Congratulate me!

Its been exactly one year today since I last appeared on Kudlow & Company (now called, The Kudlow Report).

No 12 step program was required.

To tell you the truth, I always enjoyed doing the show. Larry is a very bright, engaging fellow. Just because we disagreed about everything did not mean the show wasn’t fun to do.

My biggest complaint about the show was the tendency for too many of the guests to be money-losing idealogues and intellectual lightweights.

Speaking of which, here was my last appearance, and the subsequent Kudlow apologia.


Kudlow & Co. Appearance (5/14/08)

My First TV Review (5/15/08)

Kudlow on Ritholtz (5/15/08)

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75 Responses to “My One Year Kudlow Anniversary!”

  1. Mannwich says:

    Congrats Barry. You obviously don’t need to appear on his show anymore. Sir Green Shoots is a complete joke, a farce. He and his buddy Cramer, who has now taken to implicitly threatening Jon Stewart in a recent interview. What a lowlife.

  2. Ned Bushong says:

    Too bad you guys couldn’t get along. Even though he is loud and obnoxious, he has a certain following. That simply gives you the opportunity to show the other side of the argument.

    Other side of the coin, you like that Ratigan. He’s not for me!


    BR: I would do the show if they 1) didn’t have me in the Octobox with 6 clueless dimwits; b) let me finish a sentence!

    I really like Larry personally; its his cast of regular ‘tards (Except Doug Kass) whom I think are dangerous money losing sociopaths . . .

  3. Dennis says:

    OMG! These guys were wrong about everything!

    WRONG on the Economy

    WRONG on the Stock market

    WRONG on the Recession

    WRONG on the Housing

    WRONG on the Consumers

    WRONG on the Retailers

  4. VennData says:

    Well maybe LK can get Cheney on. Their dignified questioning of Presidential policies is refreshingly demure during this time of war(s). In fact it’s the only show I haven’t seen the former Mr. Secrecy on in the last few months.

    And I’d like to hear about opportunities for the US to export enhanced interrogation techniques, since Cheney seems to be angling for a spot at the K street-office of the torture industry the way he lovingly talks it up.

  5. bonerici says:

    I feel the same way. I disagree with everything Kudlow says, but he seems to be genuinely nice to his opponents, so I enjoy watching his show.

  6. Myr says:

    Kudlow gives me a headache because he just constantly interrupts anyone who disagrees with him. And the other guests on that video were just so smug with their bullishness. Ugggh. Stick to BBerg radio and BBerg TV. CNBC is for hacks and wannabes.

  7. TPC says:

    I didn’t know you had a falling out….I had been wondering why you were never on CNBC anymore. What did I miss? Care to fill me in on what happened? Anyone….

  8. karen says:

    Barry, I do congratulate you! (Can’t watch Kudlow, though, despite my desire to see you in great form. )

  9. grumpyoldvet says:

    Stay with it old chum. A friend, an economist, has also been “disappeared” from the program for more than a year. Disagreed with Larry too many times. Doesn’t miss it all.

  10. polarbear52 says:

    The beauty of hindsight.
    I love the level of the indexes-Transports at 5500. Gold at 866. Oil at 124. Where are those levels today. One stands out as a true storage of value.

    I laughed the entire interview at how wrong the views were. Why does anybody listen to these ‘crystal ball’ gazers. Barry you were closest to the pin in the interview-well done. Those other buffoons should be embarrassed about their rose colored glasses.

    Of course the question du jour is-why isn’t there a reunion appearance among the participants to grade their ‘predictions’ from one year ago. Like everything else on CNBC, there is no accountability. Buy more, buy more-everything is good.

    Keep up of the blogging-you and your fellow bloggers are 10X better than the MSM hacks and also 10X more sarcastic and funny.

  11. TPC says:

    Just finished watching the vid. That is a great video. You could almost replay it today without knowing the date and think it aired yesterday. All of these “signs of recovery” and a strong stock market. Ha. Luskin is always priceless.

    You nailed it Barry.

  12. Moss says:

    As one of the ‘Quote of the Days’ u had said.

