Now this is a badass looking 4 door saloon:

16 C Galibier frt 34

check out the split rear window, circa ’63 vette
16 C Galibier profile abv

16 C Galibier profile INT

Check out the tail: 8 Pipes!
bugatti tush

The 4 door gives it an odd profile:
16 C Galibier profile

Especially when compared to the Veyron:

photos via Classic Driver




video hat tip: via World Car Fans

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9 Responses to “Bugatti 16 C Galibier”

  1. crosey says:

    Oh Baby!

  2. cvienne says:

    Every pimp should own one…

  3. crosey says:

    Call me “Superfly”……..

  4. Chuck Ponzi says:

    I love the chrome body panels. It’s superfreakay!

  5. yeah, that two-tone is serious.

    though, if we remember, the ’30s produced some the finest cars ever built..

    amazing what a little competition will do for the quality of the end product.

  6. Pete from CA says:

    Looks like the side panels got wrecked and the owner doesn’t have the dough to have it painted… :-P

  7. Jojo says:

    I like the Veyron. I think it is the only production car capable of exceeding 250MPH. But it costs $1.3 million. Just a bit outside my budget. :)

    Wonder what this new concept would cost?

  8. bobmitchell says:

    It’s based on the Volkswagen D1 concept.

    In the past the engines for Bugati were hand built VW engines bolted together. They had a v12 that was 4 3-cyl VW engines.

    No one goes over the top like Bugati.

    I’d like to see the bill for an oil change, I know, I couldn’t even afford that.

  9. JGW41285 says:

    Sorry, the split window is not circa ’63 Corvette. The window is a throw back to the Bugatti T57 SC Atlantic from the late ’30′s. The spine running the length of the car as well as the curved back end are all details from the Atlantic including the tail pipes.