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15 Responses to “Debunking 2012”

  1. osbjmg says:

    I guess if the world is to suddenly end, foresight is good. You can quit your job, go do some fun stuff you always wanted to do. You could burn and pillage knowing there isn’t much time to go through due process and worry about spending time in jail. But really, what use is there to study the end of the world? If everyone on the Earth just died/disappeared/got transported to another dimension, and there’s nothing you can do, what difference does it make? It’s all relative. If you are going to die, and everyone else isn’t, you will do everything you can to stop it. If you know for a fact that everyone is going to die, well at least everyone is even – just sit back and wait.

    From a market perspective, this could be like buying in recession though. When a large number of people think the world will end – and they lose track of their investments, finances, and minds, a stable-minded individual can take advantage of this opportunity!

  2. Steve Barry says:

    A great question to ponder:

    what is it going to be like on Dec. 20 2012?

  3. KidDynamite says:

    fortunately, we have already survived the predicted time line for Skynet to become self-aware, as prophecized in Terminator

  4. nanka says:

    Mmmmhhhh…how many cases of vodka can I fit in my cellar?

  5. rickambrose says:

    Having lived in LA,I really enjoyed the film’s birdseye drive through the old neighborhoods. The scenario they depict is always the unspoken elephant in the room if you live there. Where the film’s special effects lost me though was the scene depicting the aircraft carrier JFK surfing the crest of the tsunami about to swamp the White House. In reality – both the carrier and the White House are about 1000 feet in length, yet the carrier was depicted about 15 miles long! Fun fun film though and a “must see”.

  6. O2 says:

    Palin 2012.

  7. Lynn says:

    13 times 20 (raised to the 5th power) = 115,555 years (if you divide by 360 days per year)
    It looks like we have more time until doomsday.

  8. I think the apocalypse will come once the Cubbies win the Series. I think we have a few decades to enjoy still.

  9. Mike in Nola says:

    Maybe the Mayans were predicting the DJ?

    My big regret is that I am not crazy/dishonest enough to write some idiotic book and become a multimillionare like Pinchbeck.

  10. Pat G. says:

    Saw the movie yesterday. Great special effects!! It was nearly 3 hours long but it didn’t feel like it. I told my wife, on 12-20-12, it’s you, me, in a Vegas hotel doing what comes natural.

  11. catman says:

    Dec 2012 – It will be cold out.

  12. cvienne says:

    On to other subjects:

    “stocks have reached a permanently high plateau”

    “real estate will continue to appreciate in asset value”

    “The recession is over”

    “Change you can believe in”

    But is IS nice to know that in the case of this 2012 link, the “skeptical” sources come from that unflappable bastion of truth…WIKIPEDIA…

    Now I’ll know where to go to debunk all future myths (and print nice pretty graphics to support my case)… Based on that research, maybe they’ll nominate me for a Nobel Prize!

  13. cvienne says:


    “Dec 2012 – It will be cold out.”

    Not likely, if you live near an equatorial region, or in the temperate parts of the southern hemisphere…

    Perspectives… Everyone has one…

  14. cvienne says:

    @Steve Barry

    December 21st, 2012 is a Friday… Moreover, it’s the 3rd Friday of the month (so it will be a quadruple “witching” day)…

    Perhaps that’s the END that is being referred to…

  15. Greg0658 says:

    party poopers ..
    I thought it was a great graphic presentation

    the celestial facts were just what I was looking for .. and I Believe – we’re gonna live to see another day
    even with the the magnetic pole flip and those solar flares

    on that consciousness shift .. one can only Hope for Change
    VIVA OBAMA 2008 :-)