Here is some data you probably do not come across every day: Busiest container ports by container traffic (in thousands TEU)


Source: Nomura Securities The New Spice Route

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10 Responses to “World’s Busiest Ports”

  1. jnutley says:

    The difference between Los Angeles and Long Beach is _very_small_. Put together they’d be the 5th largest port in the list. Should any of these other ports be combined, due to sharing a single metro area?

  2. johnz says:

    It would seem that the volume leaving the FarEast greatly exceeds the volume arriving in Europe and America. Without seeing the data I would have believed that the totals would somehow have matched up. That must mean that there is a lot more shipping between the Asian countries than I would have suspected.

  3. Chtulu says:

    Oddly enough, while I know where Port Klang is, the name sounds as if it should be three parsecs from Deep Space 9.

  4. call me ahab says:


    how about Hong Kong and Shenzhen- right next to each other- although Shenzhen is in China proper

  5. jrm says:

    I couldn’t help doing the maths.

    75% of the 2007 volume was in Asia. It was 73% in 2004.

    So decoupling was a myth. There has not been a boom in commerce between Asian countries.

  6. rdavis says:

    Isn’t there any more recent data to compare? Some 2008-9 stats must be available. That would tell us something useful.

  7. Thor says:

    I would agree that LA/Long Beach should be considered one port – We don’t see them as two separate ports here in SOCAL.

    That would leave us with the top 5 port complexes in the world trading good between China and the US – makes sense to me. . . .

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  9. cvienne says:

    Now they need to create a list of how many of those container ships captains & crew are just floating in the harbor with their hands on their dicks, versus the ones whose crews are actually delivering plastic toys with lead paint to be delivered to the little brats of two income (soon to be ONE income families)…

    Now THAT would tell us the story of TRUE commerce…

  10. cvienne says:


    karen might have a 6th sense about my above coment…

    She was the first to point out the move in the BDI last week…