Following my earlier post How to Fix Financial Television, I recieved the following email from the well regarded Bess Levin of Dealbreaker:

Someone (can’t say who) at CNBC said, regarding your how to fix financial television piece, “Barry couldn’t fix the tampon up his asshole.”

Anything you’d like to say share in response? Thanks!

As a matter of fact, yes.

This is, verbatim, what I sent back:

Heh heh. The only person I know at CNBC who would be crude enough to blurt something like that out is my boyee Charlie Gasparino. Please tell Charlie that as much as I find his obsession with assplay both peculiar and fascinating, it adds nothing to the debate over the role of the media in the financial crisis or in general.

And as was made clear at the media panel at TBP conference last week, and in my post this morning, as well as in the Columbia Journalism Review (CJR on CNBC, WSJ & Business Press), this is not about CNBC alone and certainly not about Charlie. There are bigger issues about an informed electorate, accuracy in media, and the proper role of the press in society.

Nothing, as far as I can tell, about either assholes or tampons.

My reward for trying to say something constructive . . .

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Please use the comments to demonstrate your own ignorance, unfamiliarity with empirical data and lack of respect for scientific knowledge. Be sure to create straw men and argue against things I have neither said nor implied. If you could repeat previously discredited memes or steer the conversation into irrelevant, off topic discussions, it would be appreciated. Lastly, kindly forgo all civility in your discourse . . . you are, after all, anonymous.

122 Responses to “DealBreaker, Charlie Gasparino & Me”

  1. judyo says:

    I subscribe to the adage that you are judged by the company you keep.
    I’d say any time spent with CNBC is counter productive.

  2. TapeReader says:

    Now you know why we call him Last Gasp Gasparino.

  3. Speaking of Gasparino, has he been on CNBC lately? I haven’t seen him. I admit it might be because I don’t watch it that much.

  4. bonghiteric says:

    They just can’t control themselves over there can they? It doesn’t matter which one of those dolts said it, they’re all so desperate to be relevant.

  5. sinful mistress says:

    Resorting to ad hominem underscores the weakness of CG’s “argument”.

  6. Moss says:

    Sour grapes. BR -You must be doing something right.

  7. Mannwich says:

    Wow, what a classless buffoon Gasparino is. Someone should ask him how his buddy Dick Fuld or one of his other Wall Street idols are doing. I believe he’s writing a book, no? I’m sure it will cast favorable light on all of his “favorites” who give him those great “breaking news” “scoops” for the clown show that is CNBC.

  8. cvienne says:

    I think CNBC needs to come up with a new Brady Bunch ‘octabox’ filled with 8 Charlie Gasparino’s all yelling over each other and not listening what each other has to say…

    Hopefully, that transmission would dissipate “light years” into the galaxy and scare the hell out of any alien cultures thinking about invading the Planet Earth…

  9. Pat G. says:

    You see BR therein lies your problem. CNBC doesn’t want any “helpful” suggestions. For them, it’s just business as usual; promote the markets. Everything else is meaningless. Consequently, so are they. You can’t take any of their reporters seriously, especially GAS BAG.

  10. 1) I wasn’t addressing CNBC — I was addressing Financial TV, of which CNBC is the largest player;

    2) I sure as hell wasn’t addressing Charlie;

    3) I don’t get the response — not professional, not intelligent, not thoughtful — just blind bile.

  11. ToWi says:

    … and if it was not Gasparino?

  12. Let me ask YOU a question: Do I make a habit of posting wild accusations without a whole lot of evidentiary data and support? Note that you only have 9,424 TBP posts to go by as examples.

    I wouldn’t have called him out if a) I wasn’t very confident it was him; and 2) be willing to step up and apologize if i were wrong.

  13. Pat G. says:

    Perhaps you weren’t addressing CNBC directly but apparently they thought so. If my remark appeared crude it is because over time I have lost any respect for them based on the way they report/slant things to fulfill their agenda.

