Is this not ironic?

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is renting his home in Westchester County, New York, for $7,500 a month after failing to find a buyer, according to data on the Westchester-Putnam Multiple Listing Service Inc.

Geithner, 47, was trying to sell the brick and stucco Tudor-style home, the listing shows. The house on Maple Hill Drive has five bedrooms, about 3,600 square feet, and an eat-in kitchen with Siematic cabinetry and black granite countertops.

“Careful attention has been paid to the design of every feature of this sophisticated home,” according to the listing.

The home was marketed in February for $1.635 million, according to Scott Stiefvater, president of Stiefvater Real Estate in Pelham, New York. The price was reduced to $1.575 million in May, he said.

Too funny!


Geithner Rents Westchester Home After Failing to Sell
Brian Louis
Bloomberg, June 3 2009

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129 Responses to “Sign-o-the-Times: Geithner Rents Home Out”

  1. Flic1 says:

    $7500/month rent??? Asking $1.575m?? Bubble is still alive in NY apparantly…….

  2. regalzonophone says:

    “Careful attention has been paid to the design of every feature of this sophisticated home,” according to the listing.

    But the same “careful attention” wasn’t given to payment of his taxes.

  3. sainttjames says:

    isn’t the real question….WHO is paying the rent? ;-)

  4. Ny Stock Guy says:

    Bubble still very much alive in parts of Westchester. There are relatively few top public school districts, and people always want in.

  5. The Curmudgeon says:

    The monthly payment on $1.5 m at 5% for 30 years would be $8,052. So $7,500 seems like a real steal. Alas, Mr. Geithner will find like the rest of America is in the process of discovering: Too much supply means prices have to come down.

  6. ben22 says:


    Not to mention you aren’t paying the taxes, or all the other property costs, and… you can’t get a jumbo at 5%, so unless someone is putting over a million down, that’s too low of a rate, the mtg pmt would be higher.

  7. leftback says:

    Oops, bought at the top !! No wonder Tiny Tim would like to reflate (Bernanke too). Have you seen the taxes in Westchester? Likely to be 25-30K/yr for that sucker. NYC area bubble still nowhere near bursting.

    In other news, LB has now joined the “ben 22″ camp of SPX 965-1000. It seems like tomorrow’s NFP number will either be manipulated, or not too bad, or spun, so that the market can rally again. No shorting for me here until the $ resumes its upward trajectory. Instead LB will sit around and wish that he were elsewhere – perhaps in California, where the state may be broke but the sun always shines and Karen is always trading in a bikini.

    As Macro Man points out, we are all $ watchers now:

  8. Lots of bloggers have broken this down – apparently the taxes are $27k and he has two mortgages totaling $1.25 mil – most likely one is a super jumbo so his rate is unlikely to be below 6%. He’s probably losing $2-$3k/month.

    I’m confident though that he’ll do a better job managing the country’s finances :(

    see: and

  9. The Curmudgeon says:

    @Ben22, indeed, 5% is way low, and taxes and homeowner’s insurance aren’t included, but low-balling it helps show how ridiculously mis-priced are these properties.

    I wonder if Timmy got swept up in the Option-ARM frenzy. No worry, he doesn’t pay taxes, so he should be able to float the note just on that.

  10. leftback says:

    You would have to say that even owning a home is a massive conflict of interest. No wonder Congress is scared.

  11. The Curmudgeon says:

    @LB, maybe we could house all these “best and brightest” in a Soviet-style government apartment–build a bunch of drab boxes off the Beltway interchanges and let them take public transportation to work, or if they drive, to drive a Chevy Volt.

  12. Mike in Nola says:

    Think you have it right. Believe I said pretty much the same somewhere yesterday after the bad employment numbers (except the part about Karen in a bikini). I had CNBC on for the open, but turned it off quickly when the did a Fox news type debate between a bull and a superbull. The current website headline:

    Jobless Claims, Productivity Signal Recession Is Easing — And that’s in large letters.

    BTW, here’s some good sarcasm about a current meeting of REIT bigwigs

  13. I know this is neither here nor there, but can someone tell me why Geithner even bothered living in Westchester County? His kids(if he has any) likely go to private school of some sort. And I seriously doubt he works 9-5 type hours. Wouldn’t you want a shorter commute?

