For a 2nd day, volume in the financials are an extraordinary percentage of overall NYSE trading. Today, Citi and Bank America alone are 25% of total consolidated NYSE volume. Yesterday, Citi was part of a rebalancing and was the excuse for the large volume but amazingly, volume today is almost tracking yesterday’s pace.

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7 Responses to “NYSE Volume”

  1. Chief Tomahawk says:

    Just a guess, but possibly Goldman Sachs is active with this group at their proprietary trading desk?

    Either that or the Sultan of Dubai is doubling down on his Citipoop.

  2. mcHAPPY says:

    Could it possibly be GS and the other big banks getting out of long positions amidst the euphoria of the market only to be selling to the average joe who is trying to get back in after missing out on a 50% rally?

  3. leftback says:

    Banks buying banks. Prince ALL-WALLY wants more shares of Shittigroup

  4. GJR says:

    Jim Cramer gave a strong endorsement to Citibank today. He also gave BAC an honorable mention. Cramer values C at $6 and sees it going to $12. I wonder if these are setting up to be the dump half of pump-n-dump? Or maybe we are still in the pump phase with the dump to follow later? It will be interesting to watch.

  5. Greg0658 says:

    Do you think the Russian subs made any difference in activity?

  6. alfred e says:

    Well Shitti may be a good buy.

    They get free money from the fed and all their bad loans are backstopped by the gov.

    How can they lose?

  7. [...] Reader Brian adds a very interesting perspective, indicating that he’s watched TRIN and C side by side and has seen a very strong correlation. When C flips from up to down (or vice versa), there is a corresponding huge move in TRIN. This could only be the case if a stock like C comprised a large share of total NYSE volume, which indeed seems to be the case, as noted by The Big Picture blog. [...]