Jim Bianco on CNBC:

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3 Responses to “Geithner’s Failures”

  1. RuffRednSore says:

    It’s obvious she (I don’t know her name as I never watch that BS) has no desire to pay for the two wars or for the ‘no millionaires left behind’ tax cut, although CNBC pimped both of those at the time.

  2. Trainwreck says:

    Lord I wish people would stop perpetuating the myth that the top 5% of earners are in any way “middle class”.

  3. Northern Observer says:

    Jim Bianco disappointed me with his polemical statement about taxes being raised on upper household american for “ideological” reasons. The fact of the matter is that the USA is one of the first worlds lowest tax jurisdictions for high earners; there is plenty of room to raise the top rate without suffering any competitive disadvantage.
    Any I think that all the speakers failed to make the larger point, although Bianco seemed the closest, which is that as America hits the debt wall everything will be on the table, increased taxes for all, reduced program spending for all, military, corporate handouts, social spending – everything will face the axe.

    This is not new knowledge, many countries have hit the debt financing wall before and this is what happens.