I am hawking the book on the Glenn Beck show today at about 5:10pm on Fox News.

Guest host: Eric Bolling

Category: Bailouts, Media

Please use the comments to demonstrate your own ignorance, unfamiliarity with empirical data and lack of respect for scientific knowledge. Be sure to create straw men and argue against things I have neither said nor implied. If you could repeat previously discredited memes or steer the conversation into irrelevant, off topic discussions, it would be appreciated. Lastly, kindly forgo all civility in your discourse . . . you are, after all, anonymous.

85 Responses to “Media Appearance: Glenn Beck”

  1. CNBC Sucks says:

    Glenn Beck!!!??? Right wingnut Glenn Beck!!!???

    Smart move, Ritholtz. The Great CNBC Sucks likes it! Be sure to tell him that you have “Libertarian leanings”, then prescribe every financial regulation imaginable under the sun.

  2. call me ahab says:

    man BR- it kills me I am not going to be able to see that but it may repeat later- hard to take Beck seriously but he can be funny- should be interesting

  3. dimitris says:

    OK, but:

    - Please make him cry. Something about how the CRA and poor/brown/illegals are not, in fact, the main culprits for bad mortgages, should do the trick.

    - When are you going on Colbert/Stewart?

  4. donna says:


    Be sure to shower after.

  5. Mike in Nola says:

    I suppose since it’s necessary to hawk the book, I can forgive you for giving credibility to another recovering druggie/alcoholic who thinks he somehow has a calling to tell all the normal people what to do.

    W didn’t look good in that role. Neither does Kudlow.

  6. aitrader says:

    If you want to be asked back for a 2nd do, preach armageddon. Beck just eats that stuff up!

  7. CNBC Sucks says:

    Ritholtz, when are you gonna do an interview on The Hottie Flattie Show (CNBC’s Squawk Box)?

  8. 1001 says:


    If Donna hates it ….. it must be good

  9. Mannwich says:

    Wow, Glenn Beck? Make that TWO showers, Barry.

  10. franklin411 says:

    Is it really worth it, Barry? Studies have shown that 20% of Americans are functionally illiterate, and I’ll wager most of those are Fox News viewers. I suppose that doesn’t mean they don’t buy books just to look at the “purty writin,” though.

  11. mark mchugh says:

    Damn you, Frankin!!!

    That’s pretty much exactly what I was gonna say.

  12. Mr. Reality says:

    Enjoy your time in outer wingnuttia! Don’t let the tea bag ya!

  13. colin says:

    Have we ever considered selling off Alaska to reduce the debt. Maybe China wants to secure some oil and a spot in North America? Clearly politically/socially/everything-else infeasible, but certainly could cut our debt in half pretty quick.

  14. more proof that BR is broad-minded. one of the things that makes him an excellent Trader.

  15. Christopher says:

    Is there an open bar in those green rooms??

  16. momoso says:

    Wow Barry, must you really stoop so low to sell your warez?

  17. call me ahab says:


    hoffer- as always- you make the astute observation

  18. lurker says:

    Can’t you idiots read? Eric Bolling is guest hosting.

    Damn, this place is infested with left-wing nuts.

    I don’t think you’ll get much out of the appearance. Beck wasn’t there to really sell it for you.


    BR: My bad — I added that about later — after I found out . . .

  19. emmanuel117 says:

    Duty is the most sublime word in the English language…

  20. Tom K says:

    I suppose BR should go on shows with big ratings hosted by people who have real credibility: Olbermann, Matthews, Maddow…LOL

    Or at least do interviews with folks who have as much blind hatred as the left wing loons here.

    If you’re a conservative, you must be an illiterate racist, eh? Classy stuff people.

  21. call me ahab says:

    tom k-

    beck is a bit wacky- he is funny- in a tin foil hat- waiting for the end of the world kind of way- however-I have been frequenting this blog for some time- and I do not think anyone has endorsed Olbermann, Matthews or Maddow-in fact-

    I don’t really remember there names being brought up at all as sources of information that is discussed here ever-

    so push on- if it’s all about politics for you- this is the wrong place

  22. CNBC Sucks says:

    colin, The Great CNBC Sucks was way ahead of you on selling Alaska. I even included a valuation, which unfortunately is now too high given the decline in oil prices.

    “They” (meaning leftback and The Great CNBC Sucks) don’t call me great for nothin’.

  23. t_line says:

    It’s like going on Barnum and Bailey, all show, no substance

  24. Andy T says:

    O’ Man….that’s awful…. And you don’t even get Glenn Beck?, but rather Eric (I don’t wax my eyebrows) Bolling….ugh.

    I guess sometimes a man just has to do what he has to do. We understand. Peace.