  14. Mannwich says:

    Hotels hurting BIG TIME. Better than expected though?

  15. leftback says:

    @Calvin: Larchmont is very close to the city just off I-95 and an easy train ride to Grand Central. Piece of cake.

  16. Mike in Nola says:

    Who’s “putting the market up” as they used to say in the late 1920′s? Check out the graphic

  17. ben22 says:


    It’s all getting easier to identify how they will treat data, how people are now trying to twist information around to make the data fit the bullish stance, the GS call for oil to go higher, all the bulls in energy and tech, all the bears on the dollar. I feel like I’m back in 08 all over again, even though everyone says “we took a depression off the table” I’m getting ready to unload every remaining long I’ve got left once we get into or close to that range of 965k-1k. This rally has been fantastic. I’ve started my opposite direction strategy by getting long UUP. I would really like to buy some QID for a trade as the nas goes a little higher, among other shorts. Also will consider a position in TLT. Will probably look to get long again in late October/early Nov.

    Now all of you can proceed to tell me how wrong I will be.

  18. Mike in Nola says:

    Ben22: Keep an eye on AAPL. I mentioned it last week . Getting better as a short. This morning it broke 143 while everything else was dragging. Heading for 144 at the moment. All time high was 190.

    Expect it to be pumped for the second (or is it third?) coming of the the Jesus Phone next week. Lazarus himself may appear.

    I looked at the timing of earnings announcements and the bad news may not come out til after the October puts expire, so you might need Jan 10 puts if you’re like me and can’t short in an IRA. OTOH, because of it’s runup, AAPL dominate the QQQQ, so that could be a good substitute.

  19. call me ahab says:

    NAZ is a show- basically tacks on about 1% a day w/o breaking a sweat

  20. ben22 says:


    Expect it to be pumped for the second (or is it third?) coming of the the Jesus Phone next week. Lazarus himself may appear.


    Yeah, I will take a look at those options, some of the QID will need to be used as it is IRA money but I will be short tech at some point soon. I want to see more comments on this board as well that indicate we will rally for years because of

    1. all the money that has been printed
    b. inflation is on the horizon
    3. Because we did it before, we can pump it all up again.

    Sorry, but credit deflation won’t allow that to happen.

  21. DL says:

    I think that if he (“Turbotax Tim”) rents it out for two years, then sells it at a loss, he can get a tax deduction.

  22. greg says:

    Mike in Nola…what leads you to believe Apple is better as a short now? What bad news are u expecting around October? Apples all time high was just over $200 in Dec 2007. If you’re going to short, you may want to put on some calls as a hedge.

  23. Mike in Nola says:

    ben: didn’t mean to say that you should immediately go short. They will pump this as long as they can. Could be another month or two.

  24. ben22 says:


    I’m thinking the same about when to go short, plus I don’t think the countertrend rally is over. As we all know, being too early with any of these ultra etf’s will bring some serious pain. I don’t have any shorts at present, only my small position in the dollar which I’ll build on if some momentum starts.

  25. Mike in Nola says:

    greg: was being approximate on the price. That occured at a time when most were in denial about the receession.

    What has changed is that we are still in the first half of a huge downturn (not ruling out depression) where even Ben “Green Shoots: Bernanke is complaining that consumers are saving too much. There is and there will be a much smaller group who are willing/able to buy high end gadgets instead of saving the money for retirement or as a cushion against job loss or to pay the higher rates on their mortgages that are resetting. At the very least, Apple will be under pricing pressure.

    The market is pricing Apple as if little has changed and we are headed back up. It’s popped 15% in the past couple of weeks. Of course, these changes in earnings power don’t get reflected in earnings overnight. The release and sale of a new phone or laptop may goose earnings for a little while. And there is the general euphoria at the moment.

    The timing is based on the release of earnings reports. The next one comes out in July and then the next in October after options expiration.

  26. call me ahab says:

    oil is another show- unbelievable

  27. leftback says:

    Keep on watching the $, currency options volatility and the VIX are both rising.

