I mentioned earlier some of the ways to check out the deals going on, and some people lamented the idea of going to the mall. I totally agree, and frequent Amazon regularly. (For those of you who have asked where my wish list is,  its here).

Thanks to their price war with Wal-Mart, Amazon has some mad deals going on. These are what caught my eye:


The Complete Calvin and Hobbes (Calvin & Hobbes) (v. 1, 2, 3) [BOX SET] $79.50 (that’s about half price)

• Ron Paul’s End the Fed $9.56 (that’s cheap)

Dilbert 2.0: 20 Years of Dilbert another sale on a classic comic — from $85 to $26.67

What the Dog Saw: And Other Adventures Malcolm Gladwell $11.25 –  I am aware of the flaws in his anecdotal style, but he remains a marvelous story teller.

Atlas of the World slashed from $80 to $27.20

This Is Where I Leave You Jonathan Tropper
Not a sale – but I am half through this and loving it.

I Am America (And So Can You!) by Stephen Colbert $10.80  Haven’t read it, but its filled with Truthiness!


Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Complete Seasons 1-6 is cut from $238.72 down to $79.99

• The Star Trek (Single-Disc Edition) (2009) movie, which I thought was fantastic (saw it 2X in theater) is $9.

• One of the funnies British sitcoms ever is Coupling — there were only 4 seasons, and they were brilliant (written entirely by Steven Moffat). Half price: $99.98  on sale for $49.99

Paul McCartney: Good Evening New York City [LIVE] I saw this show — it was mostly Beatles tunes — and totally loved it.  At $15, 2 CDs + 1 DVD is a good deal.   (recall Spontaneous Crowd Chorus)

Planet Earth – The Complete BBC Series (2007) I already ordered this – $30.49 down from $80 — this is the original U.K. broadcast version narrated by David Attenborough, whom I much prefer to the Sigourney Weaver version. The prior series, Blue Planet: Seas of Life, is also on sale for the same price (but is less of a bargain)

Quantum of Solace [Blu-ray] $9.99  I really liked Casino Royale (which is $10.99), but I haven’t seen this one yet — but for $10 bucks, I may try it.

• All of the Doctor Who seasons are on sale for about half price per season — $42 vs $80

Happy Shopping!


As I have always disclosed from the very beginning of this blog, I am an Amazon affiliate and get 7% percent of any purchases you make.

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29 Responses to “Amazon’s Price War”

  1. These books looked interesting, but not on sale:

    • The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine Michael Lewis $18.45
    Another non sale, but I loved his first 4 books.

    • On the Brink: Inside the Race to Stop the Collapse of the Global Financial System
    Henry M. Paulson


    This witty, instantly addictive British series could also be called Chaps or Squelchy in the City. Coupling charts the tangled sex lives of a close-knit group comprising “exes and best friends”: womanizer Jack, hapless nice guy Steve, “strange and disturbing” Jeff, uninhibited Susan, neurotic Sally, and manipulative Jane. Coupling may inspire feelings of déjà-view. The obvious frame of reference is Friends (Steve and Susan are the Ross-Rachel equivalent), but this series also echoes Seinfeld in its coinage of catch-phrases (although it’s doubtful that “the boyfriend zone” will replace “master of your domain”) and plotlines (in episode one, Steve tries to dump Jane, who refuses to accept). But Coupling has its own fresh and provocative takes on relationships. At one point, a furious Susan discovers that Patrick not only had a videotape of the former couple having sex, but that he also taped over her.

    Steven Moffat’s second season is a brilliant consolidation of all those neuroses, small deceits, obsessions, and personality tics that struck such a resonant chord when Steve, Susan, and their four friends were first unleashed on us. Comparisons with Friends itself are tiresome and lazy: Coupling is an intrinsically British comedy that picks apart the trivial and the mundane in everyday relationships and takes them on surreal journeys, leaving the participants hilariously bemused and rarely any wiser. Its success is due to the magical combination of Moffat’s very funny scripts and the talents of six extremely likable actors, including Jack Davenport (Steve) and Sarah Alexander (Susan). But it’s Richard Coyle’s Jeff whose sexual fantasies exert a compelling fascination that will really keep you watching in disbelief. Breasts, bottoms and pants are the basis for most of the conversational analysis when these friends get together as a group, as couples, as girlfriends, or as mates, invariably becoming metaphors for the state of a relationship or situation. Individual viewpoints and terrors are explored through respective memories of the same event and what-if scenarios. Chain reactions inevitably ensue, fuelling comedy that is based almost entirely on misunderstanding.