    [Note: I have nothing against Glenn Beck. I realize he's merely fulfilling his role as a tool for the Man. We all have a job to do.]

  25. Onlooker from Troy says:

    You people don’t read too well.

    “Guest host: Eric Bolling”


  26. Onlooker from Troy says:

    By the way, I have no idea who Eric Bolling is, and how he compares to that dolt Glenn Beck.

  27. Tom K says:

    “so push on- if it’s all about politics for you- this is the wrong place”

    And the comments I responded to were about…economics? The markets? Finance???

    And I must have missed the day Barry appointed you moderator.

  28. CNBC Sucks says:

    Onlooker…you are absolutely correct. What a bait and switch. This is lame, Ritholtz.

    But at least, I get a new mtheme: Lameholtz.

  29. Onlooker from Troy says:

    True CNBC Sucks. It’s hard to read when the blood starts roaring through your ears!

    I’ve only had my share of Glenn Beck in snippets. I can’t imagine watching an entire show.

  30. call me ahab says:

    tom k-

    dude- all good- a moderator I am not- but your comment was “left wing loons”-

    I find- but maybe you can correct me- a pretty diverse view on this site- the Daily Kos it is not-

    a reasoned evaluation of economics, finance and trading is the reality

  31. Bruce in Tn says:

    Well, Barry, I didn’t watch your appearance, as I don’t watch Fox News…but unlike some, I can’t dismiss it out of hand. So many here apparently think it is ok to denigrate those you don’t agree with like Palin or Beck, but I would have to hear what they say on the program today and then make a decision. I suppose it is easier to make up your mind in advance.

  32. Bruce in Tn says:

    Think about this guys:

    When you make brain-dead statements about you opponent, like Franklin above, you destroy debate and make yourself smaller.

    “Is it really worth it, Barry? Studies have shown that 20% of Americans are functionally illiterate, and I’ll wager most of those are Fox News viewers. I suppose that doesn’t mean they don’t buy books just to look at the “purty writin,” though.”

    …Here’s my point…this web site has lost enough thinkers and is becoming more like some of the others. I can see this from a southern man’s point of view in that this is the way blacks were treated under Jim Crow…denigrate the black man or refuse to see him/her as an equal and my prejudice is easier for me to tolerate. I don’t agree with Obama’s economic plan, but as I’ve said many times, he won fairly, and I assume he’s trying to do his best. I just think he’s wrong. But he’s very articulate, and many believe his ideas hold merit. We’ll see. Dismiss Reagan out of hand? Why? Stood up for America against Russian communism, although I grant his ideas about not balancing spending with taxes were dead wrong, and those ideas carried forward are evidently wrong today.

    Take more the attitude of Manny, or Ben 22, or some of those who listen even to those they don’t believe in. You’ll learn more than if you dismiss them out of hand.

  33. Thor says:

    Franklin – almost 90% of your “functionally illiterate” group are immigrants and minorities and these people are not traditionally of the Glen Beck persuasion. Jesus, you can’t even make a joke without screwing up your facts. Again, are you actually a teacher?

  34. gnomic says:

    Barry, you are a much braver person than I am.

    Shudder. I have to shower if I watch his program for more than just a few moments. I hope you’ve scheduled time for a detox. You may need to burn anything you wear; I wouldn’t take the chance that his half-mental cesspool thought is contagous.

  35. MRegan says:

    Ritholtz talking with Eric Bolling- good tv. Context- Glenn Beck- seems pretty OTB and perhaps a bit subversive, biggest benefit- Beck’s core audience gets an opportunity to hear someone who drives his thinking on data inputs and tries to strain out the ideology. They are receiving more than they know.

  36. MRegan says:

    Re: tool for the Man- yeah, but you don’t have be such a Stanley like Beck.

  37. Bruce in Tn says:

    Gotta go, but I will leave you with this (by the way, I don’t mind criticism, feel free…)

    I read this very day, on another web site, a criticism of Abe Lincoln…this person felt Lincoln should burn in hades for the loss of American life in the civil war. Having always thought of Lincoln as probably the greatest president, I was interested and read all of this posts over my lunch. His point was that more lives were lost in the Civil war than any other and that Lincoln had less than pristince motives for getting into the war. He, (and later others) pointed out that he made several statements early in the war that if not one slave was freed he didn’t care. Wouldn’t have mattered in the least. His only consideration was preservation of the Union…apparently this is truthful. The blogger’s point was that history has misread Lincoln’s noble intentions all this time…

    Even though I was surprised by how many others had this point of view, I would not have even considered it if I had dismissed this man’s ideas out of hand. Lincoln as a power-mad egomaniac? Naw…but I can understand how many human lives were lost, and besides, even if the Union was the primary reason, giving freedom to this many Americans, even if not a reason, was a good thing…..