  28. Mike in Nola says:

    ben: don’t I know the pain. Bought short etfs about a monthe ago when it was clear that ths was all BS and the S&P broke 900. Did not use stops as all they had done was loose me money over the past six months because of the volatility, which I think the big houses are doing – trying to push the averages up to hit stops.

    I should have remembered PT Barnum’s saying about no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people. Hanging on confidently, but not comfortably, as I did last year.

  29. ben22 says:

    Who cares what apple was in Dec. 2007, clearly that was a much different time. Anyone that thinks we should be back to those days anytime soon is way smarter than me and I’m just completely wrong about what is going on in the market and the economy.

  30. Mike in Nola says:

    ahab: Just like last year. Driven by the big houses Ben saved. Now that can use the winnings to pay us back. Will probably go vertical at the end – both ways.

  31. call me ahab says:

    Mike in NOLA Says-

    “Driven by the big houses Ben saved. Now that can use the winnings to pay us back. Will probably go vertical at the end – both ways.”

    you read my mind- I would love nothing more than to see these oil manipulators and the oil ho’s who jumped on board to lose their ass- a one day event hopefully where the bottom drops out

  32. polarbear52 says:

    I wonder how much ‘salary’ TT was earning as NY Fed chief to buy that ‘exquisite’ property. We know he was not paying his taxes. I suspect the mailbox had a few unmarked pay envelopes in it during his tenure for services rendered.
    Who is ‘renting’ it now-possibly UNCLE SAM. Maybe the Obamas can use it for their date nights in NYC.

    I love the story. Maybe Zimbabwe Ben can take a flyer on the property.

  33. ben22 says:


    Just curious, did you buy those shorts at the market or did you do it via limit orders? I’m thinking that most people that were initially smart enough to short this back in late 07 may have just bought at the market as prices were good, going short any time this year, you probably really wanted to pick your price.

    Reason I ask is b/c I read in a Bloom Mag 01/2008 that J. Simons from Renaissance used a strategy where they got data on pending limit orders and then built computer trades accordingly.

    I’m curious if this is how this played out with them as I know they have been one of the huge players in this rally and I’m thinking back in March when we were at some very extreme oversold conditions if they were using this strategy.

    I’m sure none of us will ever know. I hear you have to sign a do not compete just to enter their lobby.

  34. call me ahab says:

    also- if there is no sell off in the last hour- that means to me that the market players are pretty confident that any news that comes out tomorrow regarding payrolls and unemployment will be spun to their advantage-

    as I asked before- what is the event that will have the market players get a whiff of reality and reverse direction???

    and as I opined before- maybe they aren’t allowed to reverse direction

  35. Mike in Nola says:

    Ben: I wasn’t in in March. I was getting stopped out between Oct and Feb. I didn’t use limit orders for buyng, but just for stops. I’d set them for like 10% and they would still get hit after a few days and the market would eventually prove me right, but 1o% poorer. Afte that, it’s just screw the stops and hang on. That’s what I did last spring and summer when I made money.

  36. leftback says:

    I am not going near this market until we see those numbers tomorrow. Spinmeisters at work….

    TLT putting in a double bottom??

  37. call me ahab says:


    I’ve wondered the same thing- different spin thought the market makers can see where the stops are- so they can play the market accordingly- burn through all the stops then reverse direction

  38. Mike in Nola says:

    yield on the 10 year was up about 20bp last time I looked. One of those self correcting things. At some point, will kill any evidence of a housing recovery and we get the deflation trade.

  39. ben22 says:


    Here is what I think you might be missing in looking for an event. AT made a statement on here that the news doesn’t move the market, I thought that was smart.

    The event to turn lower is already happening, it’s sentiment. Talk to some regular people and ask them how they are feeling again about the economy as jobs are still being lost, and things like gas are getting expensive again. Do you know anyone that just had the spending limit on their CC cut in half, even though they don’t carry a balance? I know that a union member that works at the rail-car plant for GE in Erie, PA was asked, along with the other members, to give up the raise they were given this year. Many folks that depend on making a decent living via overtime are having hours slashed. There is a TIME magazine cover from May 25: The Future of Work, then it says : Throw away the briefase: you’re not going to the office. You can kiss your benefits goodbye too…. There is outrage against wealth building. This weekend our Sunday paper in DE had a huge front page article about what the president of Del Tech makes and how outsized his income was compared to others in a similar position. I look forward to reading the opinion letters this weekend. Either here, or at Zero Hedge a day or two ago I saw a link that took you to a page that showed who was getting paid the most out of Calpers. The turn down in the market will happen after these types of emotions really take hold, then they will get pushed to some extreme negative towards the bottom of the next leg down, basically a reverse of what happened in March.

