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Source: Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times Free Press

Category: Bailouts, Politics, Regulation

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6 Responses to “An “Independent” Congress”

  1. Funny.

    And I read the classic line regarding Obama’s prize today. This is too good:

    All this guy has done is give a few speeches promising almost everything to everyone.

    Backed up nothing with actions yet, and is unlikely to.

    The Nobel Speech Prize.

  2. Winston Munn says:

    Like I always said about the television show Baywatch: Out of the mouth of babes…

  3. blueoysterjoe says:

    Our politicians are so craven that America is now basically a crisis driven country. It takes unprecedented failure to even get the politicians to think about reforming policy that is bad on its face. And then they still may not do anything. So we lurch from bubble to bubble, crisis to crisis, hoping that we won’t ever run into a crisis that buries us before we have time to respond. This is no way to run a country. Our only hope is that the Europeans, Chinese, etc. basically force America to stop acting like a spoiled teenage girl with Daddy’s credit card.

  4. Though Mauldin doesn’t think so I think that day of reckoning is closer than American leaders think. Already the Fed is financing almost, if not all, new debt financing emanating from the government’s checkbook. How long can that go on before someone call out about the Emperor’s new clothes?

  5. FrancoisT says:

    “Though Mauldin doesn’t think so…”

    Glad someone else noticed that. John is a great analyst, but when comes the time to integrate social considerations into his thinking, he falls woefully short.

    His political beliefs are also creeping into his writings a tad more than dispassionate and lucid analysis requires.

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