Terrific pressing TV journalism by Dylan Ratigan who refused to take glib short evasions for an answer:


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6 Responses to “Dylan Ratigan Take FinTV Journos to School”

  1. JasRas says:

    GO DYLAN!!! Wow, someone who actually paid attention in class and asked real questions, didn’t accept softball answers, and continued to drill down…

    I find the reaction to the host chic for Morning Joe…she seems annoyed/embarassed by his line of questioning! Journalists (for lack of a better name) have become too polite and afraid to ask real questions. She clearly is paid to look pretty and ask softball questions.

  2. goldfinger says:

    Ratigen is the one needs some schooling! Spluttering, stuttering, stumbling, disorganized, opinionated questions requiring 500-700 to deliver leaving no time to respond given the time limited structure of the television “news” medium is hardly comendable. Looks little more than grandstanding pedantism by an unprepared novice blowing a smokescreen.

    Newspapers use the “fog index” to simplify the ideas. Try it sometime. This is truly a disgrace and a bore.

  3. Moss says:

    DR is on to something with the lobbying $$$$.
    Follow the money find the fraud.
    His delivery needs a lot more focus.
    He still thinks he is on ‘Fast Money’.

  4. Mike in Nola says:

    That was great. Too bad MSNBC doesn’t have a huge audience. But I guess he wouldn’t be allowed to ask those questions on FOX or CNN.

  5. tenaciousd says:

    Brzezinski’s daughter thinks he asked “some really good questions.” How decent of her to give him that.

    Morning Joe won’t be booking any more White House big wigs while Dylan is on deck. “Hey, we’re just supposed to sit here, cross our legs, and sip some coffee. Chill out, dude.”

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