  14. franklin411 says:

    I haven’t seen him much on CNBC either…thank God. I can’t stand that loudmouth and I change the channel every time he comes on. I don’t suffer fools, folks who shout down other folks, or playground taunters lightly.

  15. Alex says:

    Why the response… Well, the poster that called it a desperate attempt to be relevant, he sums it up quite well. My version is, we are dealing with a screaming temper tantrum from a spoiled child, sadly clothed in a man’s body. Angry and ego driven children act badly to get attention. Unfortunately, that is all the explanation there is. Sad for him, but true. Can you imagine living with a person like that? Now that is really sad!

    Barry, as I remember, you started out by meeting the challenge to offer suggestions to improve financial television. I don’t think TV journalism (including financial TV) has any interest in being journalism at all. It longs to be entertainment, and moves closer to that goal all the time. So speaking to the person who originally offered the challenge, I have only one suggested improvement:

    “I would improve financial TV by requiring…fact based content.”

    Until that happens, we are (90%) just talking about putting make-up on a bunch of uninformative but vacuously stimulating clowns.

  16. cvienne says:


    Just to play devils advocate here I’ll admit to something…

    I did kind of ‘scratch my head’ when I read the POST this morning…


    Because I could think of NOTHING TO DO other than to make a ‘snarky’ comment about CNBC or the other Business news channels…

    The BEST of what I read in the threads today had to do with the “we need another Rukeyser” theme (and the compliments paid to Consuelo Mack to that end)…

    In the end though, think about it…

    If CNBC or the rest of the reporting weren’t the circus clown shows that they are, there would be nothing to provide CONTRAST for a blog such as TBP…

    In a vast arena, every voice needs to be heard otherwise there is no gradient mechanism…

    There are 256 shades of gray on a “grayscale”…It’s no fun if the combat zone is only between 127-129…

  17. Transor Z says:

    Just makes no sense at all. Wrong orifice, wrong appliance, wrong bodily excretion being absorbed.

    Like: “X couldn’t fix the dildo in his left nostril.” Wrong.

    The tragedy is the incredible smorgasbord of appliances and appropriate orifices to match them with that CG could have chosen from: gerbils, lightbulbs, parking tickets, someone’s mother, a classic sports car . . . so many, many possibilities.

    This Insult = FAIL

  18. 1001 says:

    Gasbag has had it in for you ever since your smackdown with him

    You can meet up with him at Rao’s where he hangs with thr Albanians

  19. Wes Schott says:

    Whats’ up with the caps lock stuff – CV and BR

    chill guys

    i only can image that a tampon up there would sop up diarrhea – and not of the mouth….

  20. cvienne says:

    To further my (9:04)

    I’ll use a POLITICAL metaphor…

    I’m sure HALF the Republican Party would like to stand up and say “SHUT TF UP RUSH”, or even Hannity for crying out loud…

    Yet I’m sure a bunch of DEMS would like to keep Pelosi as far from a camera or microphone as possible…

    Even Obama is a genius (as a system within a system)…Hell, with Biden going off half cocked at any given moments notice, the CONTRAST mechanism makes Obama himself look like the smartest man on the planet…

    I don’t like the policies of Obama, but i consider the man to have a certain kind of genius…He should be in television, not politics…

  21. cvienne says:


    COME ON MAN!…:-)

    That’s my style…[the CAPS LOCK]

  22. Transor Z says:

    Wes, it’s a common misconception that diarrhea is only watery fluid. Diarrhea typically contains solids that no tampon could ever absorb. I stand by my assertion: a tampon is the wrong tool for the job.

  23. cvienne says:

    Franklin even started stealing my sentences that end in three dots…

    I’m a trendsetter!