    It is better to be generally right than absolutely wrong.

    Well BR has been generally right. LK has been absolutely wrong despite him being bright and engaging.

  13. olephart says:

    Larry Kudlow is a perfect inverse barometer. When Arthur Laffer appears as a guest I reach for the nerf bricks. Nerf bricks are a good investment as hard heavy objects within an arm’s length under these circumstances gets expensive.

  14. leftback says:

    You’d sort of like to have a blow up Luskin doll in the basement, so you could beat the crap out of it on bad trading days. OK, scrub that, too freaky.

    When we reach Ye End o’ Ye Grate Beare, Kudlow/Cramer/Fast Money will be cancelled. Melissa Lee ends up doing weather in Buffalo: “it’s freakin’ snowin’ sideways, bitches”.

    Ritholtz inherits the mantle. Liz Clayman introduces the Maestro, nightly ;-)

  15. Mike in Nola says:

    What a bunch of losers.

    Kudlow is the best though. In his intro, he also managed to incorrectly analyze the entire presidential race.

  16. nemo says:

    “Larry is a very bright, engaging fellow.” It’s the coke.

    “My biggest complaint about the show was the tendency for too many of the guests to be money-losing idealogues and intellectual lightweights.” The host chooses like-minded guests.

  17. dead hobo says:

    The whole network has gone downhill. I watched Kudlow for a couple of minutes today and had to turn it off. He berated some guy for saying the economy and stock market weren’t in sync. Kudlow used magic charts concerning employment as proof the economy will turn around in two months. Then he said that poor guy was a waste of interview time, or words to that effect. Trish Regan appears to be an air head.

  18. Mannwich says:

    @Mike in Nola: As did just about our entire useless MSM. I see less and less reason to even turn the TV on at all nowadays, except to watch certain sporting events, movies and some shows on HBO that divert my attention for a few hours into la-la land. Other than that, I don’t even watch TV anymore. No more CNBC, no more Bloomberg. Next stop will be cancelling DirecTV altogether. Probably by next year, I’m guessing.

  19. Mike in Nola says:

    Funny to look at their recommendations and compare them to what happened..

    Like the jerk Luskn telling us to buy junk bonds with leverage. Their chart showed the spread to Treasuries then was a little under 600. Got up to almost 2200 later in the year. I bet he and his clients made a lot.

    Or the other one telling us how growth will come from Asia. Sound familiar? FXI was 50 then, 32 now

  20. JohnDoe says:

    The thing I dislike most about this show is that they don’t give the guests enough time to talk/explain their points. The hosts ask questions just for the purpose of asking them but are not really interested in the answer if it is different from what they are looking for. They cut people off far too often. This is not just the Kudlow Report but most shows on CNBC in general.

  21. leftback says:

    TV is all like this now. People seem to like to hear bickering tools rather than listen to points of view.
    It’s all part of the new reality where everyone is a f*cking Drama Queen. They do it on Faux News all the time.

    Bloomberg and Channel 13 only for me.

  22. SteveC says:

    I watch as little of CNBC as possible. Jon Stewart calling them out was exactly correct. How do any of these guys that missed all the warning signs (LK included) still have any clients? They must be down close to 50%. (Of course that’s when they trot out the “we’re in it for the long haul” speech, the mantra of the clueless). Almost all the anchors on the network have no trading experiance whatsoever, and are clearly told to bash whatever non-Republicans do that day. Instead of competing with Fox Business, which is on its own death march, they’re trying to copy them. My TV stays on Bloomberg, if its on at all.

  23. kansascitypothole says:

    Obama finally getting a grip on common sense this week. First derivatives regulation, now this.

    By Roger Runningen and Hans Nichols

    May 14 (Bloomberg) — President Barack Obama, calling current deficit spending “unsustainable,” warned of skyrocketing interest rates for consumers if the U.S. continues to finance government by borrowing from other countries.

    “We can’t keep on just borrowing from China,” Obama said at a town-hall meeting in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, outside Albuquerque. “We have to pay interest on that debt, and that means we are mortgaging our children’s future with more and more debt.”