  40. ben22 says:


    I’ve been watching TLT all day, haven’t taken any action yet, still just watching. Something tells me I’m going to have a very boring portfolio in the next two months, dollar long, treasury long, market short. done.

  41. call me ahab says:

    AAPL- yet another show- IMO- products are overpriced- seems to me they must at some point take a hit- especially when you can get a laptop for under $500- which most people use just for surfing the internet anyway-

    any other opinions

  42. leftback says:

    @ben: That’s more or less what I am doing. I actually have moved out from the 2-year towards the long end, selling 2s and buying 5s and 10s – only on the extreme moves. A move towards a shallower yield curve would be a sign that we are not emerging from the recession after all. The June employment report may be the one that is hard to spin as all of the high school and college graduates start sobering up and showing up to claim unemployment benefits.

    How about this – a dollar rally into August, up to USD 84 or so. Then a reversal in the $ and another silly season summer equity rally into Labor Day and beyond before the annual Hunt for Red October.

  43. I-Man says:

    Its getting lonely being short… dread in the wilderness.

    Give me conviction, and I will capitulate.

  44. CNBC Sucks says:

    ben22 – great college try! To the contrary, I think the outrage is dying and this blog, this country, and the markets are about to go into a monetary-policy and government-bailout induced food coma. Oh, sure, you might get a minor correction here and there and the smart traders on this blog will make a decent profit nimbly shorting this and longing that (e.g., lefty’s strategy), but it is starting to feel like nap time in America. I remember Jeff or lefty talking about possible US public unrest this summer, but I think it will be more like 1950s America, except that life sucks and people just choose to suffer silently*.

    *While preoccupying themselves on whether they are emo or indie.

  45. greg says:

    ahab…people have been calling for the downfall in Apple sales for years now, always based on the premise that you can get the same product cheaper, and while this is certainly true, it hasn’t really worked out that way so far. Based on that same premise, should GM not be on fire while Toyota and Honda are filing for chapter 11?

  46. call me ahab says:


    dude – I don’t even know what emo or indie is- I am assuming indie means grunge a la indie music-that type thing- but who knows- I could be wrong there too-

    also- it appears you have given up hope that the market will reflect reality- sometime in the near future

  47. call me ahab says:


    it all comes down to what you are using the laptop for- if you are using it for mainly surfing the web- which I think is most people-well how much should a person be willing to spend for that- when you can get a HP or something for less than $500 and surf until you heart’s content- at 1/2 the cost of the cheapest Apple-

    I mean really- is it worth another $500? for that task?

  48. Andy T says:

    Well, can they ram one more high on the close…next five minutes, or are there now too many people playing the game anticipating the end of day games…..if so, one of these closes we will simply collapse.

  49. I-Man says:

    It definitely “looks” like they are beginning to run into more resistance as they do this each day…

    I hear you though, the more daytraders that begin to game them, they faster will pull the rug out…

  50. call me ahab says:


    well the nasdaq closed at the high for the day

  51. greg says:

    ahab…again I don’t think peoples computer habits have changed in the last 5 years, so why have Apples Mac sales continued to increase rather than decrease as your argument would suggest. A certain percentage of consumers will always pay extra for quality, whether perceived or real. Same reason people join a private golf club rather than play public links, same reason BMW and Mercedes continue to sell cars, when any car will get you down the road. Apple has made it clear they don’t want the average customer. Seems to be working.

  52. I-Man says:

    What do you say Andy- do you think we have a new neckline in play here at 880… or am I just day dreaming again…?

  53. karen says:

    yes, today was a joke on me… i expected more whiplash trading and the entire day seemed to move in slow motion.

  54. karen says:

    have decided to sleep with one of the money vampires over night.. you know how girls just wanna have fun.

