Courtesy of Ron Griess of The Chart Store, here is the percentage of SPX stocks over their 50 day MA has dropped considerably:


10-2-09 Daily S&P w-above 50 day

Category: Technical Analysis

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8 Responses to “S&P Stocks Over 50 Day Moving Average”

  1. HarryWanger says:

    Bet that’s changed considerably again since 10/02. We’re much higher again than that outdated chart.

  2. dss says:


    Duh. What a pithy observation aber more than 30 S&P points have been put on the board.

  3. HarryWanger says:

    dss: I’m just saying it was relevant on 10/02 not today.

  4. dss says:


    It is still a big “duh”.

  5. tradeking13 says:

    Who cares? DXY is the only thing that matters right now.

  6. investorinpa says:

    Mish vs. Denninger….Australian Cat Fight!! WOOHOOO!! Ya know its ugly when names start getting thrown around

  7. Rikky says:

    this rally is long in the tooth. i’m not buying the prediction it goes much higher.