This is too funny:

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11 Responses to “Un-Broke: The Seth Green Cribs Edition”

  1. I-Man says:

    Genuine Velour Baby…

    Nuff said.

  2. Marcus Aurelius says:

    Looks like the first house my family bought. We’re going back to 1969, hose.

  3. Doc at the Radar Station says:

    I also noticed that he’s got a root cellar/tornado shelter out back. Should have pointed that one out, too!

  4. Transor Z says:

    Keepin’ it real here in the hood triple-decker condo stylin’!

    South Boston, representin’ — top o’ the mornin’ to y’all! Pogue my ma-shizzle.

  5. Whammer says:

    @Transor Z — LOL about the Pogue my ma-shizzle!!

    You might want to slap the LB TM on that baby!

  6. franklin411 says:

    Nice stainless steel appliances.

  7. VennData says:

    Don’t tell me hip hop “artists” are losing their cool. It can’t be… Yo, “sing” me a “song” about bling. Sing me about how great you are… how rich you are… tell me… tell me do…

    Why buy pickled sharks when you can listen to this classic? America deserves to live on.

    Its a beatiful life, colourful ice, flyest of hoes, spending the night,
    I’m a Tymer baby, all my shit be designer baby, Its a beatiful life !

    I roll through your city they go who is that,
    In a brand new Baby Blue Cadillac,
    Truck two days old, with remote controls,
    Press the mutha fuckin’ button and the TV’s fold,
    Out the top of the dash, shaking they ass,
    Tuck a lil’ something and I show her some cash,
    I’m Mannie Fresh hoe, represent the “S”,
    Cash Money Records nigga nothing but the best,
    Got a monster truck, sitting on 30′s,
    Fuck the rap game cuz I still push birdies,
    I’m hood rich bitch, you know who I are,
    They don’t want to fuck me they want to fuck my car,
    Now wait a minute hold up mane get it straight,
    Ya dude push pebbles birdman push weight,
    And its so incredible the things he does,
    Take a project bitch from where she was,
    Clean her life up, wife her just because,
    We some mutha fuckin’ pimps you bitch,

    Blastin’ rounds when we moving these pounds,
    Counting cash out a shoebox, we getting it down,
    I’m holding my town, like a nigga on a mound,
    Or a crab out the bucket when me moving around
    I’m strong in the hood, steering wheel all wood,
    In the back of the lac the nigga played all good,
    I’m on my grizzy my nizzy to get this brand new crib,
    Behind this money its gon’ be a fucking killin’
    I’m moving around uptown this how its going down,
    I’m coming thru the hood for a billi killin bitch,
    Money is a must, hanging out at the club with hoes on motorbikes my nigga,
    That ghetto life, with these calls and brawls it ain’t no love in my eyesight nigga
    A million in cash in the back of the dash and I’m the OG driving my nigga,

    Yeah, got my root beer dickies on,
    With my mutha fuckin’ diamond studded cell phone,
    I got cars to match these clothes, with some ignorant ass banged out project hoes,
    I’m dope boy fresh, I mean that bitch,
    Thats gators on my waiter when he serving that shit,
    And I’m coming thru your hood, disrespecting y’all,
    Bass turned up loud knocking pictures off the wall,
    I’m riding gangsta in a green mercedes,
    throwing spinach out the window mannie fresh and Baby,
    Icey whips with the gun on my hip,
    Bootin’ up at you bitches like “fuck y’all haters” (fuck y’all haters)
    So get straight or get this gun in your face,
    And fuck around and be a whole nother killing,
    In the sky blue bentley, 23′s they spinnin,
    Big Money Heavyweight and we gettin’

  8. usphoenix says:

    VennData: Now that’s a classic.

    Back at you:

  9. nemo says:

    Embedded video wasn’t working for me, so I went straight to the source:

    This is where the magic happens. . . . Where my hose at?

  10. Andy T says:

    Another sign of a “changing mood.” I get the feeling this new austerity sweeping America will be a more permanent trend than people think. It only takes 21 days to create a “good habit”…..

    I think it’s all a good sign for the future….we weren’t going to make it on the path we were on….of course this means a radically different type of economy in the future…there will be wrenching changes, some are already being felt, but in the end it will be for the better….

  11. daytonflyers says:

    too bad this wasn’t shown about eight years ago…