The euro is rallying to the highest level of the day vs the $ after a Canadian official, speaking anonymously, said that while the G8 will likely discuss the US$ and its reserve currency status, there will not be explicit US$ reserve currency comments in the official communique. With about 70% of China’s almost $2 trillion of reserves in US$ assets in particular, the shift towards an alternative to the US$’s reserve status will be a very evolutionary process and a change won’t be the result of some event as China wants no part of a disorderly $ decline considering such large holdings. Many other central banks can say the same thing. The end result on this issue seems to be clear considering the monetary and fiscal policies of the US government but the destination is more uncertain and hopefully orderly.

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  1. TripleSigma says:

    Its about time…. Having the world get off the dollar as a reserve currency is the kick we need to get back to fiscal responsibility.

  2. says:

    34:16 minute point of part 1 of FSN news hour this week had Soros say that China could be ditching that 2 trillion by buying commodities…..IMHO this is my best guess