  38. matt says:

    @Bruce: “…Here’s my point…this web site has lost enough thinkers and is becoming more like some of the others. I can see this from a southern man’s point of view”

    Please start your own blog and give me the link.

    @Thor: “Jesus, you can’t even make a joke without screwing up your facts. Again, are you actually a teacher?”

    Have you ever met a university professor that has time to troll blog comments all day? My professors in universities spent all of their time between lectures doing research or grading assignments. I even met a few that admitted to sleeping from 6PM when they got home to midnight so that they could get up in the middle of the night to work on research. Only one time during college did I hear a professor confess to attending the opera for entertainment.

    Maybe they were all just putting on a show and pretending to be swamped with work. I can’t claim to know, but I do know that none of them could have spent as much time trolling a blog as everyone’s favorite “university professor.”

  39. matt says:

    PS: Fox news has several best selling authors, so I’m guess that the viewers bought these books for more than the pictures on the covers.

    I can’t say that the content is worth anything to me, but I think the Faux News audience is at least literate.

  40. RW says:

    “…a southern man’s point of view in that this is the way blacks were treated under Jim Crow…”

    Since I haven’t heard of too many white men getting lynched or burned alive by mobs recently, or even denied the right to work and vote their conscience, I assume this is merest hyperbole but must say — speaking strictly as a Kentucky Colonel mind you — that comparison of gibes, however acerbic, with Jim Crow is right up there with Senator DeMint’s comparison of America with pre-war Nazi Germany; so far gone it’s not even wrong.

    The world is made up of different points of view but if there is any lesson in the past couple decades of American history it is that some points of view have more basis in the real world than others and that alone lends them greater credence: Anyone can have a POV about anyone or anything they please but that alone does not constitute fact or justification …of itself or anything else.

    Don’t get carried away with this.

    “One who can make you believe falsehoods can make you commit atrocities.” -Voltaire

  41. investorinpa says:

    Congrats barry…but Eric Bolling is a tool…he sucks on TV and is a mediocre trader and was a terrible baseball pitcher…

  42. CNBC Sucks says:

    I have to say, Bruce, that even as much as I am a fan of your ongoing riff against franklin, I am going to have to side with the Kentucky Colonel over the Tennessee Volunteer on this one. The reason: Eleven secret herbs and spices. Mmmm hmmm. I always loved it when Papa brought home the bucket. Original Recipe, of course, none of that fancy Extra Crispy crap. We’re a Republican family.

    Of course, there are few product categories (like cars) in which I have brand loyalty, and so I also love those breaded shrooms and chicken giblets from Brown’s. Is Brown’s from Tennessee? If it is, then I would be able to call it a draw.

    Can you people tell that The Great CNBC Sucks is bored? Come on Lameholtz, fire up the grill.

  43. cvienne says:


    “My professors in universities spent all of their time between lectures doing research or grading assignments.”

    All MY professors at college were just trying to get into the pants of the freshmen & sophmore co-eds…


  44. cvienne says:

    @CNBC Sucks…

    I’m feeling kinda rowdy myself tonignt…

    Let’s find the right thread and TORCH THE JOINT!

    Whadda say?

    Come on Franklin, get in here (naw that’s too easy)…

  45. cvienne says:

    Interesting thing about Franklin…

    I don’t recall any recent rhetoric about “green shoots”…

    Seems his mind is all on FDR these days for some reason…

  46. willid3 says:

    now that you have done the Beck show, you really need to do the Colbert/Stewart show. just because

  47. CNBC Sucks says:

    OK, cvienne, here’s a question for you. You seem to have “Libertarian leanings”, yet you also talk about “natural resource constraints”, which is not very Libertarian at all. What the heck are you?

    BTW, and FWIW, you are one of my favorite commenters with whom I don’t always agree. I think our main source of disagreement is that I fundamentally envision a huge and inevitable ass-hurtin’ cataclysm if my Republicans ever control the US government or even just the White House again. I think the Democrats are Keystone cops but we manage to survive somehow.

    And oh, one more thing: Original Recipe or Extra Crispy?

  48. matt says:

    @CNBC Sucks: “OK, cvienne, here’s a question for you. You seem to have “Libertarian leanings”, yet you also talk about “natural resource constraints”, which is not very Libertarian at all. What the heck are you?”

    Take out a few letters and you get…


    Yep, I have revealed cvienne’s secret. You’ve been outed.

    PS: Agreed. Let’s TORCH THE JOINT!

