This morning, I will visiting with Dylan Ratigan & Co. on MSNBC’s Morning Meeting at 10:00 am. We will be discussing the credit crisis and bailouts, one year later.

Anyway, MSNBC at 10:00 am



Video is at MSNBC here

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5 Responses to “Media Appearance: MSNBC’s Morning Meeting”

  1. franklin411 says:

    Hope you’re still on after Barney Frank finishes on CNBC…Sorry, but he takes precedence!

  2. aitrader says:

    Love the sound bites – “pigs to the trough”…”thundering through the halls of congress”…”expect(ing) the taxpayer to cover it when it comes up snake-eyes”.

    So just how does the average Joe take back the system from the “pigs”, eh Barry? I listen to Ron Paul talk about change every week without a single word as to how. Any ideas there BR? Stop paying taxes? March on Washington D.C.? Hold our breath and threaten to turn blue?

    Seemed a load of sound bites there with no real substance IMO.

  3. Once again, the Dream Team rocks the court …

  4. PS: Are those crop circles behind you, Barry? Your strategic analysis is out of this world, but those make me laugh …