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9 Responses to “Barack W. Obama”

  1. insaneclownposse says:

    Obama’s “concern” over oil speculation has got me thinking he is more clueless than dubya ever was.
    If the president can’t grasp the impact of a massive money printing program on asset allocation, then the country is doomed.
    The government is going to debase the hell out of the currency while simultaneously introducing legislation to hamstring investors ability to respond to the devaluation. This is beyond idiotic – actually fighting words – and, if that type of legislative mentality is allowed to flower and encouraged by the chief executive, it eventually will scare anyone with a couple of bucks out of the U.S. forever. Leave the country populated by broke idiots with piles of their worthless paper currency. Not a pretty future in store for the nation in my opinion.

  2. Marcus Aurelius says:


    I am disappointed in Obama and his continuation of Bushco’s economic policies. I am also disappointed that he has failed to prosecute those responsible for the myriad crimes of the immediate past administration. However, there is no one more damagingly clueless than GWB. Worst President ever. Cheney, a government unto himself, is a member in good standing of the pantheon of rogues, thugs, and despots of world leaders.

    As for people with “bucks” leaving the US, keep in mind that those same “bucks” belong to the US (as tangible objects). Anyone who thinks they’ll do better in Dubai, Paraguay, Russia, France, Britain, or anywhere else can get the fuck out. There will be no coming back.

  3. insaneclownposse says:

    in my opinion, people with dollars will be busily exchanging them for just about anything else relatively soon. We are rapidly approaching banana republic land. Australia looks better and better every day.

  4. Bruce in Tn says:


    I like your opinions. But your answer seems pretty strong. I wonder if anyone in Venezuela wishes they’d left for say, Brazil, 6 years ago?

    The problem with socialism, is that it doesn’t create an incentive to do your best. It seems everyone feels that they are entitled now…car bailouts, California bailouts, bank bailouts, mortgage bailouts, IMF bailouts, union bailouts, the list seems endless.

    The problem with Obama, he doesn’t see where we are going, or as I have stated many times…the endgame. He seems oblivious. Either he thinks we’ll do better under socialism and big government, or he’s got a blind spot for governing. I agree Bush was very sub-par. But that doesn’t make Obama better. Either of the choices and we’re sunk…

  5. jc says:

    I always assumed a real civil war in Iraq is a certainty once enough of our troops are withdrawn but Iran is getting interesting now. What happens to our drecession if both Iraq & Iran oil production gets cut off by civil wars? Even a serious threat of that happening leaves us with multi hundred dollar/bbl oil.

    Concurrently chaos in Afgan is spilling over into Pak but they don’t have oil only nukes.

    4 nations, 300MM people – all muslims but a polyglot of races & sects that spill over national borders.

    Is the genie out of the bottle in Tehran? ( I love that metaphor!)

  6. Bruce,

    you were going w/: “…Obama, he doesn’t see where we are going, …the endgame.”

    How do we know what “Endgame” he is pursuing? Or, which “Endgame” do you see him to be pursuing?

  7. Bruce in Tn says:


    I think he likes the idea of big government. Maybe he is also for the common man. But the way this has all come together, with tax revenue falling and government spending exploding…we are going to have a hell of a tab. There is no other way around this.

    And frankly, at this point in time, we are a very long way from being able to afford nationalized health care. The money just isn’t there, since we are spending like a drunken sailor on everything from cars to investment banks, to home mortgages…it won’t work out well.

    I think taxes will go up. I think the democrats may lose the majority on both houses after another 12 months goes by. I see that already, the big enchilada, health care, is being downplayed by members of congress this weekend. I guess they’d like to be re-elected.

    Mark, populists have been popular all through history. Huey Long just a couple of states over comes to mind. But we must be able to pay for this. I don’t see housing coming back strong, nor do I see jobs making a big comeback.

    I think the endgame is mind-numbing slow jogging in place…and we lose position to the third world as it goes on…

  8. Bruce,

    I hear you, especially w/ your last point: “I think the endgame is mind-numbing slow jogging in place…and we lose position to the third world as it goes on…”

    That’s been the Endgame, announced publicly over ~35 years ago, for the ‘Cained Peep.


    provides entre` to the ‘populism’ (faux) of 44.

    As I’ve said, before, there’s a Real reason why it’s called “The Obama Deception”.

  9. tenaciousd says:

    I’m with you. I voted for change, not Barack Obama. I can take or leave Barack Obama. I’m completely mercenary at this point.