    Holders of U.S. debt will eventually “get tired” of buying it, causing interest rates on everything from auto loans to home mortgages to increase, Obama said. “It will have a dampening effect on our economy.” . . .

  24. leftback says:

    I’m not sure that they did miss the warning signs. After all, Marc Faber and Roubini and Barry laid it all out.
    I think CNBC presenters are paid to be long hope and greed, with leverage.

  25. CDizzle says:

    Folks get so worked up over this Kudlow business.

    Why don’t the bloggers understand that Kudlow is simply a disciple of Reagan(omics)?

    Reagan: steady smile, warm words with a grandfatherly tone and presence and a firm, undeterring way about him. ALWAYS a positive attitude.

    Well…Kudlow got the attitude part right, anyway.

    And I believe that you’ve said as much in the past, but, Kudlow is an ENTERTAINER, not a $ manager…or ANYthing else…right?

    Keep it rockin’,

  26. Scott F says:

    “Consumer Resilience, the Economy has righted itself, I like equities here;
    Growth is good, markets confirming.”

    Wow Malpass sucks too

  27. Kudlow, Mankiw, Wesbury, Pethokoukis vs Ritholtz’ Q1/Q2 Recession Call

    Geez, they really missed that one . . .

  28. leftback says:

    No worries. The more tools enter here, the greater profits we shall reap…..

  29. Edward says:



    He is the dumbest man in America

  30. leftback says:

    Wesbury couldn’t spot a black cat in front of him on a snowy day in Greenland.

  31. jwc says:

    I never ever watch Kudlow. I will immediately turn off any program on CNBC where he happens to show up. I couldn’t even watch him jut to see Barry.

    And the Jon Stewart bit was not only funny, but right on. Cramer is foolish to stir that pot again. Stewart has gone on to other funny things – Jim is just reminding folks of something better left in the past.

  32. 1.5quadrillion says:

    What’s funny is Barry’s 12 step comment. Most people don’t know that Kudlow was a HUGE COKE HOUND when he was in the Reagan White House.

    HUGE POWER SNIFFER! He claims he’s clean and sober. Who knows…

  33. ben22 says:

    bowyer and luskin are easily the worst on that show.

    Barry, did you not get invited back or was it your choice not to go back? You are better off doing the bloom interviews anyway. It’s a better place to get your ideas across without having to yell.

  34. ben22 says:

    Lots of people here won’t watch Kudlow, I watch it all the time so that I can figure out what the exact wrong thing is to do. The best nights to watch are when guys like bowyer or luskin are on, completely cluless but they give me insight into what both the average retail investor is going to do and what mutual fund managers will most likely do.

    That show was the best indicator last summer that we were about to blow up. The louder those idiots screamed we wouldn’t the more obvious it became.

    Has anyone ever gone to trend macro to read luskins stuff, it’s even more funny than what he says on the shows.

  35. Onlooker from Troy says:

    As I said in the other thread:

    “Sorry, I have a ban on viewing Kudlow in my house. Insufferable friggen idiot. Makes my stomach turn. So if this guy (James Bianco) said something interesting I’ll have to hear/read it elsewhere”

  36. The Dude says:

    The truth is I only watch when he has good guests on

    Most of his usual crew are sufferable idiots.

  37. babygal says:

    I only watched it when you were on-he’s a bore!

  38. Onlooker from Troy says:

    As I have said, I have completely boycotted watching CNBC, but I can only speculate that the tone is probably getting a bit desperate as this rally seems to be fizzling. I’m sure the Pisani spin is on full force and they’re trotting out the usual suspects to talk about the “new bull market.” It’s just not worth my mental and physical health (blood pressure) to watch it for the maybe 2% of useful information (if that).

  39. Becky says:

    Did Larry start a TV show because he was too lousy to earn a living as an economist? I saw him cut off John Browne and essentially mock him either yesterday or today. Larry just likes to hear himself talk. He’s a pontificating blowhard who asks the same question 10 different ways and then gives the guest 10 seconds to answer. If he doesn’t like the answer, he cuts the guest off at 5 seconds and moves on to the next long-winded question for a different guest. It’s really too bad because he has potential if someone would just gag him and let his excellent guests speak.

