Today, we have more hearings on financial regulation. Which makes this morning’s Dilbert perfectly timed:


10.14.09 Dilbert

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5 Responses to “CEO & Senator”

  1. jonpublic says:

    That’s *exactly* what is going on in Detroit. You hire a consultant, that consultant kicks back 50% to the city council member who’s vote you want to purchase. Corruption is the main cause why the city is in such bad shape, not the decline of the auto industry.

    It’s starting to come out because of the investigation surrounding Kwame. It’s even snared Representative John Conyer’s wife because she was too greedy and decided to cut out the consultant and got caught. They bought her vote over a 1.2 billion dollar sewage deal for $6,000. Talk about return on investment.

  2. Chief Tomahawk says:

    Ouch! Rod Blagoyevich has been announced here as a cast member for the latest season of Donald Trump’s show. The lead-in in the Sun-Times story was a comparison of the two’s hair.

    Rod’s wife Patty was a contestant on this past summer’s NBC show “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here!”, and if memory serves she was on some company’s soothsayer payroll.

  3. thfiv says:

    Congress is for sale and incompetent. Nothing good is going to come out of there.

    Ritholtz for President

  4. Herb2 says:

    When the comics offer more truth than the front page, readers switch to the sports section.

  5. norkot2003 says:

    Dilbert…….so accurate. Take Senator Kent Conrad from North Dakota…that would be the Senator that humped Countrywide for a low ball interest rate on his million dollar Delaware beach house…..his wife is a “lobbyist” that does the down on her knees for Major League Baseball………..