Home-sellers continue to have a hard time making a sale.

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8 Responses to “Housing Market in 2012”

  1. CTB says:

    Good for the Desouza’s. Time for them to start spending $.

  2. stevphel says:

    Boo hoo, they MIGHT be underwater??? Come to Vegas where EVERYONE who bought a house in 2004 is under water to the tune of tens or hundreds of thousands in some cases.

  3. tradeking13 says:

    “…won’t be able to recoup our investment.”

    A house (primary residence) is NOT an investment. It is shelter for you and your family. It is actually a liability (maintenance, taxes, insurance, etc.).

    The reason this couple and others like them are losing is they paid an investment premium for their property expecting future price appreciation, akin to premiums paid for growth stocks like Google. This is the wrong attitude to have when it comes to real estate as your primary residence. I’m glad to see attitudes are starting to change on this.

  4. bolddan says:

    …reality sometimes will hit you like a 2×4 between the eyes.

    These people haven’t dealt with reality yet…

  5. ravenchris says:

    These people can weather a 50K loss. Many lower net worth folks will be devastated.

  6. JoWriter says:

    Yes, but “these people” probably didn’t take out second and third mortgages until they were 100s of 1000s of dollars underwater. The article didn’t sound “boo-hoo” to me, just “so sad, too bad” let’s face reality and move to the next stage of our lives.

  7. danfinn@sbcglobal.net says:

    Wait’ll the bank assigns an ‘appraisal management company’ to select a ‘random’ appraisor under Andrew Cuomo’s new “Appraisor Code of Conduct” which has been adopted by the Federal Housing Finance Authority for all loans processed thru Fannie and Freddie and effective May 1st, 2009. This will be one pissed off appraisor, who has to share his fee with the new ‘management company’. The appraisor cannot be familiar with anyone in the deal, which means he won’t be familiar with that neighborhood, either.
    While the 2009 market’s ‘correction’ of the $556,000 sale price ( and subsequent appreciation thru mid 2006), to say, $560,000., the appraisal for the buyer’s bank will likely come in around $448,000., just to reflect his or her attitude with complying to Andrew Cuomo’s rules. Since Andrew has focused on appraisors as being a prime factor in the housing foreclosure crisis.
    Hey, guess who ran HUD under the Clinton Administration when Fannie and Freddie’s ‘subprime’ got shoved into the global and domestic capitalist financial system: Andrew Cuomo. While the housing market was on it’s way to sorting itself out with no help from the federal government, this new wrench, designed by a 2nd generation politician, has halted it.

  8. anemone says:

    They may “lose money” but they did receive shelter for 5 years, that’s worth something. Apparently renters are not the only ones throwing their money away…