  40. leftback says:

    @Becky: LOL.

    Larry is a blowhard, who pines for his days with Reagan – and lines of lines of blow.
    To call Larry an economist is like calling Eminem an opera singer.

  41. larster says:

    LK illustrates one of the major problems in this country. We seemingly can never turn the page on these idiots. This is a bipartisan problem in that still have Kudlow, Cheney, Gingrich, McCain, Summers, Greenspan, Ben Nelson, Reich, Frank; to name a few. Where is the new thinking to get beyond these crisies? Not from these folks. for sure.

  42. HCF says:

    I feel that watching the Kudlow Report is an intelligence test… See if you can separate the wheat from the chafe, the blowhards/douchebags/ideologues from the analytical thinkers.

    So basically separate BR, Gary Shilling, Michael Panzener, etc. from Jerry “Ewok” Bowyer, Don “I think I’m smarter than everyone” Luskin, and Jimmy “I’m not good enough to write for Time or Newsweek” P.


  43. call me ahab says:

    let’s see-

    there’s Karen, now Becky and I see a Donna once in while-

    definitely turning co-ed- just the way I like it- of course there could be many “manly” handles that are backed by a feminine keystroker

  44. barrister999 says:

    I have often thought if CNBC was truly concerned about responsible informed financial journalism, they would have a regular weekly segment featuring you, Gary Shilling, Doug Kass, Joe Battapaglia and other responsible financial commentators providing thoughtful analysis and discussion. Instead we get Kudlow the blowhard interrupter, who is nothing more than a ‘pimp’ for Wall Street and the Republican Party, and his regular goons [Luskin, Bowyer, et al] as well as Kramer the Clown. No wonder their viewership is so small.

  45. MRegan says:

    WRT Kudlow and CNBC. BR is doing more across the spectrum and I view his presence on Bloomberg as very positive. Kudlow does not understand the value of dialogue and as such is of zero utility.

    OT a few days ago I asked who was going to get GM’s China operations. The question is germane.
    We are watching a dirty game.

    GM says it could sell assets to new co.

  46. JohnDoe says:

    Just watched the clip from a year ago during a commercial in the celtics/bruins games. It sure does get me upset that these same idiots who were terribly wrong a year ago are still being brought out to talk the same exact nonsense. Listen to Luskin advise people to buy junk debt ON LEVERAGE. Wow we would be beyond broke if we took his advice. These people can just go out night after night talking bullsh*t being completely wrong and not held accountable. Yikes!

    Anyways how much was the bet for with Jimmy P and did you rub it in his face?

  47. Groty says:

    Larry’s persistent optismism and passion for our country makes him appear to always be bullish. But he is as good as anybody at interpretting the data. I could be wrong, but deep down I suspect he isn’t always as permabullish as he appears to be on TV.

    After a constant drumbeat of bad news the past 18 months, I do find his unbridled optimism and confidence in America refreshing.

    But he really does need to rotate some fresh faces into the lineup.

  48. rktbrkr says:

    BR, I’m curious if you went into self exile. Battipaglia disappeared too, only dear old Gary Shiller remains and he breaks into laughter when LK rudely interrupts him when he starts speaking the truth. LK has all the subtlety of a talk radio guy. He compounds his economic ignorance with his political cheerleading to create a toxic financial stew. At least Kramer limits himself to economic tomfoolery.

    Wondering how melissa lee got the fast money slot. She must be taking the chrome off some old NBC exec’s trailer hitch, check out those lips!


    BR: It was more their decision than mine.

    I requested not to be on with specific idiots, and on occasion passed when the set was 6 guests — but I can’t take credit for it. Once I started doing Fast Money, the requests from K&Co. disappeared . . .

  49. JoWriter says:

    — Ahab – I’m here, too. I just don’t post very often. The co-ed section, as you guessed, may be quite a bit higher than any of us suspect.

    Agree that the level of discourse is among the highest on the entire portion of the Web that I inhabit!