    The third series of Coupling, first aired in 2002, takes fans into new realms of engaging surrealism. The men are constantly in pursuit of a basic grasp of the “emotional things” that make women behave the way they do. The women analyze everything to death. But thanks to Steve Moffat’s scripts, tighter and quirkier than ever, these characters are living, breathing human beings rather than cynical ciphers for comedy stereotypes. The performances are as strong as you’d expect from an established team, with actors such as Jack Davenport, Ben Miles (unreconstructed chauvinist Patrick), Sarah Alexander, and Kate Isitt (neurotic Sally) wearing their roles like second skins. But in the surreal stakes, it’s Richard Coyle as Jeff, wondering aloud what happens to jelly after women have finished wrestling in it, and Gina Bellman as Jane, musing on the importance of a first snog in identifying what men like to eat, who really raise the laughter levels. All things considered, this is superior comedy for all thirtysomethings–genuine and putative.

    Series 4: Feel free to insert your own “four-play” joke, or for that matter, your own “insert” joke. Sex is still topic 1 for the intertwined group of “exes and best friends,” but in this pivotal season there are momentous “relationship issues” that will upend all their lives (insert your own “upend” joke while you’re at it). Susan is pregnant, inspiring in Steve nightmares about his own execution and unflattering comparisons of the birth process to John Hurt’s iconic gut-busting scene in Alien. Missing in action is the Kramer-esque Jeff (although he makes something of a return in the season finale). Joining the ensemble is Oliver, who is more in the Chandler mode as a lovable loser with the ladies. These inevitable comparisons to “Sein-Friends” are no doubt heresy to Coupling’s most devoted viewers. Indeed, this series does benefit from creator and sole writer Steven Moffat’s comic voice and vision. He provides his ever-game cast some witty, funny-’cause-it’s-true dialogue, as in Oliver’s observation that “Tea isn’t compatible with porn.” This Britcom is also less inhibited in language and sexual situations than its American counterparts. In the cleverly-constructed opening episode, in which the same “9-1/2 Minutes” are witnessed from three different perspectives, Sally and Jane can do what was left to the imagination when Monica and Rachel offered to make out in front of Joey and Chandler. The birth of Susan and Steven’s baby ends the six-episode season on a satisfying and surprisingly moving grace note. A bonus disc takes viewers behind the scenes with segments devoted to bloopers and interviews with cast and crew.

  3. bergsten says:

    This thing’s going for $16.47 at Amazon.

  4. bergsten says:

    On the other hand, the same thing is going for 14.50 at Walmart.

  5. call me ahab says:

    BR- i see you are recommending the Atlas of the World-

    but not this-

    An Excellent Book

    your favorite author i understand- lol

  6. globaleyes says:

    It’s official: Happy Holidays to the entire TBP blogosphere.

  7. asiankida says:

    I ordered Too Big To Fail last week from amazon bc it was going for $13.50 (59% off)

  8. Scott F says:

    I love Calvin & Hobbes!

  9. Steve Barry says:

    When is Amazon going to charge sales tax? Seems like state and local taxpayers are subsidizing their profits.

  10. holulu says:

    you tube suspended MarcFabes’ channel, I wonder why. Yes truth is dangerous thing for some people.

  11. Steve Barry says:

    Not only are states losing their sales tax revenue, but then the local Borders and Circuit City shut their doors and there go some jobs and RE tax revenue.

  12. Mannwich says:

    @Steve: Excellent point. It won’t be long before Amazon will be charging a sales tax.

  13. Jojo says:

    I thought everyone understood why online businesses that don’t have a physical presence in the state don’t have to collect sales taxes?


    Regardless, it is still the responsibility of the buyer to pay the tax owed, even if the vendor didn’t collect it because they are an out-of-state business.

  14. CTX says:

    Rage Against the Machine?? i thought this was “YOUR” wishlist, not a teenagers?


    BR: When I was just out of grad school, their 1st disc was a pretty big deal — it is was quite the subversive album.

    I was reminded of how much I like some of their songs thanks to this Dead Battery Award.

    What can I say, I have very broad tastes . . .

  15. Steve Barry says:


    We understand why…nobody thought Amazon was breaking the law. The point was that more than 10 states are in dire straits and are insane not to push for an internet sales tax. Saying Amazon does not have a physical presence in every state is silly.