  55. Andy T says:

    @karen. naughty girl.

    @I-Man: I guess we could have neckline at 880….if we happened to rollover real hard and fall to that level….and then somehow carve out a right shoulder….I see so many “almost” H&S’s I try not to think about them until they exist….

  56. Andy T says:

    Mistress….what do you think about that DX daily candlestick? It seems like a potential doji, but I think it could be interpreted as “neutral spinning top” with the longish shadow below. I only think about it, because if it turns out to be neutral, then that’ll be the first bullish day that hasn’t been followed by a distinctly bearish day in awhile….I guess Friday will tell the tale.

  57. ben22 says:


    hope you are right and I’m wrong. I see it playing out much different. On that note though, I plotted out the Benner cycle and if that thing still works then the major top will be in 2010, not this year.

  58. CNBC Sucks says:

    ahab – The “emo or indie” campaign is just my way of making fun of Gen Y and Gen Z preoccupation with trivialities in the face of enormous natural, financial, fiscal, and geopolitical calamities that just might smack them down the road, when Xers like me are in our “golden years”. If you are an Xer, I would suggest you enjoy now, so that you may handle the unpleasantries that might lie ahead with dignity.

    As for the market, it does reflect reality…not economic reality, but a reality based on public policy that has kicked the proverbial can down the road. It should not stop good traders from making good trades, and this is demonstrated daily by the smarties on this blog.

  59. CNBC Sucks says:

    ben22 – It’s funny because I hope you are right and I am wrong!

  60. call me ahab says:


    example- if my current refrigerator does a great job keeping my food cold- why would I drop the money on a Sub-Zero- unless of course-

    my aim is to impress

  61. karen says:

    Andy, yes, i see what you see.. basically a doji of indecision following a bullish day… if this were at the top of a long run up i would interpret it with a bearish bias.. of course, that is not the situation.$USD&id=p83612926006&def=Y&listNum=1

    look how the weekly candle is shaping up:$USD&id=p36125238923&def=N&listNum=1

  62. karen says:

    ahab, you are overlooking the fact that sub-zeros are QUIET and can be built into the cabinetry so you don’t even know they are there… it’s a matter of superior quality, aesthetics, and happiness which many people find with apple products… not a need to impress.

  63. greg says:

    the only point I’m trying to make is, not everyone shares this thinking. If you are going to base a trade in Apple on the assumption that their sales will slow because of the very reasons you have suggested, I am only trying to give you the other side of the argument, and that can be summed up as, it has been predicted for a number of years now that their sales will slow by an awful lot of smart people, and they have always been proven wrong. Maybe someday, but I think not very soon.

  64. manhattanguy says:

    Agree with Karen, we are forming a bottom in USD and top is Oil. I like DUG and UUP here.

  65. Mannwich says:

    @karen: Which one? FAZ or SRS?

  66. ben22 says:

    wow someone else holding some UUP besides me.

  67. call me ahab says:


    my guess is she is sleeping w/ DTO

  68. john6pack says:

    Ben22 -
    I’m waiting … waiting … waiting to dump my 100% long portfolio. 201k is now 301k and would like to get back to 401k before unloading (most if not all). S&P 965-1000 is not going to get me there though. Given that your analysis (as I read it) seems primarily based on sentiment, how did you come up with that particular range? Gut feeling, or a bit of technical too?

    for sharing your insights, mahalos from oahu. island of good waves and nice arugula, of which there seems to be many fans on this board.

  69. Mannwich says:

    @CNBC Sucks: You’re right. I thought there would be outrage this summer but I was wrong. Nobody cares about what’s ahead (even though I think many more than let on know we’re screwed if they really thought about it for a couple of seconds). Everyone just waiting for the next Apple or Google products to talk about so they can Twitter and Facebook that they’re taking their second shit of the day to each other. No outrage here. I will just silently tend to my tomato garden in the backyard and mutter a few obsenities here and there while watching them die a slow death before they turn from green to red (just to add more salt to my wounds).

    The can has been kicked, so the reckoning will be delayed. Someday calamity will hit again, and even harder, but not yet. In the meantime, I’m like that kid at my bus stop who was “It” in “kick the can” the whole school year.

