You may have missed this fantastic photo of the sky over Citifield at the Yankees/Mets game by Shannon Stapleton (of Reuters)

It has nothing whatsoever to do with baseball — but it is gorgeous and ominous and was hidden in the sports section.

The caption simply does not do it justice: “The threatening skies over Citi Field in the second inning could have been a sign that it was not going to be a good night for the Mets”


From the NYT


Mets Err in Triplicate as the Yankees Roll
NYT June 27, 2009

Shannon Stapleton

Category: Weekend

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3 Responses to “Subway Series Sky Photo”

  1. JoWriter says:

    How could the players possible concentrate on the game with that fantastic light show going on above their heads????

  2. Simon says:

    I do love a good sunset but if you see the turbulent looking clouds as stormy and the darkness of the red an indication of a polluted atmosphere the inward looking scene creates a disturbing metaphor.

  3. Stillaway says:

    I’ve been waiting all day for CNBC Sucks to note that type of formation is called mammatocumulus.