  24. 1001 says:


    Charlie is a complete nutcase


  25. Mr. C. Cheese says:

    Tampons and Assholes old song from The Dicks….
    Gas man still on CNBC, NOW IN HD……

  26. Alex says:

    Amen Cvienne, if it TV financial news was even half way good enough, I might never have found blogs. And that has led me to here, posting to a bunch of folks that are probably a lot smarter than me.

    An honor on all counts. I am very proud of the company. Thanks for being here for me.

  27. DL says:

    Charlie Gasbag-Arino would be the most likely suspect for that sort of remark.

    I suppose there’s a reason why CNBC management never let him occupy an anchor role, even for a day.

  28. Groty says:

    I can’t imagine even Gasparino would make a comment like that if he knew it was going to be reported and disseminated. Then again, he’s got a pretty big chip on his shoulder, so who knows.

    I know Bess only from her writing, but she strikes me as quite the pisser. Looks like she did a good job creating some controversy to possibly drive some traffic to dealbreaker.

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if it turns out that straight laced Becky Quick made the comment?

  29. alfred e says:

    Perhaps there are more CNBCers reading TBP than we thought.

    There were a lot of derogatory comments re CNBC today. Not they don’t deserve it. But those weren’t BR’s.

    Where is CNBC Sucks when you need him/her?

  30. Transor Z says:

    As enlightening as this thread is, before I fly I want to add one thought that just occurred to me: John McGlaughlin of McLaughlin Group fame — a PBS show/personality — has been rudely interrupting and talking over “serious journalists” in panel discussions for 20+ years.

  31. cvienne says:

    @Alex (9:15)

    That’s an exceptionally poignant remark Alex…

    Literally, it was my dissatisfaction with financial news television that eventually led me to this blog…

    Ironically, because I saw an interview with BR on one of the programs and said to myself “now there’s a dude who gets it!”…Where can I find more?

  32. says:

    I’m glad the moron at least admits to wearing a tampon up his ass. Obviously it is there for a reason. I flew with male flight attendants who needed them the day after their encounters. IMHO the fix for this guy would be taking the Cramer and Maria out of the place the tampon goes.

    That would fix the need to wear tampons in his ass.

    But don’t tell him. He deserves to wear them. Millions of people will auger in during this depression, thank in large part to the pom pom cheerleaders yelling green shoots, rah, rah, rah

  33. CNBC Sucks says:

    Have no fear, alfred, The Great CNBC Sucks is here. You guys should set up some kind of Batman-type sign to call for me.

    But unfortunately, Ritholtz, I am afraid that I will have to side with Gaspy Gasparino on this one. (All the people he knows call him “Gasbag” for some reason, but I prefer to call him “Gaspy” in appreciation of Gasparino bullying Dennis Kneale and calling him “Client No. 1″ last year.) Ritholtz, I invited you to TWO GOP Book Burning and Barbecue Hoedowns this year and you were a no-show:

    Grand Wizard Gasparino was pissed with your absence and I can’t cover for you anymore, Ritholtz.

  34. cvienne says:

    @alfred e (9:17)

    Not only do I think that there are probably CNBC’ers reading this blog…

    I’m sure half the trading desks at JPM & GS are reading the blog as well…

    How the hell else do you think that the market gets called up like clockwork between 3-4 every afternoon?

    Hey desks…We’ve got news for you…We’re onto the game…So even if you hear a lot of ‘bearish’ talk here, NONE of us is actually short the market…Our consternation is due to boredom not losses…

    Call the “effing” thing up to 1,150 this summer if you want to…many of us will actually be with you on the trade…I’ll bet you we beat you to the door on the way out too…


    Good thing about us is that we won’t lose 20 years of clients after all is said and done so i hope all the $$ you’re making today is getting stuffed in coffee cans and buried out behind the woodshed…

  35. mark mchugh says:

    Now I’m just confused…..

    First of all, I didn’t know that tampons were repairable, and can’t imagine how one would go about fixing one, so I see no disgrace in not knowing how to fix them (in fact, I’m comforted).

