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2 Responses to “Recessionomics 101”

  1. call me ahab says:

    happy Thanksgiving BR-

    i’m wondering if i get a sign that says “will work for million dollar bonuses” how many takers i woud get-

    about as many i think that say “will work for food”-

    although- if you look disheveled and possibly homeless- it may be a good ploy to increase the amount of $$$ you get by the end of the day-

    i remember a homeless dude in Venice CA who had a sign that said “support your local wino”-

    you have to differentiate yourself when the streets are teaming with competition- you know- other “beggars”

  2. Christopher says:

    Speaking of Joe Kernen and tools…..LOL

    I got into a funny email exchange with the JK over the past couple days.
    Seems he takes great offense at nearly everything quite easily….


    He especially seemed to like the part about CNBC losing viewers like mayflies….