Try this PDF: Goldman Sachs: The Great American Bubble Machine


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13 Responses to “Goldman Sachs: The Great American Bubble Machine”

  1. GB says:

    Trouble machine?

  2. drollere says:

    the causality goes in exactly the reverse direction. the market is inherently a bubble machine, and the smarter people can time and feed the bubble better than others.

    if GS is so smart, why are they now a bank? grain of salt, people.

  3. alfred e says:

    @Drollere:wrong. If they’re just a bank why are they hedgies and part of the SLP???? Where DID all those bonuses come from anyway. DO you work for them?

    Read Peter Defazio’s remarks about the carbon market and the European results.

    CARBON MARKET: More fraud and corruption on the way. Correct.

  4. alfred e says:

    Here’s the Rep De Fazio comment on Cap and Trade.

    Sounds pretty dead on to me.

  5. thehonesttrader says:

    Here another guys take on this same article

    pretty interesting stuff

  6. Denise Hubbard says:

    This is incredible! And the SEC just requested a copy of the new movie: Stock Shock!
    Market manipulation is about to be reigned in!

    Thank you Matt T. and STOCK SHOCK!

  7. FromLori says:

    Barry they are talking about you over at the business insider…


    BR: Here are their other articles:

    The NAR’s Appalling Fight Against Honest Appraisals

    The Home Appraisal Mess

    NAR Chief Blames Objective Appraisers For Keeping Home Sales Down

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  10. BG says:

    Denise Hubbard, I wish it were that simple. The cause runs much deeper than ignorance. The insiders including many who are supposed to be protecting the American public know exactly what they are doing. The SEC will do what they have historically done – not a damn thing.

    Sorry to bust your……. bubble.

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  13. regalzonophone says:

    When reading about the scams relating to the trading of futures (p. 61) consider how Cap & Tax will be the vehicle for the next fleecing of the sheeple. Big money will be made by the politicians and insiders if this sham is allows to become law.