    Secondly, there seems to be am implication that your attacker could fix the tampon in your asshole, and that’s just ultra-gay……

    …..and why would the ultra-gay concern themselves with the repair of feminine hygiene products?

    If the purpose of this tactic is to disorient your opponent, um…..color me disoriented

  36. ben22 says:

    Gasparino is very in-love with himself.

    Who really cares what he says?

    Probably hit a little too close to home for him, especially the shouting part, he couldn’t take it, so he makes a stupid remark.


  37. DL says:

    Transor Z @ 9:19

    “…I want to add one thought that just occurred to me: John McGlaughlin… has been rudely interrupting and talking over ‘serious journalists’ in panel discussions for 20+ years”.

    I watch that show fairly often. I think that McLaughlin handles himself professionally for the most part (except perhaps for the “turd in the punchbowl” remark he made yesterday). I think there is something to be said for making it clear where the controversies are, as opposed to merely presenting statements as undeniable facts.

    The important thing is to give equal time to persons of opposing viewpoints.

  38. cvienne says:


    Don’t be hasty…

    Maybe it was “Quick”…:-)

  39. karen says:

    Well, I for one am aghast at the rudeness of that person, but full of applause for Bess; she has to deal with the rudest of rude daily. And, what fun fodder for this blog.. Barry, it’s okay to be wrong as long as you stay true; you’ve earned supportive readers..

  40. Bob A says:

    Charlie ‘Diarrhea of the Mouth’ Gasparino?


  41. cvienne says:


    karen is onto something there BR…”what fun fodder for this blog”…

    You could spin this into your next book…

    “The Failure of Financial News Media in Covering Up the Greatest Financial Meltdown of the Century”

    Eh, I know…sounds more like a PhD dissertation…I’ve already got mine…NEXT

  42. Jim Greeen says:


    Your only issue is you remarks were just a little too close to the bone, they hit just a little to close home.
    The truth hurts CNBC………clean your act up and get over it!!!!!!!!!

    When so many say the same thing, the smart ones that pause and say, “is it possible they might be right??”

    Keep up the great work!!!!!!

  43. call me ahab says:

    Gasparino is a GOD- and excellent reporter- next to Cramer and Kudlow and Kneale probably the sharpest mind at CNBC -or any financial network for that matter- good looking too

  44. cvienne says:

    Maybe Obama could make Gasparino the next “CZAR of financial reporting”…

  45. mark mchugh says:

    I just googled “how to fix a tampon” – no results

    This might be another one of those Illuminati secrets.

  46. cvienne says:

    @mc hugh

    easy to explain…it wasn’t “that time of the month”

  47. karen says:

    tampons are old technology, anyway… don’t bother yourself, mark.

  48. Wes Schott says:

    ahab@10:00 –


    i’ve never watched CNBC

    you guy’s goin’ for the eye candy or what?

  49. AmenRa says:

    I guarantee you that all of the CNBC staff were reading that post. Not that it was about them but they are the market “leader” in the financial tv area. I’m surprised that they don’t feel they should do more investigative journalism. The fluff pieces that air over the weekend don’t count either. I would love for them to have read the 10-Q before interviewing guests so that any changes may be brought to light during said interview. I know it’s wishful thinking on my part.

  50. mark mchugh says:

    It reminds me of a scene from Happy Gilmore:

    Shooter: “….I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast”

    Happy: “You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?”

  51. call me ahab says:

    reminds me of a joke-

    what’s white, up tight and out of sight?

  52. cvienne says:


    While we’re dicking around with Gasparino (pun intended)…There’s some REAL NEWS going on…

    They’re gonna start paying back the TARP!

    I’ve been saying this all along…THE DAY they start paying back TARP money and get the government out of their jocks is when the equity markets will start cracking…

    I’ve got to read more in to this (timetable wise), but this is good news for bears!

  53. Wes Schott says:

    conspiracy theory?

