I, on occasion, tell Todd Harrison stories.

Todd has a storied background on Wall Street, as Head Trader of Jim Cramer’s hedge fund, and as I describe him in a soon to be published piece on blogging, Wall Street’s first true blogger.

Many of the Toddo anecdotes were not for public attribution. In the past, he has named names and called people out for the foolishness, arrogance, etc. Because of the way these stories were told to me, i.e., privately, they were never for public attribution, only for late night drunken campfires.

Todd has finally gone public.

Memoirs of a Minyan” is a first-person account that follows Minyanville founder Todd Harrison through a Wall Street trading career to the Internet media business, with some important lessons about the nature of money along the way.

This e-book will publish each Wednesday over next few months. The first few chapters are already posted:

Inmates in the asylum
Commentary: How a high-flying trader learned the secret of money

Animal House
Commentary: Getting a foot in the door at Syracuse — and Morgan Stanley

Its a good read, worth checking out . . .


There is also a good interview with Todd over at Wall Street Cheat Sheet: http://wallstcheatsheet.com/?p=1029

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9 Responses to “Todd Harrison: Confessions of a Former Trader”

  1. alfred e says:

    Great read. Thanks

  2. Thanks, Barry. Todd is absolutely one of the stand out good-guys on Wall Street. During these crappy times when the Fuld’s et al take the spotlight, as you said in our interview, it’s good to remember that there are a lot of good people on the Street as well.

    Now … if we can just figure out how to quarantine the Dark Side …

  3. SteveC says:

    I call Todd the anti-Cramer. As his methodology and mental stability are the polar opposite of Cramer. Can both styles work? Sure. Who would I rather work with or for? No question.

  4. Clay says:

    I hadn’t been to minyanville.com in quite a while and last night decided to do some reading there. I looked for an article by Todd and stumbled upon Chapter 9 of his book posted on the front page. Great read and his experiences in that chapter were intense. It had to do with family and some with Cramer, who helped and provided support during a rough hurdle in his life. You can find previous Chapter postings here if you wish: http://www.minyanville.com/articles/index/a/23134
    I think a chapter is posted each Wed. at minyanville.

  5. Daffyorbugs says:

    Another excellent insider look at the trading/investment bank culture is “Wall Street Meat” by Andy Kessler. You could make a case that Jim Cramer, Larry Kudlow, and Dennis Kneale are today’s version of Jack Grubman, Mary Meeker and Henry Blodgett. Marketers for the powers that be.

  6. hue says:

    I’ve read Todd for 10 years from when he sub for Cramer’s trading diary at RealMoney. Todd’s description of Cramer is excellent too. Cramer is more than the bozo you see on Mad Money. For a Cramer’s warts, I learned a lot from TheStreet.com. and of course here, Mville, and Calculated Risk.

  7. gordo365 says:

    I like Todd’s appearances on Yahoo’s Tech Ticker. He always falls back to his short term, medium term, long term outlook. He sounds pretty grounded to me.


  8. Fritzskelly says:

    Minyanville and Toddo are both top shelf.

  9. Just went through the first two chapters of this very addicting book. I think this will appeal to people with the trader mindset. It reminds me of the Livermore book. I just hope Todd doesn’t end up blowing his brains out