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CNN Leaves It There

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Then watch this:

Steve Forbes, Forbes CEO, shares his thoughts on health care reform.

Pretty amusing!

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5 Responses to “Cable TV on the Health Care Debate”

  1. Bob Woodward says:

    Juxtaposing the 2 of these is brilliant!

    Heckuva job doing Journalism, CNBC !

  2. JesseLivermore says:

    Oh, I don’t think they get right to the action without bothering with seduction.

  3. says:

    Pathetic when we have to watch “comedy” TV to get news. And he is right: CNN are a bunch of goat f*ckers and if they had the news in the goat’s reproductive organs then we’d hear it.

  4. caleb says:

    That’s disgusting, how can both Steve Forbes and Sen Kit Bond get away with this? A 37 trillion medicare deficit? Does the interviewer even listen. Over 100b in malpractice? I don’t think in the history of mall practice that the numbers get that high. Outrageous Liars! And irresponsible interviewing. And did you hear him talk down to her? Wow what a pig.

  5. thfiv says:

    Every reference to CBO numbers should be preceded by a disclaimer stating that their numbers have never been correct.

    Why are these bogus CBO numbers repeated over and over?