    I thought I was a bad boy

    cv – what’s up with that?

  54. CNBC Sucks says:

    cvienne, the banks are going to pay back the TARP with TARP II money.

    Come on.

  55. cvienne says:

    If they’re all going to pay back TARP money…watch how fast they start dumping their long oil positions!

  56. Gene says:

    Who cares? It’s just TV, radio, blogging, tweeting, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Go read The Medium is the Massage and get a good nights sleep…

  57. cvienne says:


    TARP II doesn’t happen until about January ’10…

    You have to read my post this morning on another thread…I’ll try to find it…

    Right now you basically have this:

    - TARP $$ is paid back with oil speculation profits…
    - Equity market (pulled down by commodity shares) selloff
    - Same banks rush back into dollar and long bonds
    - At peak of destruction (in fall), “woe is me” chorus is refrained

    Obama initiates TARP II (for the good of the economy and housing salvation)…What a guy! in Jan ’10…

    He SAVES the middie elections and takes his wife out on a date to celebrate!

  58. cvienne says:


    So don’t worry pal…The 10y yield will be back down to 2.5% by November and you can “re-fi” then…

    Just suck it up for another 60 days or so while the BV’s take the 10y to 4-4.5% just to put the WHAMMY on Healthcare…

    Let it play out…

  59. Mannwich says:

    You must have struck a nerve, Barry. The truth hurts and we know CNBC is paying attention (even if they arrogantly dimiss all that is written here). That’s a good thing. Keep it up!

  60. Mannwich says:

    @cvienne: Yep, that’s what I’m doing. Am rolling the dice a bit. I’m with you on it. Rates are going to go way back down at least one more time to allow more people to re-fi to keep people in their homes.

  61. cvienne says:

    Do anyone of you wonder why Immelt & CNBC are in Obama’s jock?

    read this…

  62. cvienne says:


    You got it pal…

    When you’re in a current…RELAX…Don’t fight the waves…Let the power come to you…

  63. Todd says:

    I think this just makes it obvious that there is only one thing left to do.

    Start adding your own original video content.

    The embedded links are nice, since you’ve gone through a lot of the flotsam and jetsam.

  64. Doc at the Radar Station says:

    I think your prescriptions to fix Financial Television™ are spot-on. Interestingly, the aspects of those prescriptions could be applied to ALL media in general. It ALL needs to slow down, get more analytical and sober, etc. The reason that it isn’t is because… well… the way that it currently is done makes the most money for the media companies. I also think that most, if not all anchors and reporters on these networks are hooked on cocaine and methamphetamine (perhaps supplied by their employers). If it wasn’t for the drug abuse, they wouldn’t have the will to lie to us every day like they do.

  65. FrancoisT says:

    “There are bigger issues about an informed electorate, accuracy in media, and the proper role of the press in society.”

    Anyone who reads Glenn Greenwald’s blog can measure how the state of the American so-called “mainstream” media (otherwise known to me as the Amerikan Izvestia) is utterly broken, slothful and almost beyond redemption. Of course, this includes NPR too.

    After all, there is a good reason why quality blogs are experiencing a rising readership.

  66. Chief Tomahawk says:

    If that Charlie G, that’s not particularly smart. You’ve got a nice gig already. I could only deduce a lack of worthy leisure time pursuits causing him to revert to 6th grade behavior. Perhaps it’s time to sign up with a matchmaker and find a significant other? Lord help us all if he’s already hooked up and this is how he behaves!

  67. franklin411:
    I don’t suffer fools either. I suppose that CNBC is my version of the car wreck I can’t help watching(or rubber-necking to see). Maybe I am weird, but I think Maria Bartiromo is high comedy. Remember last year when the Dow was down 300 points all day only to recover in the last 90 minutes and end up about 10 points? Her reaction was a bit, shall we say, indiscreet. Not to mention her other indiscretions that leave her with no credibility whatsoever.