  16. bman says:


    Are you like trying to fool us into buying something? Good luck.. The only thing in that list that doesn’t automatically register in my mind as worthless junk is the Doctor Who seasons… But I already sat through a couple seasons when I was seventeen… Face it, rampant consumerism is dead. We no longer have our mcmansions with endless space to store everything we don’t need. Nowadays stores are going to have to earn their own namesakes, since people will store everything they don’t need at the store, until if and when it becomes absolutely necessary.
    Coffee tables? forget it, the kitchen table works fine, and I’d rather have a foot rest.

    This holiday season I’m going to turn some of my beeswax into hand dipped candles. That way when the lights go out, family and friends will at least be able to see in the dark for a while…


    BR: Or, you can sell your handmade candles on a website — ArmegeddonLighting.com is still available

    heh heh —

  17. fraud guy says:


    Calvin and Hobbes.

    Got it at Sam’s Club for $75 about 2 years ago, so this price is not a sale to me.

  18. DiggidyDan says:

    Don’t waste the cash on Quantum of Solace. . . nowhere near as good as Casino Royale, which was one of the best Bond Franchise movies ever, IMHO. Plus the opening sequence with the cards and animation would be great if you were trippin on some of your Magic Mushrooms, LOL.

  19. investorinpa says:

    Barry, I LOVED Casino Royale, but Quantum of Solace was rather boring and disappointing. It lost that “Bourne-esque” flavor that Casino Royale had.

  20. Is The Planet Earth the HD version. It does not appear to be.



    BR: Its not Blu-Ray, but my understanding is all TV/Film DVDs are recorded at 1080 or better

  21. Drewbie says:

    If you liked Couplings, you next step would be to take a gander at Peep Show, then move on to The Inbetweeners. If you’re still with us after that, you might be ready for A League of Gentlemen.

    But then again, you may not be.

  22. From the December 24 (2003) Daily Variety. This is information from a chart that was published based on information from Merril Lynch. Keep in mind that this is strictly from finished/publishable title and does not include production, rights or non-direct costs.

    DVD – Average Wholesale Price = $16

    Marketing – $2.75
    Duplication – $1.00
    Packaging – $0.90
    Distribution – $0.80

    Total – $5.45

    Gross Profit per Unit = $10.55

    Source: http://forum.dvdtalk.com/dvd-talk-archive/337734-cost-produce-dvd.html

    That’s gross alright. Anybody have updated numbers (is it conspiracy to only be able to find 3 year old or older numbers on Google?) now that the Chinese labor supply chain (pun?) is in full force?

  23. M.G. in Progress says:

    Ican confirm Amazon has good prices in Europe as well. Amazon.fr seel Star wars toy Hasbro – 876292650 – Figurines – Clone Wars Vaisseau Deluxe At-Te 70Cm for 79 € when in toy and shopping malls is well over 100-150 €. Even in their own site they show such a difference in prices among shops.

  24. torrie-amos says:

    the real question is when does Barnes and Noble, and Borders go the way of the BlockBuster. I’m a huge book buyer, avg. 2k a year, I’m all amazon all the time now since 07, before then I spread it around cause I enjoyed the browsing, yet, now that Amazon has used books I can get twice as much or even more for my 2k so I buy more and do it all at Amazon. So, the big boxes most likely has lost at least half of there 80/20 equation, ie, 80% of profit comes from 20% of biz, hey, I’m the one who buys half of those weird educatin book with high price tags, lol………….

    Looking at Ross Sorkins book, saw him on Charlie Rose yesterday along with Buffet, talk about collusion, lol, all these guys knew what the inside skinny was the whole time, talk about trading on inside information, even Buffet……….seems like all plans were at least run by the Don of Omaha.

  25. jonpublic says:

    Hello Deflation! This stuff is ridiculously cheap.

    The TV show Supernatural is a steal too, 12.99 a season at Amazon.

  26. JamesR says:

    You left out the great Channel 4 comedy, Peep Show: http://www.amazon.com/Peep-Show-1-David-Mitchell/dp/B000A2UBOS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1259331320&sr=8-1
    you can also find this on youtube, thru season 6. There is an American version planned, with Curb’s Robert Weide producing.

    & how about a nice Nespresso?
    My Berlin hotel room, Swissotel, has one of these, very good coffee.

  27. bookokane says:

    Quantum of Solace? Save the $10 and buy a bottle of South African chardonnay. I’m, just say’n.

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