  49. cvienne says:

    @CNBC Sucks

    You’re one of my favorites too (on the ‘smart ass’ level)…Hell, I don’t even qualify myself as SMART, but I make up for it on the ASS part…


    I actually looked it up one day awhile back to try and fit myself into one of your definitions…There are SO MANY SCHOOLS of libertarian thought…The closest I could come up with was Libertarian Transhumanism…but that is up for debate…personally, if someone ACTUALLY IS a Libertarian, they should have the right to invent their own school n’est pas?

    part2 …Original Recipe…

    &BTW…Give me a moment or two and I’ll expand on the thought of resource constraints…

  50. constantnormal says:

    @Bruce — ‘way OT (and I’m hesitant to even post an OT comment in a thread that has gone as vituperative and rotten as this …) but I was catching up on some podcasts this evening and — being a student/connoisseur of marketing pitches, and the subject being in your line of work, I thought I’d pass along this pretty good marketing pitch:

    It’s a url to an iTunes HD video podcast of a TED Talks presentation. I think you’ll enjoy the pitch, very nicely developed and the product or company is not explicitly named (only via a momentary “accidental” company name on one of the slides). Normally, TED doesn’t do product pitches. But this was worth the bending of the rules, very smooth.

  51. cv,

    this: “personally, if someone ACTUALLY IS a Libertarian, they should have the right to invent their own school n’est pas?”, is, actually, pretty funny..

    on a tangent, I’ve never understood why Linux’ Logo — “the Penguin” — was always the same. Shouldn’t that, too, be ‘Open Sourced’? (read: permutations of ‘Penguin’ allowed)

  52. cvienne says:

    @CNBC Sucks

    Re: Resource Constraints

    Hell, I don’t even remember the CONTEXT where you got that idea from in my writings so you’d have to provide me with some framework…

    Fuck it…I’ll provide the framework, and if it’s not the right framework, I’ll bulldoze it and start again…

    It seems in my recollection that I was talking about the notion of ‘consumerism’…

    IMO – That’s what this whole crap is about…The world has built itself up on this model of trade & efficiency (for the purposes of economic enrichment)…While I appreciate the achievements, I believe they have become OVERBLOWN on a ‘need’ basis and therefore we have arrived at the point where sustainable commerce is more costly (per value of good received) than the actual renewable resources on the planet (whether they be material or human capital)…

    You have to READ VERY CAREFULLY the statement I just made because it means EVERYTHING…I’ll bullet point some stupid examples…

    - It is ridiculous to think we need to be burning corn & sugar to fuel autos.
    - It is ridiculous to think we need half the service sectors that exist to support a larger commercial infrastructure.
    - Eradicating both of the above would UNEMPLOY probably more than half of the population of the planet and cause severe social strife & unrest.
    - Yet THAT is what I think needs to happen for this planet to take a step forward.

    The planet is running on some kind of SOCIO/ECONOMIC treadmill right now at a pace it cannot sustain…One of two things will eventually happen…

    1. Some SANE PERSON will realize to convince everyone to notch down the pace.
    2. The pace will continue, at which point, the runner will collapse, crack his/her head on the spinning tread, and get careened off the back end.

    So tell me what SCHOOL that is…

  53. OkieLawyer says:


    I always took you for a libertarian, as well. Of course, CNBC Sucks and I seem to think a lot alike. Even if he still is a Republican. (I switched in 2002.)

    And as for the allegation that everybody here is politically liberal, you have to pretty far right to think that. I made the observation that a lot of Republicans / Libertarians hang out on economic / investing blogs (like this one). It seems to go with the territory.

    Now, this blog may get more progressives / liberals than usual; but it is far from a liberal bastion. I am probably one of the most progressive here; but I also practiced law for 12 years — and being a lawyer in private practice (I’m not kidding about this) has a very liberal bias.

    And CNBC Sucks, as for Original vs. Crispy, I am not from either one; so my my preference is: FOOD!

  54. cvienne says:


    “I’ve never understood why Linux’ Logo — “the Penguin” — was always the same. Shouldn’t that, too, be ‘Open Sourced’?

    …and for that matter, isn’t the PENGUIN, a bird, which cannot fly?


  55. CNBC Sucks says:

    Vituperative (adj): blistering, scalding, scathing

    For a second there, I was worried that “vituperative” meant irrelevant and completely absurd and that constantnormal was getting on my case for the fried chicken comments. But I am relieved that he was instead referring to the vitriol at the beginning of the thread. As far as I am concerned, anytime Lameholtz posts a headline that reads “Media Appearance: Glenn Beck”, then serves up a footnote saying “Guest host: Eric Bolling”, The Great CNBC Sucks is entitled to make a comment or two about fast food delicacies.

    Just to fill my self-alloted quota of fast food comments, my rankings of the major fast food chain hamburgers are as follows: 1. Burger King Double Whopper, 2. Wendy’s Double, 3. McDonald’s Big Mac, 4. White Castle Sliders. I like the flame broiled taste. However, I have to give props to Wendy’s for their generally fresher lettuce and tomato. I generally avoid McDonald’s but I rank them ahead of White Castle because I don’t smoke pot.