  68. alfred e says:

    @karen: tampons are old technology?????

    What’s the new technology?

  69. cvienne:
    Does Jack Welch still own G.E. stock? If so, he’s a lying two bit hypocrite. If it wasn’t for Gov’t money, most of the big banks(and probably G.E) would no longer exist. That includes Goldman Sachs. Since I bet Welch either still has G.E stock, or is otherwise invested in Wall Street, I bet he realizes that he would have lost a lot of his fortune if there wasn’t a bailout. Do you really think Welch is what he was once cracked up to be? I don’t.

  70. AmenRa:
    On-air talent at CNBC doing homework? That’s hilarious. Heck, they should read BR every day. They’d be better off for it. They’d sound so much more informed.

  71. AmenRa says:

    Nice read on unemployment. Goes over why the number of unemployed goes down while the rate goes up.

  72. AmenRa says:


    I did say wishful thinking. :)

  73. Transor Z says:


    Re: McLaughlin

    Are you sure your sensibilities aren’t dulled by how tame McLaughlin seems now by comparison? Apply the Edward R. Murrow test. Would Murrow have thought he was an a**hole? I think so.

    His loudness and interruptions are schtick. I think you give him too much credit saying they are ways to keep his guests “on point.” He’s a curmudgeonly bully.

    I don’t have that much against him, actually. I’ve watched the show many times myself. All I meant to do was throw him out there as a milestone in the downward spiral of TV journalistic discourse.

  74. Stuart says:

    Barry, good reply, take the high road, but make note that the belligerent attitude you received is the sentiment and voice of what would have to be faced down. Much like the financial system, adjustments and revisions will not suffice. An entire re-boot and system overhaul is required and this will not be accomplished given the entrenched, and I mean entrenched belligerence show toward anyone who comes near their turf. Like the Taliban, they are despicable yet determined.

  75. DL says:

    Transor Z @ 11:39

    Point acknowledged.

    But I also don’t want someone who is too timid. Larry King, for example, never challenges anyone. I’ll take John McLaughlin or Chris Matthews over Larry King any day, at least when it comes to political or economic issues.

  76. karen says:

    alfred e, try insteads
    it never ceases to amaze me how clueless and crass men are! (dumb is another word that comes to mind.)

  77. DL says:

    comments @ 10:08 and 11:14

    >”tampon technology”.

    So subject is too far afield or too taboo for The Big Picture.

    The VERY big picture, apparently.

  78. cvienne says:

    @calvin (11:16)

    I don’t think ANYONE in the media, or business is what they are “cracked up” to be…

    Instead, I think they are all, well, um…’CRACKED UP”…

  79. alfred e says:

    @karen: Gee, thanks for the link. Softcup. “no longer restricted by strings and wings”. Why didn’t I know that.

    Gosh. Guess I don’t get out much. Or in. :>)

    Whillakers, if you hadn’t mentioned “old technology” my curiosity might have stayed at home.

    Yeah, I guess clueless and crass men make pretty easy targets for women that like to bait them.

  80. sport_prospect says:


    That is new to me!

    I read you are in San Clemente. I am in Encinitas.

    Clueless but not crass.

  81. cvienne says:

    @Amen ra (11:20)