  50. Mannwich says:

    This is well beyond absurd. Insurers getting a piece of the TARP and now a trucking (TRUCKING?!) company? WTF is going on in this country?

  51. call me ahab says:



  52. Mannwich says:

    Wonder if we see any mention of this on Larry’s show or CNBC-Green-Shoots tomorrow? Probably not.

  53. DL says:

    call me ahab @ 8:00

    “…of course there could be many “manly” handles that are backed by a feminine keystroker”.

    For all you know, “D.L.” stands for Delilah Lovebucket, and Leftback’s real name is Hortense Mancini.

  54. DL says:

    Mannwich @ 9:28

    Yeah, how come Larry Flynt got cut out of TARP, anyway?

  55. Mannwich says:

    @DL: Actually, Larry’s enterprise is actually arguably much more worth of a bailout than most of these other jackals on Wall Street. Not saying much though.

  56. franklin411 says:


    Ouch indeed…he added to his shorts seven times!!!

    Quote: Matlin Patterson, however, has missed the Spring rebound, the most powerful rise in equities in over 70 years. “We shorted the equity rally because we thought it was lunatic. We’ve kept adding positions seven times, and we’re still holding,” he said. Ouch!

  57. call me ahab says:

    to put in perspective- if you took your money out before 10/2007 and then put your money in 3/2009 then you were a genius-

    however if- like a colossal dumbass – you left your money in beyond 10/2007 and left it in- well you still suck because you lost your ass-

    go fuck yourself franklin

  58. Mannwich says:

    @franklin411: Doesn’t mean he’s not telling the truth but I guess that doesn’t matter when little young tykes like you and other kool-aide drinkers can just whip out the “Go Obama” pompoms and act just like the Bush kool-aide drinkers. You are PATHETIC.

  59. Mannwich says:

    I will GUARANTEE that clowns like franklin will not stick around here to admit he was wrong when the shite hits the fan again in our markets, economy and financial system. That’s a GUARANTEE.

  60. Onlooker from Troy says:

    Time will tell whether adding shorts during this rally is foolish or not. But think of it this way. If this bear market is destined for lower lows (a position for which there is plenty of good arguments), then it’s just like adding longs on a correction in a bull market.

    Take for instance buying in Aug 98. How stupid did that look in retrospect?

    Or to keep to a bear market comparison, how about adding shorts in Oct ’01?

    The fullness of time will judge. But the judgment right now that it’s a stupid and destructive move is premature. Unless you’re grading on a quarterly basis. And we know that gets people in trouble, now don’t we?

  61. Onlooker from Troy says:

    Edit: “for which there *are* plenty of good arguments”

  62. Transor Z says:

    800 Chrysler dealerships down, 1100 GM dealerships to go…

    Wow, how did the franklinmeister go from adorable misguided mascot to “go fuck yourself” and PATHETIC.

  63. franklin411 says:

    That’s certainly possible. I’m not commenting on the overall wisdom or foolishness of his actions; as you say, time will tell. However, I think we can certainly agree that any reasonable person would wonder whether emotion has anything to with his remarks in the near term. It’s not easy to have your hide nailed to the wall in a losing position, double your bets and then watch your losses compound.

    I suspect many would find their nerves grated to the point that they would react in the most vulgar and profane imaginable manner.

  64. Mannwich says:

    @Transor Z: When he morphed into a more benign, younger, and naive version of otto.

  65. call me ahab says:

    “react in the most vulgar and profane imaginable manner.”

    cash is king my friend- that’s my position- betting long is a losing bet in the foreseeable “long run”- so- stick your lips on Obama’s ass and follow it wherever it may go- but I for one will think for myself

  66. SWMOD52 says:

    Kudlow is a very likable guy. I watched him almost every day in 2007 -2008 trying to learn something. I think he did his viewers a great diservice by basically berating anyone who was not bullish. Kass, Shilling, etc. Were mocked and ridiculed when the honest approach would be to carefully listen to what all the guests had to say.

    So in the end, for me, Larry is out (like a lot of people who got it wrong in 2008).

