Hyperinflation Nation starring Peter Schiff, Ron Paul, Jim Rogers, Tom Woods, Gerald Celente, and others. Prepare now before the US dollar is worthless

More videos here: http://www.youtube.com/user/InflationUS

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4 Responses to “Hyperinflation Nation”

  1. ben22 says:

    These are some very smart people making what is the easiest call in the world: inflation/hyperinflation. And if for no other reason than that it will most likely confuse us all and be wrong.

  2. ben22,

    Those “smart people” made an easy call about our collapsing economy for years, and that didn’t necessarily make them wrong. I don’t see why stating the obvious makes it unlikely that it will happen.

  3. Theodore D. says:

    inflation will only happen through monetary policy, while deflation is currently happening in the real economy. Predicting inflation is like saying when will helicopter ben up the ante in buying t-bills. Deflation is watching the jobs shrink and wages shrink along with them. How can less job and lower wages lead to inflation? It can’t. Just wait – when inflation starts, which it might, we will know it. China will scream even louder than they are now. It isn’t happening yet.

    BTW – if the inflation rate is 2% annually does anyone realize how long it will take to double? We as a country don’t understand the nature of compounding.

  4. Simon says:

    I’m not that smart but I don’t mind calling for lots of inflation. Hey maybe it’ll come true now…