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4 Responses to “Playing Both Sides of the Market”

  1. gregh says:

    I can never get their videos to play – in the case I get the logo with – video is not available at this time…..paging CNBCSux!

  2. gregh says:

    i get the commercial prior, just not the actual content i want … grrr

  3. JasRas says:

    Kass is good. He is what a trader should be: flexible. All markets are situational and Kass seems to have a gift for accepting this while most tend to be dogmatic in their views.

    I also think that other than his “generational” call, he has historically been early in his calls, not on time or late. I have five years of his “20 surprises” lists and is something I look forward to at the end of each year. His ability to think outside the box is his gift. By making small bets on improbable, but possible outcomes, I suspect he has made his career.

    He also makes a good straight man to play off of Cramer on the Realmoney sight. A Deano vs. a Jerry sort of thing.

    His view in this video seems to align well with Jeremy Grantham’s quarterly missive as well. J.G. seemed to think that they were going to have difficulty going forward because their skill is playing the regression to the mean–and right now there is arguably no “edge” in that trade. If you think the market is going down, it is more like a slow leak rather than a catastrophic outlier event. If you think the market is going up—well, it is already in striking distance to a half retrace of last fall’s loss-and the easy, fast move that includes all boats is mostly done. Now is when the smart people continue to make the money. The next phase involves the crowning of the new leadership and rotation. Winners, losers, and dead ends. In all likelihood, active management should shine, closet indexers should suffer, and outright indexing could be frustrating at best and money losing at worst.

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