Nice interactive chart in the NYT, in an article that is surprisingly realistic:

“Even as new figures show house prices have risen for three consecutive months, concerns are growing that the real estate market will be severely tested this winter.

Artificially low interest rates and a government tax credit are luring buyers, but both those inducements are scheduled to end. Defaults and distress sales are rising in the middle and upper price ranges. And millions of people have lost so much equity that they are locked into their homes for years, a modern variation of the Victorian debtor’s prison that is freezing a large swath of the market.”


Home Prices in Selected Cities, Through August 2009
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case shiller price 20 city
via NYT


Fears of a New Chill in Home Sales
NYT, October 27, 2009

Category: Real Estate

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4 Responses to “Home Prices Through August 2009”

  1. PithyDog says:

    Groundhog Day.

    You either qualify for a home of choice or you don’t.

    Excerpt from article:

    ‘In my office, people were buying homes left and right because of that tax credit,” said Kitty Berberick, who works for an insurance company in Las Vegas. “That credit was a godsend.”

    Manipulation nation.

  2. Bruce in Tn says:

    Agree with Pithy: I wonder what marginal tax rates will be in 12 months. And another bailout of GMAC.

    Taxation nation.

  3. Its Me says:

    What is interesting about that chart is the lag and lead time between various cities.

    San Diego went negative in Aug 06
    Boston went negative April 06
    Portland in Jan 08
    Charlotte in Jun 08

    Almost a two year spread in the change in fortunes for these cities. East – West coast doesn’t seem to matter.

  4. Gatsby says:

    Its Me makes a great point. I found the Portland/Seattle lag interesting. I wonder what caused it?

    Also look at Detroit (if you can stomach it). I had a great dinner conversation this weekend about whether or not Detroit will be just another large town 100 years from now. It certainly is looking more and more that way. Maybe it will fall into Lake St. Clair or just get annexed by the City of Windsor? Revisit the Treaty of Ghent anyone?