The Baltic Dry Index has fallen today to the lowest level since mid May, down for a 6th straight day at 2,356. It still remains 255% off the Dec lows but is now down 45% off the late May ’09 high and is 80% below the record high in May ’08. To give perspective on how much of an outlier though the May ’08 high was at 11,793 and compared with today’s level, the 20 year average is about 2,300.

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6 Responses to “Baltic Dry Index, lowest since May”

  1. Wes Schott says:

    too many container ships have been built

    spoke with Maersk earlier this week and their container ship bidness is hurtin’

    same for oil carriers – “It is reported that newly built oil tanker price has dropped about 40% from last year’s top”

  2. crosey says:

    Does this at all tie-in with BR’s bargain yacht shopping?

  3. riffraff says:

    Great chart here, overlaying the Baltic Dry Index against the S&P 500:

  4. Forget the yacht Barry, buy a tanker. You can fit more relatives on it anyway