I find this terribly amusing: I am keynote speaker at Stony Brook University homecoming this coming weekend.

Its billed as a “free lunch” but we know from Milton Friedman . . . besides, listening to me drone for an hour is hardly free . . .

Join us for the Alumni to Student Career Talks
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Sunday, October 4th, 2009 * SAC – 1 PM


One of the most respected independent analysts on Wall Street – regular and special guest on ABC, Bloomberg, CBS, CNBC, CNN, C/SPAN, MSNBC, Nightline, NPR, and PBS – interviews and regularly quoted in Barron’s, Forbes, Fortune, Kiplingers, NY Times, Wall Street Journal and many more!

The 8/2/09 NY Times Sunday Business Section review of Bailout Nation, wrote “Mr. Ritholtz has written an important book about a complicated subject… yet you could still read it at the beach. Here’s hoping that some policy makers in Washington take it with them on vacation this month.”

The Wall Street Journal noted “If you want to know how we got into
this mess and what might still be coming, this is the book for you.”

Bloomberg praised it as “A valuable new contribution to
our understanding of how we arrived at this sorry juncture.”

It has become the best reviewed book on the bailouts to date.

What makes this so terribly amusing is that as an undergraduate — well, let’s just say (grades aside) that I wasn’t exactly a model student.

Aside from the minor pranks I got caught for, there was a laundry list of other activities abd unsolved crimes my crew & I got away with.  And nowI am (heh heh) a keynote speaker at a homecoming weekend.

Blows the mind.


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20 Responses to “Alumni Career Talks: SUNY Stony Brook”

  1. Ralph says:

    See if you can avoid ‘shrooming this weekend, then sneaking onto the roof of the Health Science Center to watch the sunrise . . .

  2. Dave G. says:

    While you are on Campus, try to avoid getting pulled over doing 100 — in a state-owned station wagon — then taking an exit ramp on 2 wheels, turning off the headlights, and giving the troopers the slip in the dark across the football field.

  3. Patrice says:

    And when visiting the library, don’t use the stacks as your own personal bordello.

  4. Regardless of the fact the statute of limitations on the ALLEDGED OFFENSE, my client has no recollection of any of the events any of you are discussing.

  5. bergsten says:

    Barry, you being a relative youngster, probably weren’t there for “the bridge to nowhere” followed by “the extended bridge to nowhere to the other building that stopped 20 feet away and BETWEEN floors (where there was no entrance),” the “lake UNDER the bridge to nowhere” (lowered grade to let trucks under with no drainage), the “steam leaking everywhere” (due to improper couplings and distribution), the “boiling student alive” (manhole cover left off of said steam mistake), and “the 3×3 chain link fence boxes (not attached to the ground)” to “solve” the boiling students alive problem (which of course could be easily tipped over (the boxes, not the students).

    And these were (some of) the UNIVERSITY’S “pranks.”

    “My’ (well meaning, but inadvertent) prank caused neither bodily harm nor property damage, and is WELL past said Statute, yet cannot be publicly disclosed (maybe I’ll send you an email).

  6. dblwyo says:

    BR – you and Bluto Blutarski, right? You’ll remember he ended up as a US Senator, right? Still more to go.

  7. triple digits ON Campus, that’s a good trick~


    just think, they could’ve added: “speaks To Congress about Righting wrongs, AND escapes with His Liberty intact!”

    O Well~ Still, a mind-blower, nonetheless..

    It’s good to hear they recognize Quality, when they see it..also, from the sound of things, they prob. lost those old records when they ‘upgraded’ to Win ’95 and their first imp. of NT..

  8. Why am I not surprised you came from a school with Stony in the name?

  9. CNBC Sucks says:

    I really like that Liz Claman.

  10. impermanence says:

    “Aside from the minor pranks I got caught for, there was a laundry list of other activities abd unsolved crimes my crew & I got away with. And nowI am (heh heh) a keynote speaker at a homecoming weekend.”

    Hey Barry, guess what? You didn’t get away with it. Everybody lives out their own karma. This is indeed one of the great lessons of life, and indeed, there is no free lunch!

  11. CNBC Sucks says:

    Ritholtz, I find it interesting that when you announce that you will be on something, you usually say you will be on CNBC or MSNBC or Bloomberg Radio. But when it is Closing Bell on Fox Business Network, you HAVE to mention it is with Liz Claman. You sly dog, you. ;)

    I am guessing this Stony Brook thing doesn’t have Liz Claman.

  12. Thor says:

    Manny – good article, and from huffpost no less. Ariana is on Left Right and Center (NPR) every Friday night and it has been fascinating listening her turn on the administration over the last couple of months. She was a very big cheerleader to begin with.

  13. SINGER says:

    Dude, during the Giants game? ugghhh….

    - Singer, SUNY SB `99

  14. catman says:

    Class of?


    BR: That’s a (surprisingly) long story.

    It was supposed to be 1983 — but it wasn’t.

    I’ll update it on Sunday.

  15. constantnormal says:

    “Blows the mind.”

    congratulations, Senator Blutarski

  16. BR,

    you may care to remind the Braintrust @ SUNY-Stony Brook about the perils of trying to grasp ‘bigtime’ Sports Revenue..

    “The downward spiral of Binghamton University’s men’s basketball program continued Friday as the university released five more players from the team and the SUNY chancellor said that Binghamton’s president, Lois DeFleur, would have to report to her about the team’s behavior.

    Binghamton Coach Kevin Broadus took a team to the N.C.A.A. tournament in March that was filled with high-risk and second-chance recruits. But now the Bearcats, who won the America East conference last season, appear destined for a long year. The university has kicked six players off the team in the last 48 hours, including its three leading scorers, Emanuel Mayben, D. J. Rivera and Malik Alvin. All three had academic or legal trouble before their dismissals.

    “Every five years, some program implodes in college basketball,” said Dennis Lasser, a former faculty athletic representative at Binghamton and an associate professor in its school of management. “Why it had to be Binghamton University I’ll never understand.”

    Binghamton will have seven eligible scholarship players this season. Not one of those players is a point guard, and only one of them is under 6 feet 5 inches.

    The housecleaning began with the dismissal of Mayben, who was arrested Wednesday in Troy, N.Y., on charges of sale and possession of crack cocaine…”

  17. beaufou says:

    Oh snap BR, that’s my hood.
    Can I stop by and say hi?

  18. KellyD3 says:

    Congrats – A well deserved honor. Will you get a chance to show off your equestrian skills?

    Let us know how the campus has changed in the last 25 years. Current pictures of the “crime scenes” would be greatly appreciated.

    BTW did you know that Marburger was W’s science advisor?

  19. [...] A reader recently asked me what was my undergraduate “Class of”. [...]