I am very jazzed about this: Earlier this week, we unveiled version 3.0 of the FusionIQ quantitative software, and there are a number of new features, upgrades to the software and improvements to the analytics.





Advanced Technical Charting



Ticker Cloud


Overall changes:

1. You can apply IQ rankings to Sectors, Groups and Subgroups;
2. The advanced java applet technical charting is filled with more indicators, trend line drawing, annotation ability, etc.
3. Ability to control universe settings by market cap, volume or price constraints
4. Ticker Cloud
5. Heatmaps
6. Weekly Economic overviews

Further, it was requested that any notification of new site publications be “pushed” to subscribers in real time — that has now been done.

The next major upgrade 3.5 will roll out an active community and wiki around the various ways to use IQ, including tricks and unique algorithms created by users.

Category: Quantitative, Trading

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18 Responses to “Fusion 3.0”

  1. David S says:

    I’ve been using IQ for about 6 months, and it has been a huge help. There is a learning curve, but once you get thru that, its a money maker.

  2. good going BR, peep, sooner or later, will learn that if they don’t know how to “Roll their Own”, they’ll keep getting Smoked..

  3. ben22 says:


    These changes look really good.

  4. Greg0658 says:

    does Fusion 3.0 have realtime Twitter commenting .. “WHATSUP” on financial news channels for subscribers like those orange screens that popup in here from time to time?

    say the CNBC twiiter channel:
    BenB is keeping his cards as close to the table as possible .. he’s caught in “I dont recall” trap and whether a reappointment is the price …. on the other government organizations getting involved or “tips” .. letting all those trades and their values “cat outta the bag” or another term “insider trading”

  5. Mike in Nola says:

    Does it contain a BS detector to tell you when GS and JPM are manipulating the markets? :)

    On second thought, that feature wouldn’t help, since they are always manipulating the markets.


    : To a quant tool, it is irrelevant because their actions show up in stock prices and volume

  6. Greg0658 says:

    is NSA at the mic mixer redacting the live testimony? or just another “what can go wrong will go wrong”

  7. alfred e says:

    Looks pretty hot.

    OT: Here’s the REP Peter De Fazio comment on Cap and Trade that the NYT article in Think Tank tags as the next bubble.

    Hold on tight for more fraud and corruption.

  8. Chief Tomahawk says:

    All good, but can it find Osama?


    BR: Only if he is publicly traded on the NYSE or Nadaq !

  9. ben22 says:

    alfred E,

    Rolling Stone just made the same claim about the next bubble.


  10. constantnormal says:

    Does it do your thinking for you, and just tell you to “do this”, or is it “merely” an excellent tool that offers information to those with the requisite skill sets to make use of it — i.e., can I cut off my arm with this razor-sharp tool?

  11. It gives you insight into the relative positioning (fundamental and technical) of any stock against the rest of the universe.

    We designed it to be used as both a risk management tool and as a first step of a screening process.

    A surprising number of users have been Value investors who wanted another discipline as an overlay . . .

  12. Its_Science says:

    Since the ranking algorithm was presumably tested on historical data, did it do any worse in the historic October slide and aftermath than it did leading up to it? Any data you can share on its performance? I realize it doesn’t actually run a portfolio, but maybe some success rate figures for buy and sell signals by month or something.

  13. Greg0658 says:

    TDAmertrade snagged your Heatmap idea and is spending on airtime to tell us

  14. They are all over — its is a relatively standard software app

  15. dbowe says:

    Is there any plan to spread your wings beyond the US and cover stocks in for example London (or beyond!)?

  16. matt says:

    Very innovative. Congratulate your team again.

  17. Mike in Nola says:

    Barry: Re: manipulation detection

    I understand what you’re saying. Just joshing.

    OTOH, is Fusion susceptible to deception by the JPM and GS trading programs?

    My guess is that their programs are designed to suck in day traders using prepackaged software looking for patterns like that advertised frequently on CNBC.

  18. alfred e says:

    @Mike:Good point. I would guess that they have enough horsepower that looking at market conditions and buying patterns over time they can be pretty predictive of other buyers’ behavior, especially when they’re big enough to nudge things along – set traps and then release them.