Grant’s Interest Rate Observer, usually $850/Year, goes partially free. Readers can download the free version at the Grant’s site.

Vacation delectation
Grant’s Interest Rate Observer (Summer Break 2009 Issue)
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To the readers of Grant’s:  This compilation of recent articles, the first annual Grant’s Beachhead issue, is for you. And it’s for your friends, co-workers, clients, classmates, shipmates, brothers-in-law and maids-of-honor, too. Please pass it along, with our thanks, to any and all prospective members of the greater Grant’s family.

We return two weeks from today with Vol. 27, No. 17.

Makes for great weekend reading!

Category: Fixed Income/Interest Rates

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3 Responses to “Grant’s Interest Rate Observer Goes (Partially) Free”

  1. CNBC Sucks says:

    Thanks, Ritholtz. The Great CNBC Sucks likes two Bowtie Jims, Grant and Rogers. I still remember Grant’s geeky deer-in-the-headlights giddiness being in the company of CNBC stock courtesan Becky Quick and GILFy (you gotta admit) liberal blog magnate Arianna Huffington. Jimmy obviously doesn’t spend much time around women given the love he puts into that report, but the intellectual product is mighty impressive.

    Ritholtz, I am only back for two comments today just to harass cvienne about the limbo he has put me in with regard to his fantasy football league, and to say hello. Hope you are doing well, and try not to get too cranky whenever Barry Wuzzy misses The Great CNBC Sucks. I may (no promises, sorry) return in late December on your blog for The Great CNBC Sucks Holiday Posting and Page-View Drive Special. Try to catch a fish next time you go on a fishing trip.

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