    Go tell it to Franklin…He still sees it all as a GREEN SHOOT

  82. John Clarke says:

    Just be careful taking too seriously the stuff sent through E-mails — or received from a second hand source… it never seems to come out, or pan out, quite the way it was intended… as most everyone here knows. It’s likely ‘Ol Charlie’ was just trying to yank your chain (I don’t know what you’re past history with him is however …).
    That said you’re larger points of calling out the Financial News Media, especially on the Tube, to be held to some accountability, fact-checking, and Honest-To-God Investigative Work is certainly welcomed by this guy. Trouble is the only way to hit him where it counts is through their ratings. If their viewership continues to watch their market pumping Horsesh*t on a daily basis they’re going to continue right on selling ‘what sells’.
    I think Barry is absolutely right in that a newer updated version of Louis Rukeyer’s show is a viable solution… more competition… with better data analysis, charts, graphs in laymans speak (where appropriate…similar to what is found Here!!!, CR, Naked Capitalism, Financial Sense et al.) could turn the tide away from Bubble Vision.
    I really don’t think most folks (Institutions, Pension Funds, Hedgies) — except perhaps the dumbest of the Retail Investors– base much of their investment decision making from what they hear on CNBC, Bloomberg, Cavuto etc. (other than as Contrary Indicators!!) As my investment advisor whose been in the game a long time is found of saying “The Markets drive the news… it’s not the other way around”. This certainly seemed to be the case from January-March 9.. and very likely Will Be Again in another month but perhaps sooner…Then you’ll see Mr. Market once again Yank the Market Pumping Circle Jerks on CNBS et al. around by their P*ckers..
    All that said it remains frustrating to see so many honest and hard working folks lose their jobs due to this mess largely created by Wall Street, and the Complete Incompetence of our esteemed politicians and Federal Reserve. Yet the Disengenious Sh*tBirds on CNBS et al., who sleep in the same bed with the Former Two, and who continually serve up their viewship a Huge Sh*t sandwich on a daily basis, get to keep theirs. They have been consistently Dead Wrong on the facts, Biased, and in many cases Just Plain Stupid in their Analyses’… and yet they stay employed…. seemingly by a viewership that loves a ‘Product’ full of Fairy Tales and Happy Talk on something as serious as Money and Investing.
    My view is that most folks watch this Crap because there’s really no where else to go on Television for a ‘Product’ like what Barry is describing. It’s the same Market Pumping HorseSh*t no matter where you turn… and the ones that are watching (I really don’t anymore) are watching with Full Filters in Force– or perhaps for the ‘Kudlownian Contary Indicator’ effect.
    Personally, I’d like to see nearly everyone of these Disengenious Sh*tBirds handed their PinkSlips. Keep Art Cashin, maybe Santelli and maybe Faber… the rest of them Need To Go.

  83. dunnage says:

    Why would respond to the e-mail? How quickly one participates: gossip. Hell, if a person actually said something like that to you – whats to say. Of course, this is now your example of How to Fix Financial TV. And if you should decide once again to trade slurs and have the time: think creatively or hire a writer.

  84. cvienne says:


    Jeez C karen…

    I friggin clicked on that link you supplied and it LOCKED UP my computer (no joke)…

    Are they that desperate to sell those things? Next time – give us a warning…

  85. karen says:

    cvienne, please, run out tomorrow and buy the macbook of your choice.. and the new iphone; maybe we’ll even run into each other in the store!

  86. Chief Tomahawk says:

    @ sport_prospect

    You have my jealousy! If I were there I’d be at Pipes in Cardiff every morning for the Big Breakfast/French Toast meal!

    That said, here’s a link for a top-end steak place in Del Mar. Ate there over New Year’s and it was excellent. Used the certificates from this offer:

  87. sport_prospect says:

    I LOVE PIPES! I used to work within walking distance, have to love those dot com days. Pipes has a chicken ‘burger’ that is really the best chicken sandwich in the world. I need to go there again soon. Thanks for saying hi.

  88. karen says:

    Chief, Tabletops was my favorite spot on the Cardiff/SB border… until the great white, of course… i haven’t done much paddle boarding since… i no longer live in Leucadia, however, but we have plenty of whites in OC, more the harmless pups, thank goodness.

  89. sport_prospect says:

    Thanks for the coupon too.