  70. karen says:


  71. Mannwich says:

    I can’t even think about trading anything right now. Still dusting myself off a bit after the debacle of the last few months. Have been watching UUP though. Still watching my emerging markets and commodity plays go up (thankfully all is not completely lost) and wondering how long the madness will continue.

  72. Mannwich says:

    @karen: I knew it!! I don’t have the cojones to touch that vampire yet, which means, of course, it will probably go parabolic.

  73. Mannwich says:

    I do think FAZ and SRS (the twin vampires) will run at SOME POINT again. Just don’t know when and how low they’ll go first.

  74. Andy T says:

    Agreed…the way it looks to me is that 78.38 -> 80.0 was at least an initial wave higher…we held the 50% retrace of that move today …exactly (79.18). However, it looks like it might need to go down a little further tomorrow morning before see another strong leg higher…..I see 78.72-78.62 as key support tomorrow….as a bull I would like to see it hold somewhere above there and power higher. We may have to go through a full “double bottom,” but wouldn’t want to see that happen…Definitely wouldn’t want to see new lows at all…..

    The weekly stick looks very constructive….if the DX bulls can somehow put together a positive day tomorrow, it’ll look very good. If they can close it at 80+ tomorrow, it’ll look like a hammer on the weekly.

    Crude oil continues to blow off nicely into a seasonal peak, with some Goldman speak helping the cause….Seeing ever increasing divergence there……maybe the DX needs to be lower tomorrow a.m. to get the last longs on board….energy markets getting a little stretched at this point….

  75. Mannwich says:

    Watch the Palm Pre – - could be a sleeper Apple killer this summer, although I can’t figure out which carrier is worse – ATT Wireless (my carrier) or Sprint (my wife’s).

  76. karen says:

    Jeff, my claim was that it would hit 3s and 2s and that i’d start buying in the 3s.. remember when i was buying FAS in the 2s? similar idea here… : )

  77. Andy T says:

    FAZ. That’s hilarious. I just looked at that chart for the first time in awhile. Can’t believe that ETF still trades or the company remains in business. I guess the downside is well defined at this point. I like the trade….that is truly an evil money vampire.

  78. karen says:

    I will be out for the rest of the day collecting anecdotal information on the crowds and parking lots of Costco and the Shops at Mission Viejo.. will report back tomorrow. I’ll peek in the apple store for ahab as well. : )

  79. karen says:

    Andy, I feel rather indignant that you find my FAZ trade hilarious, lol.

  80. Mannwich says:

    @karen: I do remember that (one thing I still have is my memory, although sometimes that’s not a good thing). Think you might be right again, unless FAZ goes to zero. At this point, nothing would surprise me.

  81. I-Man says:

    Welcome to the land of the overnight vampire Mistress…

    Ole Fazzy… she’s my girl. Just cant quit her. I go to bed everynight giving thanks to Jah that I only began building up my position in the mid single digits though… and man oh man do I want to add but wont let myself. Not until XLF breaks.

    She’s burned many others on the way down I’ve heard. I feel pretty safe with her around the 5 handle though.

  82. Mannwich says:

    @karen: I may be making my quarterly trip to Costco (I stay out of there for the most part – - too dangerous to overspend in that place) tomorrow. I’ll report back as well, although I expect it to be pretty busy on a Friday and this particular location is almost always busy.

  83. Mannwich says:

    FAZ almost at 52-week low. It’s definitely worth a shot if you set some tight stops that it breaks lower through that low. I have a hunch that it bounces a bit tomorrow, at least for a while.

  84. greg says:


    Another Apple killer? Like the Blackberry Curve or the Zune?

  85. leftback says:

    Andy T: I suspect they will spin the jobs number, pump stocks and commodities and trim the $ one more time. If this plays out without a new low in the greenback I would be inclined to reload on the shorts of oil and gold etc..

    Karen: Be careful. I hear that vampires bite and have other unsanitary habits…

  86. Mannwich says:

    @greg jobs: Easy killer. I’m just throwing it out there and saying it’s a “sleeper”. My God, you Apple fanboys are tenacious. Like a Jim Jones convention.

