This morning, I will visiting with Dylan Ratigan & Co. on MSNBC’s Morning Meeting at 9:00 and 10:00 am.

Amongst other things, we will also be talking about the stimulus plan. I found this WaPo chart instructive:




Power of Stimulus Slow to Take Hold
Rising Joblessness Blunts President’s Plan for Recovery
Lori Montgomery
Washington Post July 8, 2009

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22 Responses to “Media Appearance: MSNBC’s Morning Meeting”

  1. Mike in Nola says:

    Will you be talking about all green shoots all the time as I saw on CNBC for the 1 minute I could stomach it to see the new jobless claims? Only a half million got laid off, so the new millenium is here.

  2. DeDude says:

    Kind of makes a fool out of those little foxes that claims the stimulus didn’t work ;-)

  3. aitrader says:

    How do we know it has not been spent? Politicians and their hired lackeys are already musing over a “second stimulus” package. It’s not illogical to assume this means the first one has already been allocated and spent

  4. Greg0658 says:

    IL Blaggo Burris dugup graves .. road dollars and green shoots

    back from a westward trip and b&breakfest talk got in Blaggo

    can we just go all Socialized .. wiretaps hooked Burris into a situation .. now if we want him again he has to be bailed out from court costs

    Blaggo I’ve said before was using socialist pension funds to try and balance budget .. kinda like GM

    and road dollars are in action .. for every action opp & = reaction … stay off the roads

    back here and who is going to pay for the latest dug up graves in Elgin … US thats Who

    for every dollar someone is short to survive somewhere .. You/Me/We Will Pay One Way Or Another

    gotta go .. have fun on tv

  5. goatdog says:

    The Jackson Hole paper was an assault on everything Greenspan had preached and, as everyone knew, he was not fond of being contradicted. Other members of the audience glanced surreptitiously at the Maestro to gauge his reaction. Greenspan remained impassive, his face expressionless behind his large spectacles, as he listened to White. Later, during a more relaxed get-together, he refused to even look at White.

    White suspected he had failed to convince his audience.

    “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink,” he says.,1518,635051,00.html

  6. DeDude says:

    aidtrader; maybe they are just recognizing that the amount of consumption that has disappeared from the private sector is a lot bigger than what is planned to be replaced by the first stimulus package.

    If you are pouring a gallon an minute into your bucket and you realize it has a hole in it that leaks 2 gallons a minute, you don’t have to wait for it to be empty to understand that more has to be poured in to compensate for what is leaking out.

  7. Chief Tomahawk says:

    Dylan has a high octane show. I thought he was kidding about having more guests than you, BR, and Bill F., as I had just turned on the tube. The two other guys as well had too many folks for Dylan to try to narrate a discussion between. He did it, but I’d be wrried about him losing his mind.

    On the other hand, when’s Jeff Macke going to show up? It would seem Dylan has created the perfect paradise for Jeff to exist perpetually within.

  8. Bruce in Tn says:

    Were unemployment offices open July 3rd?

  9. franklin411 says:

    Honestly, while I liked Dylan on Fast Money, I find him really annoying when he’s on his own. Too much Dylan is a bad thing–It’s like he watched too much McLaughlin Group when he was growing up!

    Anyway, I think that if they had rushed the stim cash out the door, we’d be talking about the inevitable result of waste and corruption.

    Furthermore, we seem to have forgotten that just a few weeks ago, people were saying that maybe we never needed a stimulus in the first place. And we’ve forgotten that in Feb, the GOP said there was no need for urgency in getting the bill through Congress.

  10. Bob the unemployed says:

    I wanted to watch this morning, but I found out that wonderful Comcast has removed yet another channel (this time, MSNBC) from their lineup, while they continue to raise the monthly fees.

  11. Chief Tomahawk says:

    Franklin, I think Dylan talks waaaay too fast. I could just imagine what seniors will say (traditionally they’re the day-time demographic, though now with so many folks being out of work, perhaps I’m dated in my thought…)

    How long until some of that stimulus cash is used to bailout the states? I think that price tag is about $100 billion at the moment.

    Bob, Comcast saddled me with a $20 a month price increase. Sure I get faster Internet, but seeing as how I don’t download large files, I’m subsidizing others’ usage. Can’t wait until AT&T’s U-Verse arrives to offer competition.

  12. James says:

    It’s impossible with these time driven formats to have a substantive discussion. This segment was cut off much too soon.

    A key aspect that was not touched upon until JUST BEFORE Ratigan ended the discussion was the optimistic projections the administration gave on the impact of the stimulus package as it was rolled out. As has been discussed elsewhere, unemployment is much higher than they projected it would be at this time as a result of the infusion of money. They’re doing a lot of “nobody knew how bad it was going to be” backtracking now (and their claim is inaccurate, incidentally), but the fact that they miscalculated must be part of the discussion since it goes to the question of competency and whether the stimulus package as it’s now constructed will EVER be able to achieve its primary goal.

  13. Tom K says:

    I don’t understand what is so instructive to the WaPo chart? Anyone who was paying attention when this awful legislation was passed knew the spending was backloaded to late ’09 and 2010. “Stimulus” was a complete misnomer but nobody in the MSM wanted to disparage the emperor’s new clothes.

