The Cato Institute hosts a discussion on increasing the public transparency of the Federal Reserve featuring Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX); with comments by Gilbert Schwartz, Partner, Schwartz & Ballen LLP, Former Associate General Counsel, Federal Reserve; and Bert Ely, President, Ely & Company, Inc. Moderated by Mark Calabria Director, Financial Regulation Studies, Cato Institute.

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4 Responses to “Ron Paul: Bringing Transparency to the Federal Reserve”

  1. Free Market Extreemist says:

    Ron Paul is insane

  2. says:

    This guy must be our next president. If we don’t get him into office there won’t be an office. These ABSOLUTE MORONS are ruining our country. Grayson is a good egg also.

  3. patient renter says:

    Free: Quite the convincing argument.

  4. VangelV says:

    He got it right. He tried to pass legislation that would cut the government implicit guarantee to the GSEs, pointed out that the Fed was blowing unsustainable bubbles and said that the economy was headed for the cliff when no presidential candidate in either party could see the storm clouds. He was right about Iraq and Afghanistan and is right to call for brining in the troops back home because there is no need to spend money to defend Europe, Japan or Korea. He is right about the benefits of free trade and about the need to have a lot less government, which is limited to the legitimate functions that are clearly named in the Constitution. He is right about the War on Drugs and all of the insane programs that have unintended consequences and do far more harm than the limited targeted good that they were designed for. Republicans had their chance to nominate him and blew it. They passed over the best person for the job in favour of a has-been who ran a terrible campaign and lost to a shallow but arrogant community activist who is way over his head.