    Since the villagers have taken over Frankenstein’s mansion, and I have successfully steered this thread completely off-topic, I would like to learn more about cvienne’s transhumanist ideas and how he plans to escape with bman on that bean-shaped spaceship from Chris Whalen’s thread tonight:

    Also, I have to ask my good friend Steve Barry (whose intellect I truly admire but I worry about how his sanity will hold up), why his “favorite weekend activity is to count vacant storefronts”?

  56. Groty says:

    Liberals hate Fox’s success, so they never miss an opportunity to take a shot. I don’t think Rupert minds much, since FOX routinely destroys MSNBC, CNN, CNBC, and Headline News virtually every single day in the ratings. As for Glenn Beck, is up against Chris Mathews, and Beck had 4x more viewers than Chris Mathews did yesterday….and Beck wasn’t even there.

    Glenn Beck has two books on the New York Times best seller list. Common Sense is #1 and an Inconvenient Book is # 5 in the paperback non-fiction category. Almost every book O’Reilly writes goes to #1 shortly after release and stays in the top 10 of best sellers for several months.

    I’m looking the the current list for hardcover non-fiction, and the #1 position is occupied by liberal turned conservative Dick Morris and #2 is conservative commentator Mark Levin. Malcolm Gladwell is #3. I figured he was a liberal, but his Wikipedia entry says he started his writing career at a conservative monthly, so I’m not sure. O’Reilly’s most recent book has been on the list about 9 months and it’s still #6 on the list . We finally find a liberal at #7, Richard Wolffe.

    The functionally illiterate sure buy an awful lot of books.

  57. cvienne says:

    @Okie Lawyer

    I literally couldn’t tell you where I’d fall on the LEFT/RIGHT matrix…

    I’m ‘conservative’ fiscally, but I suppose that’s about it…

    - I believe in the 2nd Amendment, yet I have never owned a gun (and I’m actually AGAINST the Death Penalty)
    - I’m not a right WING NUT (I have no stance on abortion applied UNIVERSALLY, yet I have my own PRIVATE VIEWS)
    - I’m not a bible totin’ bigot…Yet I have my own relation with God…I could care less what other people feel about their own relation thereto and leave that up to them to decide…
    - I’ve NEVER seen a NASCAR race start to finish…
    - I’ve NEVER seen the Rachel Maddox Show, the Chris Matthews Show, the Keith Olbermann Show, the Glen Beck Show, the Bill O-Reilly Show, or any of that crap start to finish…
    - If you put a gun to my head right now, I couldn’t name ONE winner of American Idol….ever…
    - I decided to cancel my cell phone about 3 months ago…

    I leave it to powers greater than myself to decide how things play out in the end…Life is very peaceful in a vacuum (although one never truly exists in a vacuum because there is the inevitable knock on the door…

    …so I suppose my “x” “y” matrix is more the 3 dimensional kind…Like STAR TREK chess…

  58. cvienne says:

    @The Great CNBC Sucks

    LMAO…Cut me some slack, I was actually trying to reel bman in there & keep him from spinning off the planet on such a fine July evening…

  59. CNBC Sucks says:

    Alright, I should close up, and in honor of Bruce from TN, and with Tennessee on my mind, I leave you boys – and I do mean boys – with:

    Women…can’t live with ‘em, can’t shoot ‘em. But they can shoot you.

  60. Transor Z says:

    CNBCS: Jessica Biel. Silky thighs. Good choice.

    I’m going to have to put the Quarter Pounder above the Big Mac though. The Big Mac “special sauce” is a scam and I’m disappointed that someone as normally sharp as you would be taken in by it.

    However, given the quality of help at drive-thrus these days — especially at Mickey D’s — it’s really a crapshoot what the hell will be in your bag when you pull away.

    I would say there’s at least a 10% chance of getting an order of fries in your bag when you just order the sandwich and not the meal. Would you agree?

  61. cvienne says:

    @Transzor Z

    Just last Saturday, I ordered an Egg McMuffin & a small coffee (on my drive out to WVA)…

    After eating the EMcM sandwich, I go to crumpling the bag up and felt something squishy in there…

    Lo & behold…HASH BROWNS which I hadn’t ordered…(which is ‘molecularly’ the same as french fries I suppose)…

  62. Transor Z says:

    Sweet! Yes, same as the fries except shredded and thatched and usually undercooked. Nice score.

  63. matt says:

    @cvienne: ‘I’ve never understood why Linux’ Logo — “the Penguin” — was always the same.’

    Tux isn’t always the same. Sometimes he gets a Quake 3 Rocket Launcher and other accessories.

