One of my more favored Wall Street researchers, the former Merrill Lynch North Amercian economist David Rosenberg, has moved on to Gluskin Sheff.

Rosie’s new firm is making his research available for free, via email, on a trial basis. He should start publishing after the holiday weekend.

You can sign up for what was formerly client-only research by pointing your browser here:

click for research sign up page


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6 Responses to “Sign Up for David Rosenberg (Merrill Lynch) Research”

  1. clawback says:

    BR, what happened to the Chris Whalen/Rob Kirby post? It was here earlier and now looks like it’s done disappeared on us.

  2. clawback says:

    BR, Scratch that. Found it on “Think Tank”.

  3. JasRas says:

    Yea!! Thank you.

  4. moneyneversleepsblog says:

    barry rocks, thanks for the link!

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