    And now we’re told by the Keynesianites that the problem is we’re not spending enough. These fools (including Krugman) can’t see the problem has nothing to do with the amount being spent, but the timing of the spending.

    If Dr. Obama manned the defibulator paddles one would feel a low tingle for ten+ months – if they lived.

  14. cvienne says:

    @Chief Tomahawk

    “Sure I get faster Internet, but seeing as how I don’t download large files”

    A guy with your handle should be using smoke signals to communicate ;-) jk

  15. Tom K says:

    This is what the stimulus package was all about: politics.

    “Billions of dollars in federal aid delivered directly to the local level to help revive the economy have gone overwhelmingly to places that supported President Obama in last year’s presidential election.”

    Did everyone forget Obama cut his teeth on Chicago politics?

  16. Chief Tomahawk says:

    Cvienne, you have me there! It would certainly be cheaper, but might land me in jail though.

  17. sseabrook says:

    Umm… what the hell was Steven A. Smith doing on this conversation? His cliche, canned responses were bad enough on ESPN and are just plain asinine when it comes to subject he knows absolutely nothing about.

  18. DeDude says:

    Great Tom you can always be counted on to deliver another Foxified ananlysis leading to a Foxifalse conclusion. If you twist data around enough times you can get it to sound like it supports the conclusion your closed and “left behind” mind already had drawn before you looked at the data. What you forgot to mention is that “The imbalance didn’t start with the stimulus. From 2005 through 2007, the counties that later voted for Obama collected about 50% more government aid than those that supported McCain” (direct quote from the article you liked to).

    So the republican districts and states that refuse to take stimulus money are getting less stimulus money – outrageous :-). And those republican politicians who don’t believe in big government are a little slower in securing aid from the gobinment – who could have thunk?

    And yes it was planned to be a 2 year stimulus plan so only those who did not pay attention would be surprised that the money has not been spend and that it has not yet had that much of an effect. However, any idiot who can handle first grade math can look at how much consumption has disappeared and how much is in the stimulus package – and figure out what we can and cannot expect it to do (and then decide if we need more or the hole we will slide into without more is acceptable). And those numbers have nothing to do with ideology they are simple facts.

  19. [...] too), is not that the food is so bad but that the portions are too small: ‘But Barry Ritholtz points out that the [Washington] Post includes an interesting chart detailing the stimulus spending so [...]

  20. Tom K says:

    Any idiot who calls a 2 year plan (where most of the spending happens in 2010 and 2011) is an idiot, period. And thanks for pointing out the Dems have been successfully siphoning tax money off of Republicans even before Obama. Who controlled congress in 2006-2008???

    Just wait until the 2010 mid terms when the majority realizes they’re being taken to the cleaners by a bunch of Socialists. The so-called “moderate” Democrats in congress are the canaries in the coal mine and they’re already raising the red flag – but the hard left is too blind to see it.

    Obama has been in office for six months and where are his tracking poll numbers??? LOL.

  21. Greg0658 says:

    from todays dialog on BRs appearance or maybe it came later in the days MSM thread .. what we need is that website that provides the USA accounting books open to the public .. full disclosure and transparency*

    TK .. I don’t have a problem with Soc’s .. the business of government needs that mechanism of pay and benefits … I am LOL ROTF at the GOFPs hypocricy … I don’t understand us Americans except but herded by MSM … our last race you mention .. raised civil rights worker vs. raised 4th generation Soc w/big bus wife and add Sarah in tow

    I have more of a problem with the business of getting to the top of the heap for our elected management of the Soc’s .. which is my quick jot down this morning .. I no longer believe that any donation larger than $1000 comes without conditions of payback in some way with real dollars back .. creating the favor me favor you payback system we live under .. and thats more like Fasc’m .. business concerns writing checks to government top managements

    I am sorry to see Sen Burris withdrawl but understand the cards are stacked against him .. as I disliked the ramifications of the expensive bailout and uphill election battle for the wiretap allegations .. I’m sure another will rise to fill the boots and we will have another multi million $ race for the MSM and to suck us dry .. and we will have a D an R or an I in the seat in a couple years ….. its just to bad we close the barn door after the horses have run out .. job security for some circles

    I said in a letter to our current President (maybe he got maybe he didn’t) I don’t know why your such a glutton for punishment .. but best wishes reaching the top post

    me I’m a sm bus Capl’t who must balance his check book everyday before 3pm with little hope of bailouts or government contracts …. I guess if things get worse I’ll have to get with the program of American business

    coda* – driving in SD .. for the competent life of me I can’t understand why verticle 4×2″ yellow markers (miles and miles every 8 feet in pairs) were being glue’d to the road by hand instead of painting the road by sprayer .. dont they use snow plows in SD? The competent side of me thinks somethings afoot and it goes oink oink .. and its cool as long as its SDs money rotating

  22. Greg0658 says:

    twitterin Dylan Ratigan & Co
    just now “GM a benefits company masquerading as a car company”
    “the Europeans Koreans Chinese Indians all want in on that”

    AND WHY TF NOT – good for Dylan and Co that America was in the business of making stuff so that he had some years to trade on it for a living

    me thinks Dylan has lost what real business is all about

    and me now:
    “union construction workers make conditions for you all to enjoy .. and artists dream of conditions not yet in the realm for you all to ponder”c2009 via TBP