  67. Katie says:

    I never watch Kudlow as the show is aired on CNBC Europe. They spare us from this obnoxious nonsense. Don Luskin is pathetic.

  68. primordial_ooze says:

    Sometimes this blog is too much about Barry and his book.

  69. Peter Davies says:

    CNBC USA should be renamed SCREAMING CNBC because that sums up its modus operandi: get a group of people to yell at each other with a heavy dosage of over-simplistic Righty vs Lefty and xenophobic content thrown in. The goal is simple: win the ratings contest with the other screamers haven at FOX business news. The fact that the programs frequently offer appalling investment advice is completely ignored in pursuit of this goal.

    Kudlow is the Screamer-in-Chief with a strong supporting chorus: Bartiromo, Cramer, Santelli, Neal, Francis, et al.

    Look at Kudlow’s record:

    1. He has no proper qualifications in economics, business or finance. He has a BA in history from Rochester but dropped out of graduate school at Princeton where he was supposedly studying politics and economics.
    2. He was a Democrat who became a Republican.
    3. He was a Vietnam era draft dodger who morphed into a strong supporter of the Iraq war and the use of military force to achieve goals. This is a common trait among “tough guy” neocons. George Bush used his connections to get into a flying club called the Texas National Air Guard while Cheney, Wolfowitz and Perle were are all draft dodgers. However, this motley crew became loud exponents of policies which cost American blood and treasure as long as it wasn’t their blood and treasure.
    4. His on-air positions and advice on the markets are a disgrace.

    Kudlow was a drugs and alcohol abuser who to his credit became sober; however, with that he morphed again from being an intoxicated charlatan and loudmouth to just a charlatan and loudmouth.

    Any investment advisor worth his salt wouldn’t go anywhere near Kudlow on air. The only reason to do so would be to soundly refute his idiotic statements but, as Barry and others have discovered, they will just get shouted down by Kudlow and his assembled arse kissers.

    Kudlow’s program is analogous to an all-in wrestling program. It offers contrived vocal violence instead of contrived physical violence. Its owners know it’s a scam and its participants know it’s a scam; however, it makes money for both. If you just treat it as a gratuitous spectacle to watch when you have nothing better to do, that’s fine but never, ever treat it as source of sound investment advice.

    If you need sound investment advice, avoid CNBC USA altogether and go to Bloomberg or BNN Toronto. If you can get them, CNBC Europe and CNBC Asia generally offer much better programming than the junk served up by their parent at Englewood Cliffs New Jersey.

  70. Elgin Baylor says:

    I like Larry — I would never give him money to manage — but he is a great entertainer.

    Some of his guests I can take or leave . . .

  71. Moss says:

    Kudlow will never change that I can assure you. What u are seeing at CNBC are subtle shifts away from their tilted biases. Ratigan leaving was a wake up call but they will have to adapt to the general shift in the populous. They are giving the left much more air time as evidenced by appearances from Dean, Huffington, Dan Gross and others. Looks like Kneale is history from the day time programs.

  72. rileyx67 says:

    Wow, just watched the entire segment again…whoever suggested a one year “reunion” was right on…Larry, Luskin and Jimmy P would be subject to deserved humiliation for being so wrong on everything…and “The winner IS…Barry!”

  73. Arthur says:

    The Kudblow Report is poorer for your absence, Barry, that’s clear. The man’s an optimist (I’ll give him that) but rather to the point of absurdity. You will seldom if ever hear Larry the K acknowledge consumers or taxpayers or regular Joes and their travails, lack of savings, indebtedness, uncertain future etc. Frankly I think he holds the average man in very low regard. He seems convinced that he and his investor class are the chosen ones, the shiny and brilliant that make America Great! Quite vulgar, really. Still, with these truths in mind and a drink in hand his show can entertain in its own way, from time to time.

  74. jason in charlotte says:

    I’m glad the clip included Larry’s featured fumbler, Don Luskin. This guy’s house has got to be approaching foreclosure. I distinctly recall that he finally became bearish right at the March bottom, on a political basis, of course.

  75. rktbrkr says:

    Peter Davies – Amen!