    @Tranzor Z

    I like the Big Mac better than the quarter pounder (Le Royale with cheese – Pulp Fiction). Who cares if the special sauce is just Thousand Island dressing. It’s a fantastic thing to put on a burger.

    Man, I’m well on my way to becoming fat on McDonalds. They just built one down the street from the bank that I work at and, get this, I get a 10 percent discount just because I work at the bank. Deep down, I wonder if they have some kind of insidious plan to kill bankers via heart disease.

  64. Transor Z says:


    A buddy of mine uses the term “valence” (like in chemistry) to describe people’s position on the political spectrum. I like that a lot.

    I’m a mongrel myself. I’m in favor of the death penalty, support the military, used to hunt (don’t anymore for no good reason) so I’m pro Second Amendment. To the point where I believe armed citizens are a necessary balance to gov’t power.

    But I’m also in favor of single payer health care and free education — for qualified students, that is — on the European model.

  65. Transor Z says:

    @matt: awesome movie

    Yeah, I’ve been eating way too much McD’s myself lately. I’m going to have to hit cvienne up for some exercise and diet tips for an old fart.

  66. cvienne says:

    @Transor Z

    Re: Healthcare

    You know? Once again…Anybody can believe what they want (and think what they will as to the universal benefits of such a system)…

    I know this…I lived in Europe for 12 years…My right knee was repaired under the European system (by ‘qualified’ doctors mind you who attend to many European soccer stars, my doctor was very FAMOUS)…

    It was a shit job, and done by a shit system…The whole process STANK, and although it was the best available, it was ALL that WAS…& people had to ‘accept’ what was…

    From a mathematical perspective, I suppose my story doesn’t mean anything (perhaps it was an abberation)…Therefore, I can’t sit here and make any universal declarations that a country should legislate this or that…

    Therefore, I simply go by common sense…& I’ll predict that WHEN we have a universal health care system in this country, it will NOT meet the standards that people expect…If everyone is happy to deal with that reality, then so be it…One thing I like about democracy is the right to choose…So if THE NATION is disposed to “choose” inferiority (whether it be a President or a Doctor), then INFERIORITY it shall receive…

  67. cvienne says:

    @Transor Z

    “Old fart” is all you had to say…

    No kidding here my friend…Over 40-50 and the joints start to ache…It’s tough to take the IMPACT…

    Just WALK my friend…(do A LOT of it)…10 hours a week if you can…Don’t worry about all the other mumbo jumbo, or specific exercises…WALK…start there…Soon you’ll start to see a difference & you can take it to another level…

    BTW – for me it’s a BACONATOR!

  68. cvienne says:

    @Transor Z

    I forgot to mention, I like that term VALENCE…

    Quantum Mechanics is deep, but I don’t want to risk going “bman” tonight…

  69. Onlooker from Troy says:


    Wow, that sounds – just – like – me (I still have the cell phone only because it would cost more to cancel than to keep at this point). Well said. Now I don’t have to say it. :)

  70. Transor Z says:

    Awesome. I took the dog out tonight and walked the “Sugar Bowl” at Castle Island in South Boston. So we’ll call that a good start. ;)

    Re: health care

    God knows we’ve got sucky orthopaedic surgeons here, too. Don’t the Europeans supplement gov’t-paid benefits with private insurance or out-of-pocket?

  71. Transor Z says:

    Anyways, thanks for the free consult. The kiddies are rolling out tomorrow early and Dad better help them out the door or Mrs. Z gets twitchy. Later.

  72. Diderot says:

    “Media Appearance: Glenn Beck”

    I am sorry Mr. Ritholtz. You have been officially downgraded.

    “Tell me me with whom you walk and I will tell you who you are.”

  73. cvienne says:

    @Transor Z

    Just in case you catch this late…

    “I took the dog out tonight and walked the “Sugar Bowl” at Castle Island in South Boston”

    I SWEAR MAN…That’s all u need…a good dog, about 10 hours a week, and a family who cherishes you…

    You’ve then got it all covered from both the PHYSICAL & EMOTIONAL standpoints…

    …PS…the EMOTIONAL is FREE…you still have to put in the 10 hours walking the dog to qualify for the rest…(although sex with your wife would substitute in equal ratio)…I’m only talking the ‘science’ of energy here…nothing else…

  74. constantnormal says:

    Transor Z — I just dropped back in to see if Bruce got my message, and then got sucked into reading all those silly fast food posts.

    I’m a mongrel too, but I differ with you on the death penalty — because people are fallible, death is irreversible, and there are worse things I could to to a person than kill them, if vengeance is the goal. Reversible things (to a degree).

