The new rallying cry: Assemble the Illuminati!


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12 Responses to “Dilbert Does Warren Buffett”

  1. CNBC Sucks says:

    Ritholtz, I thought Dilbert ceased to be fashion-forward around…1992. And that Dogbert is one mangy mutt.

    Speaking of mangy mutts, Franklin420d, put the bong down and respond to my Ritholtz FF trade proposal.

  2. Onlooker from Troy says:

    Yeah baby! Once again Scott Adams hits a nerve. And the Oracle’s great mythical image is eroding, little by little. By the time this is over…

  3. worth says:

    Sorry Dogbert, but the entire Illuminati is now either officially employed by the state, or has “retired on their own terms, having accomplished everything they set out to accomplish, in spite of what you may hear to the contrary, team.”
    Therefore, no Illuminati to summon. Except for Warren.

  4. UHHHH……which part was the satirical part.

  5. HTCMSI,

    w/: “……which part was the satirical part.(?)”

    the essence of good Satire, no?

    @11:14, what % of yon’ populi would give any credence to that, mostly, accurate, Insight?

  6. KidDynamite says:

    Dilbert is so spot on, it’s SCARY. not just in this cartoon – although this is one of the best

  7. emmanuel117 says:


    Two months later, the Crash of 1987 from whence the Greenspan Put was born.

  8. Bobby2 says:

    Great ‘toon. The next bubble is renewable energy, right?

  9. Onlooker from Troy says:


    Yep, he wasted no time at all getting right on the job at hand, serving those who put him in place for their purposes.

  10. vv111y says:

    I say LULZ to you sir! LULZ!

  11. Mannwich says:

    Nice head, Warren.