For the Fibonacci followers out there, the DXY (US$ index) at the
current level of 78.38 (down sharply again) has retraced 61.8% of its
rally off the record low of April ’08. The implications the $ weakness
has for inflation and interest rates and thus for the cost of financing
massive deficits at the government level, of refinancing
corporate/consumer America and influencing the cost of living for the
average person is why policy makers must keep watch in the message it
sends to them.


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4 Responses to “$ index”

  1. leftback says:

    A Fib number is as good a reason as any to start a $ rally. Almost nobody is expecting one….

  2. ben22 says:

    long uup

  3. Andy T says:

    Everyone should be a fibbonacci follower…doesn’t mean you need to act on it….but you certainly don’t want to be the guy selling into the 61.8% of a major move….best to watch it give way first….bounces from key fibbo #s can be somewhat vicious.

  4. leftback says:

    “.bounces from key fibbo #s can be somewhat vicious.”

    Nailed it. Perhaps this is the turn.