Coming early 2010, the Ferrari 458 Italia will replace the F430 in the Ferrari line up. The two seat berlinetta is a mid-engine, 4.5-liter V8 pumps out 562 horsepower and 398 lb-ft of torque, while getting better mileage and producing less emissions than the car it replaces.

click for ginormous photos


Nice view of the engine under glass


I prefer the twin lights on each side . . .  3 centered exhaust pipes is an interesting design decision:


That redline is a screaming 9,000 rpm


But no manual option? Guess I will have to pass . . .


via Autoblog, Telegraph

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8 Responses to “Ferrari 458 Italia”

  1. Hantra says:

    I’ve been saying the same thing about the lights since they took them off the 599. I just knew they were going to do the same to the 430′s replacement. Sad really.

  2. steve glista says:

    amen on the tail lights. Re: manual transmission, by now you should be used to the idea of paddle shifters. They’ve only been standard for like, what, four or five years?

  3. I know intellectually that the computer can shift faster than me, but that only matters when you are driving on track against a clock.

    For 99% of your driving time, shifting your own gears is more visceral, more engaging, and requires more skill.

    Its the reason why I don’t own a GT-R. In fact, I may have to get a post up on the Z — a more engaging car in the real world courtesy of the 3rd pedal.

    Maybe I am just old school, but I like the feel of a 6 speed in my right hand . . .

  4. quantacide says:

    Loses a bit of rawness, but less Corvette-like.

    Scuderia is still my fave.

  5. eminiplayer says:

    Looks like a mini Enzo.

  6. Note on the dashboard shot, there is no speedo.

    The “N” for neutral in the lower right of the tach becomes a numeric speedometer, something my old RX-8 (2004) used to have


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