  90. cvienne says:


    They’re selling basically the same 8GB iPhone for $99 (which is $500 less than I paid for it in June ’06)…

    I’m not impressed…AAPL is getting to be a huge ‘short’ for me at these levels…

    I still use the MAC & iPhone…But I see ‘margin’ pressure going forward…

  91. Chief Tomahawk says:

    You’re welcome. Just make sure if you order you use them relatively quick. When there we were one of only a few folks in the place. The website says they have a couple of “billionaire” financial backers, and indeed the property overlooks the Del Mar polo fields. But in this economy they may not be around too much longer.

    The night I was there they had some special slab of meat. I ordered a 12oz cut, but there were so few folks in the place they just decided to use it I guess or as much as they could and I wound up with a 20 oz+ cut, cooked to perfection. Plus, the certificates can be used on alcohol as well. A lot of the deals on that site can’t.

    Mmmmmmmmm……………. PIPES! I’ve got a t-shirt of theirs a friend gave me as a gift since I like their food so much.

  92. timbuck2 says:

    Its a cruel world BR ! You are whining AGAIN. Its gettin old.

  93. Chief Tomahawk says:

    Karen, sadly, tabletops I don’t know. But you’ve given something to check out next time I’m out that way. That is provided they don’t close.

    Here’s another site you and sportsdoc might be able to make use of (searched for Encinitas):

  94. AmenRa says:

    Question to everyone here. If the unemployment rate is 9.4% and the insured unemployment is 5.0% (from the weekly claims data) does that mean that 4.4% of the people unemployed have fallen off the unemployment insurance rolls and have nothing coming in?

  95. aitrader says:

    Seems a waste of a post venting on a near nobody. I guess Gasparino’s stature must be must nuch taller behind the scenes at CNBC than on camera. I’ve never paid much attention to him on air. He’s rarely relevant, right, or even interesting enough to watch.

    (Of course the same could be said for several of the CNBC mucks. Dennis Neale comes to mind as well.)

    I do get the impression that a couple of the CNBC hosts find him less than congenial to work with. You can see it in their expressions and body language.

    Remind us, just why is he on the air at all? Does a relative hold sway further up in the CNBC hierarchy?

  96. Space_Cowboy_NW says:

    Gees….It must just be me in wonderment as to the validity applied to MSM regarding any attempt to ‘improve’ the context/content.

    Folks, it has nothing to do with information…..but irritainment, for the public (er, sheeple) have always preferred the lowest common denominator (ir Bread & Circus as the Roman republic declined)

    “Irritainment is that which you cannot use, yet cannot ignore.”

    (The late) Fred Friendly of CBS (back in its ‘Tiffany’ heyday) called it (TV) for what it was and where it was going: ” Television makes so much at its worst that it can’t afford to do its best.”

    Ed Murrow placed reality in a given perspective: ” The obscure we see eventually. The completely obvious, it seems, takes longer.”

    Thank You Senor Ritholtz for this wonderful beacon (this site) to pierce the darkness with…..

  97. Mikey says:

    I luv Charlie Gasparino but to YOU SIR Barry, (in that Jon Stewart tone) … BRAVO!!!

    Keep Fighting the Good Fight!

    p.s., If I recall there was a memo from a CNBC exec that said that the network should be more confrontational (in the sense of stirring the pot). Come’on Charlie, trust me you are better than that!

  98. Simon says:

    The response elicited is measure of the perceived threat. It’s wonderful but not so surprising given the reading on the site meter the number of feeds registered and the quality and influence of the audience. Going great BR. I’m guessing It could get progressively harder to maintain the simple humble blogger persona. And by the way, not being a broadcaster in the traditional sense is perceived as advantage by me at least.

  99. [...] CNBC attacks Jump to Comments Stay classy CNBC: Someone (can’t say who) at CNBC said, regarding your how to fix financial television piece, [...]

  100. VennData says:

    CNBC searching for the financial news equivalent of the slam dunk or …complete with highlights.

    They should get it over with and hire away Chris Berman, “And today, Bill machine gun Ack Ack Ackman tried to… mow down the Target board,” – switching to Howard Cosell voice – “He could.. go.. all… the way.”