
    Page is not long, but it’s huge.

    on another hand. I like easy (easier) access to major sections – “Investing, Front Page, News etc ).

    Well – so many people…

  10. volcanohouse says:

    just a minor misspelling on intro: (enw new)
    “I’ve been kicking around the enw site for the past week or so, and I have yet to come across any major user interface issue, or annoying design problems.”
    Enjoy listening to your views.
    Thank you

  11. Ny Stock Guy says:

    Gotta admit, it looks nicer but has less useful info when you first load the page. The market section doesn’t automatically load anymore??? I like to see the 10 yr too. I started using google finance instead. I need facts and numbers. If I want opinions and analysis I can get that anywhere….

  12. leftback says:

    Horrible redesign. Too busy, cramped. ADHD person’s dream. Gave up using it – now far superior for the quick at-a-glance take on the markets. As mentioned above, seeing oil, gold and the 10-year as well as equities is a must. It is also hard to find the “calendar” of econ numbers which I used to find handy.


  13. redqid says:

    Well, I really hate the new marketwatch layout. Might be pretty, but my time is limited and I find it presents information poorly.

    * The little map of the world so I can see which mkts are open is silly. Same for making the date so huge.
    * The pictures of the commentary columnists are enormous.
    * The Stock Sentiment section which registers Marketwatch member votes, gets more space and bigger type than the latest news headlines which are puny.
    * The rotating headlines in the upper right feature some stupid commets from Marketwatch members : “AIG will continue to spin off until it spins into its grave with our tax money” OKAY
    * Add some stories keep rotating for days
    * And I cannot figure out why certain stories are place where they are. So disjointed.

    Just detest the new look. I have been checking out Bloomberg.