Nice interactive Retail Sales graph, via the NYT:

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Data via Goldman Sachs, NYT


June Is Another Weak Month for U.S. Retail Sales
NYT July 9, 2009

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9 Responses to “Retail Sales in June 2009”

  1. aitrader says:

    If one assumes “green shoots”should point upwards, then what do we call all those columns below the x-axis? Fertilizer?

  2. Bruce in Tn says:

    Perhaps that is why exports from China were down so much…they weren’t sending as many t-shirts to Wal-Mart.

    …Noted too the falls in PPI in Europe this am….interesting times…

  3. Bruce N Tennessee says:

    Another long day today, but I have been thinking about the time line of our problems and have changed my mind. I don’t think that by this excessive government spending we are postponing this for our children and grandchildren any longer. The consequences of our national debt will be upon us in 24 months or less. I think the value of the dollar as a world currency, which 6 months ago I’d have pooh-poohed as “not gonna happpen” will be gone in two years. Yes, 24 months is my “Cramer”…

    ….Put it in your book…interesting times..

  4. cvienne says:


    “If one assumes “green shoots”should point upwards, then what do we call all those columns below the x-axis?”

    I’d call them “blue roots”…& unfortunately they are searching deeper and deeper for water…

  5. batmando says:

    @ BnT
    “I think the value of the dollar as a world currency…. will be gone in two years.…”
    Assuming this will cause you to change your asset allocation model; what defensive posture will you be adopting?

  6. Bruce N Tennessee says:

    I will probably invest in Brazil and India…sorry I’ve been in the OR last few hours..

  7. Onlooker from Troy says:

    Go figure. The perpetual shopping machine finally broke down. A lot of us out here have been shaking our heads for years wondering what was keeping it all up. Even those who weren’t necessarily using debt to finance it all had completely lost their minds. Some are still there, but many others have awakened from their reverie to wonder why they fell into it, as they survey their huge walk-in closets, garages, and storage units full of tons of crap they don’t need.

  8. Onlooker from Troy says:

    Sorry, the rant just slipped out. :)

  9. Bruce N Tennessee says:

    It is ok, onlooker…I just wrote Uncle a very big check for a disagreement about deduction for 2007 and 2008..ranting is allowed..