    I’m still struggling with the proper way to educate the young, looking for a methodology that catches late starters, those with parents that don’t care, and avoids getting in the way of responsible parents who do care (as distinguished from nutjob parents who do care and want little Billy or Sally to learn the ways of [the Klan/Rev Moon/etc]).

    I favor mandatory term limits, public financing of elections, prosecution of lobbyists (corporations should always come after individuals, and we have it the other way ’round in this society, which was never the intention of the founders).

    The recent posts at Infectious Greed and the MIT Tech Review about the Italian(I think?) studies showing the benefits of random selection as opposed to other schemes to promote people has got me thinking about how that would be best applied in a representative democracy. I like the idea of a national lottery to be president — and really, could it possibly be worse that what we’ve recently experienced? (dumb and smart, both isolated from the rest of the nation once they enter the bubble, so they become tools of their tools. A horrible way to run a nation.) The Chinese have a history (no longer applied) of extensive qualification exams to enter the civil service. Something similar exists in both China and India today in the area of gaining admission to the best colleges and universities. Imagine such a system applied here to admit candidates (draftees, if necessary) for a lottery leading to a term of national service in the Congress or White House — sure, there would be cheating, bribes, etc — but some qualified people would manage to slip through!

    I personally favor individuals having the option to choose euthanasia (as they have in the Netherlands, and a few other places), because I find stuff like Alzheimer’s, where one’s mind is slowly erased, to be too horrifying to contemplate. I look at the demographic likelihood of a huge segment of our population suffering from dementia of one form or another (and yet still voting and driving) to be a nightmare indeed. Yet this is very likely ahead of us.

    Stay away from Micky D’s fellas, or if you must, make it a test of will and only order the salads.

  75. cvienne says:

    @cn they become tools of their tools. A horrible way to run a nation…

    That was penned rather nicely

  76. cvienne says:


    I swear I was standing there in the voting booth last November thinking the same thought…

    I mean…no offense to the INDIVIDUALS (because I’m sure both are well meaning fathers & family men)…but WHo to lead a nation?

    It was like standing in Home Depot knowing I needed a six point drill bit for the deck screws and only finding Phillips Heads & Standards…

    I guess I’ll have to twist the damn things in with my thumb & forefinger if that’s what it takes!

  77. Andy T says:

    Whoa! That thread got out of control….Who knew that an irrelevant talk show host, not even on the air tonight, could garner such a response. Maybe I should start watching! Oh, wait a minute….I have 9,567 other things to do instead….

    FWIW, I think must readers/commenters on this blog are libertarian leaning, whether they realize it or not. That goes for most Americans as well. Most have been brainwashed into a two party/binary system and cannot grasp the shades of gray all around them. In the next 20 years, we will get a true “third party” candidate.

  78. nemo says:

    I had always assumed Glenn Beck’s listeners couldn’t read, but the guy does sell books. But anyone who listens to him regularly has to be a first-class sucker, so maybe they buy his books even if they can’t read. Like those people who are barely scraping by, but who send their money to phony television preachers.

    Have you ever seen Beck pretend to weep when he blathers about how much he loves his country? He’s so transparently phony, he looks like he can hardly keep himself from bursting out laughing. His core audience are suckers, chickens waiting to be plucked. Not the audience for Barry’s Bailout Nation.

  79. nemo says:

    “Glenn Beck has two books on the New York Times best seller list. Common Sense is #1 and an Inconvenient Book is # 5 in the paperback non-fiction category. Almost every book O’Reilly writes goes to #1 shortly after release and stays in the top 10 of best sellers for several months.”

    A lot of those right-wing “best sellers” are manufactured. Many well-subsidized right-wing organizations buy up those books in bulk and distribute them for free. My grandfather before his death used to contribute regularly to a number of right-wing groups and was constantly receiving free books from them, books he rarely read and he’d probably never have bought on his own.

    The big contributers effectively subsidize buying and distributing books to small contributers. Then these “best sellers” get displayed prominently in place like Target or Barnes and Noble. It’s a very effective way of supporting propagandists and gaining attention for them.

  80. mathman says:

    cvienne: you were looking for an “allen wrench” but could easily have substituted phillips head deck screws (treated so they don’t rust) and grabbed the available bit to do the job with a battery powered (or plug in) drill. Good luck with your deck project.

  81. mathman,

    here’s betting that he was looking for a “Torx” bit..


    wikipedia gets this one correct, as well..

    though, to your point, it could be a hex socket( Allen wrench )..