  87. leftback says:

    Careful, Manny, BR drank the Apple Kool-Aid as well. As for me, I am practically a founder member of Mac club.

  88. call me ahab says:


    I am old school- the way I was raised- I buy things on practicality- I look at what I am going to use something for and then make a decision on that- for instance-

    I prefer to cook with gas, but my range is electric- I have gas in my house and could run a line- but- for the limited amount of cooking I do- well- it’s not worth the expense-

    same thing w/ Sub-Zero and Apple- to me they are not worth the added expense


    I hear you- not disagreeing with you per se- just never understood the attachment to that brand- I wrote them off years ago- back when I was in College- 20+ years ago- did not see how they could survive- but they seem to keep reinventing themselves- definitely have a loyal following- but you wouldn’t see me buy one

  89. Mannwich says:

    @leftback: At some point all the spun news isn’t going to hide the fact that more people know more people who don’t have jobs and can’t find new ones, or are living on the edge with jobs themselves that are in danger of being lost and thus perilously close to losing their homes. And there are more of those NYTimes writer-types (forget his name?) who are stretched very thin near the breaking point that out there than we think.

    I think we found the new bubble – it’s positively spun news and data. That bubble is going to burst in grand fashion.

  90. Mannwich says:

    @leftback: I have no problem with Apple’s products and may even buy an I-Phone someday (I’m quietly envious of those who have one but too cheap to buy one myself) but the intensity with which people defend the company is a little bizarre, creepy even. It’s a freaking corporation that makes electronic products for chris-sakes.

  91. I-Man says:

    But they’re SO cool…

    I love my Ipod and all, but the iphone sucks and apple is a cult.

    (This is my vain attempt at being a troll)


  92. Mannwich says:

    Here’s my little Apple analogy that always comes back to me when I walk by one of their “oh I’m so cool” stores in any city:

    They’re like the trendy velvet rope club in NYC, LA, SF or any other big city that makes you WANT to be in that seemingly rarified air (the line outside and hot chicks make it seem special), but once you get in, it’s a bit of a let down. Everyone just sitting around posing and preening (“too cool for school”) and nothing original to say…….

    Sorry Apple cult members. That’s how I see it. Too much hype. All hat and no cattle for me.

  93. call me ahab says:


    you and I-Man have opened yourselves up to a serious barrage of retaliatory stikes- I admire your guts- Apple folks are relentless

  94. greg says:


    Apple fanboy-ouch! Just have never understood the arguments of those who don’t seem to like the company, based solely on their view that the products are too expensive and therefore not worth it. To me, they seem to be as cult like, only on the other side of the argument, and without the facts to back their thinking.
    Anyway, I have to face Cupertino and chant now.

  95. leftback says:

    Apple: trendy velvet rope club and hot chicks.
    Users: Me, Karen, BR and I-Man (and anyone i have forgotten).

    PC: help lines to nice geeks in India reading you a manual on Microsoft Operating Systems while on their iMac.
    Users: Ahab, Bruce, most banksters, accountants and Bill Gates.

    I rest my case.

  96. call me ahab says:


    good thing I have thick skin- so . . .

    if I get one will I be cool like you guys? also-

    correction- I-Man only has an ipod- said iphones suck and didn’t offer whether he owned a Mac or not

  97. I-Man says:

    Nice Left-

    But I only stick to the Ipod… gotta house a gargantuan library of obscure jamaican music somewhere… and I love the shuffle feature.

    For phones, I-Man is a blackberry guy. Love the keyboard. Mrs I-Man has an Iphone and she likes it, except for that small ATT detail… man their network sucks compared to my verizon.

    I have never used a Mac computer, but I do like the looks of them. The compaq laptop I got during my trader days did me well and for 7 bills, did the trick nicely. Now I dont think I’ve turned it on in over 6 months.

  98. call me ahab says:


    do ipods get me in the apple club? my three kids got those damn things all over the house- probably 6 or so- am I in? I paid for them if that helps my case- if not-

    honorary member possibly? i wanna be cool

  99. greg says:


    May I ask why you bought ipods as opposed to any other mp3 players that are currently on the market at much cheaper prices?
    We must warn you however that consideration for Apple club membership will depend greatly on your answer.