  82. Greg0658 says:

    Chris Mathews was outta seat also .. probably globetrotting to Italy or Montana .. not sure tho …. Hannity* was in seat commenting on Micheles shoes and handbag .. whats he make a year reading a teleprompter and saying anything he can think of to diss the Democrats for his Australian WTO boss? (*card carryin GOFP)

    Burger King for hamburgers and grilled chicken .. McDs for breakfest and fried pies .. Wendys for chilly .. TacoBell for tacos and pizza .. local pizza joint for real pizza .. Dollar General for cookies milk hamburger helper and burger and Milky Ways … sugar salt and fat all the way

    Food Inc the movie documentary trailer:

    ps – and I am doing research on my documentary or artistic adendum to the world .. I’m not wasting my time in here .. I put on a tie and shave for weddings .. otherwise still free (I think I am therefor I am .. I think)

    pss – thought of this one on the trip (was is and is Me)
    “union construction workers make conditions for you all to enjoy .. and artists dream of conditions not yet in the realm for you all to ponder”c2009 via TBP

  83. Tom K says:

    “A lot of those right-wing “best sellers” are manufactured.”

    1. No proof is provided other than an personal anedote. You could definitely get a job working in the MSM.
    2. I’m sure this only applies to “right-wing” best sellers, never the left.
    3. I suppose nobody should pay any attention to political “best sellers”, eh?

  84. nemo says:

    “1 GLENN BECK’S ‘COMMON SENSE’, by Glenn Beck. (Mercury Radio Arts/Threshold Editions, $11.99.) Thomas Paine-inspired thoughts on government. (†)”

    “A dagger (†) indicates that some bookstores report receiving bulk orders.”

    The NY Times has been marking book sales goosed up by bulk orders on their best seller list for many years. The right-wing best sellers are routinely marked with a dagger during their early weeks on the list. The daggers routinely disappear later on as the book sinks down the list.

    In fairness, a dagger sometimes appears next to a left-wing book. I remember seeing a dagger next to right-to-left apostate David Brock’s “Blinded by the Right”.

    The National Review hosted a debate between Al Franken and Rich Lowry (I think) in which, among other things, they accused and counter-accused each other of bulk sales. The NY Time web site doesn’t make it easy to find best seller lists from past years, so I have no idea whether Franken’s books ever got flagged with a dagger. It wouldn’t surprise me, although the left doesn’t have nearly as many deep-pocketed sugar daddies that the right has.

    It would be wise to treat the “best seller” status of any book flogging a right or left-wing agenda with skepticism.

    As for my “personal anecdote” not being proof — it was the first thing that made me realize how book sales figures could be manipulated. When I asked my grandfather about where the piles of unread books were coming from, and asked him how much (or rather how little) he gave per year to the organizations who sent him the books, I’d have to be a dope not to figure out that someone was subsidizing the giveaway of those books.

  85. nemo says:

    Some conservative authors feel they don’t benefit from bulk buying, at least not as much as a right-wing publisher like Regnery benefits (although it’s doubtful those authors would see even a large fraction of the “sales” they get with Regnery’s shenanigans):

    “Five authors have sued the parent company of Regnery Publishing, a Washington imprint of conservative books, charging that the company deprives its writers of royalties by selling their books at a steep discount to book clubs and other organizations owned by the same parent company. . . .”

    “In the lawsuit the authors say that Eagle [Regnery's owner] sells or gives away copies of their books to book clubs, newsletters and other organizations owned by Eagle “to avoid or substantially reduce royalty payments to authors.””

    “The authors argue that in reducing royalty payments, the publisher is maximizing its profits and the profits of its parent company at their expense.”

    ““They’ve structured their business essentially as a scam and are defrauding their writers,” . . .”

    “In Regnery’s case, according to the lawsuit, the publisher sells books to sister companies, including the Conservative Book Club, which then sells the books to members at discounted prices, “at, below or only marginally above its own cost of publication.” . . .”

    At least one conservative author, Dan Flynn, says he knows that Regnery and the Conservative Book Club mass distribute his books at a deep discount, but he’s happy to get the copies out there. He believes it helps drive sales through real book sellers, and he knows he couldn’t sell anywhere near that many copies through real book sellers alone:

    “. . . And how many people bought the book to fulfill annual club quotas on books bought or because they forgot to mail in their monthly cards saying “no book”? Put another way, how many people who would have never purchased the book otherwise did so because simply because they were a member of this club?”

    The NY Times article claims these Regnery giveaways do not show up as sale figures on Nielsen BookScan. But in a comment to the Flynn blog entry, right-wing author Buzz Patterson (“Dereliction of Duty”) claims this is not true, and feels cheated of royalties:

    “As one of the litigants, let me add to the discussion. There is much more to the suit than was covered in the NYT piece. For example, the book giveaways that Regnery does for its publication Human Events are not left over inventory but, in my case, pre-releases of the book. The giveaways for Dereliction of Duty were 25% of what was scanned through Book Scan. That’s not chump change when you sell 200,000 books…and that was not in my contract.”

    Thanks for making me do a little work to back up my claim.